Boromir’s Last Farewell-Part I – A small story

by May 6, 2003Stories

It was dawn over Tol Eressea, and Legolas, Gimli, Frodo, and Sam were watching the dawn together. It had been some 50 years since Legolas and Gimli came to Valinor, and ten years after they arrived Bilbo had died on September twenty-second at the incredible age of 262.

The companions were watching the East as Earendil’s Star came down from the heavens and Elwing’s swan-winged form rose to meet the shining boat of mithril and elven-glass. As the two descended together towards the Halls of Mandos, the first hint of dawn tinted the sky a rosy shade.

The sun slowly mounted over the horizon, and the high, distant mountains of Ilmarin were bathed in the golden light. They shone red, purple, and green with the reflecting sunlight, given an ethereal quality by a thin sheet of mist that veiled the scene.

” It reminds me of the Glittering Caves, Legolas,” Gimli sighed.

“Only much more so,” Legolas teased.

“Oh?” Gimli sniffed. ” Need I remind you that King Eomer said he had never seen anything as beautiful when he beheld them in their full glory?”

” He told me that Queen Arwen was much more beautiful than any old caves,” Legolas replied, grinning.

” He WHAT?!?!” Gimli roared. ” The only thing more beautiful than the Glittering Caves is the Lady herself!”

“Stop arguing, you two,” Frodo ordered, struggling to repress a smile at the two’s friendly quarreling. ” I thought we came out here to watch the sunrise.”

” What’s that, Mr. Frodo?” Sam asked.

” What’s what, Sam?” he asked the still-youthful hobbit beside him.

“That boat, Mr. Frodo,” Sam replied, straining his eyes eastward. “It looks like there’s nobody in it. Funny, it reminds me of the boats the Lady gave us, somehow.”


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