Bonds Formed

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Bonds Formed: Chapter One

A small elf, about 6 years of age, raced out of the last homely house, flying down the steps leading to the lake created by the waterfalls in the distance. He grinned broadly when a cry reached his ears, asking for him to wait. Laughing he called back his reply. “Catch me!”
“No fair you had a head start.” The voice behind him wailed in protest.
Two weeks ago the small elflings had had a frightening experience, one being taken captive and brutally beaten, the other fearing for the life of his shared half, his brother, his twin. Now that they had healed, both in body and soul, they raced around as though they had forgotten the incident, but in all seriousness they hadn’t. It had just been cast aside, a memory burned into their small minds, and branded into their souls.
“Elrohir!” The cry came again. “Wait for me!” Both boys had always spoken in their shared twin language, made up at a young age, and was always a musical sound to those overhearing the words when they passed. But now, the boys started talking more and more in the elvish tongue. Some words becoming entangled with their language, sometimes confusing their parents so much they became baffled and bewildered.
“Elrohir wait for your brother.” He heard his mother call.
Sighing he skidded to a halt on the narrow dirt path and stood there with his arms crossed attempting to look impatient. “Hurry Ella, the water will race away if you don’t.” Elrohir called teasingly.
A small form identical to his own sped around the base of a tree, and almost collided with his younger brother. Both boys grinned, flashing pearl white teeth, and started their race once again.
“The water will not race away.” Elladan grumbled falling slightly behind his twin.
“You never know. It might get tired of waiting for us, and dry up in the heat.” The younger of the two boys cast a quick glance over his shoulder. As he turned his head forwards again he let out a surprised yelp as his foot caught on a hidden root, causing him to fall awkwardly to the ground. The young elfling muttered to himself and climbed once again to his feet. He looked ahead and noticed his brother had only paused to make sure he was all right before racing away, now in the lead. He quickly regained his footing, cast an angry look at the root, and then spun around darting into a full run.
He heard his brother laughing and the growing sound of rushing water. He slowed his pace a little and smiled to himself. He would never catch up, but once in the water he could get his revenge. He heard a joyful cry and a loud splash, and he knew his brother had found the water hole. He once again sped up to reach the water, which was around a bend of bushes, and tore his tunic off as he ran. Flinging it to the ground, not noticing it landing next to his brother’s, he hopped on first one foot then the other to dislodge his feet from the confines of the soft leather boots. Still attempting to run, he fumbled, and then threw the boots one flying next to a tree, the other in the bush. With a joyful cry he raced to the edge, wrapped his arms around his knees and barreled into the water.
The sounds while under water became muffled. He opened his eyes looking for his brother, but catching no sign of him, he propelled himself up to the surface. As he came up for air, he caught sight of his parents and Glorfindel, who were laying aside blankets and baskets of food. He lifted his arm and waved, earning a wave from both his mother and father, who smiled happily. Behind his parents came his grandparents, the Lord Celeborn and the Lady Galadriel of Lothlorien. Behind them came Haldir and Figwit. They were all armed, but at ease next to the water.
Elrohir gasped when he felt himself pulled underneath the glistening blue around him. Sputtering he resurfaced and glared at his fish like brother. Elladan had always been a natural swimmer, unlike him who had gone through many lessons to learn buoyancy. He grinned and flung himself at his twin who cried out in surprise as they both sunk below the surface. They looked at each other in the clear blue water, making their eyes seemingly blue rather than gray. Both grinned and both contested on how long they could hold their breath.
Elrohir pinched his nose blinking, hoping he would not loose. But the feeling of panic arose in him as his lungs began to burn, longing for air. He shook his head and used his free hand to point above him. He kicked his feet and flew to the surface gasping the air. He shook his head, and glanced over to the land where his parents and grandparents sat. Figwit and Haldir were both disarming and taking off their outer tunics and shedding them on rocks near the lake. Figwit was young only new to maturity among the elves, and still had the fire of youth in him. However he held the power of command in him, and had easily earned himself the title of adviser, and guardian.
Haldir, the twins did not know all that well, but to Elrohir it seemed he was young enough to enjoy himself, as he lightly pushed Figwit off the rock he stood on, and into the water. The adviser’s arms propelled in circles as he tried desperately to maintain his balance, but quickly lost and tumbled sideways off the rock. Figwit resurfaced and quickly grasped the wardens’ ankle and pulled him in.
Elrohir grinned and glanced around him looking for his brother who had still yet to resurface. Frowning, he took a deep breath and sunk below, and saw his twin sitting cross-legged on the bottom. Elrohir kicked his legs to hover beside his twin and saw the gleam of excitement in his eyes. Elladan grinned and then shoved himself up to the surface for air. Elrohir followed.
“You are all fish, I swear.” Elrohir laughed, causing those on the land to chuckle at the twins.
“And you are not!” Elladan smirked. “Come I want to show you something.” Elladan quickly sunk beneath the surface again, with his brother not far behind. Both swam to the center of the lake and saw a flash of light at the deep bottom. The older twin pointed to the object and swam down. Elrohir watched from his position and saw his brother reach his arm out trying frantically to grasp the item, but it was too far down. Both twins resurfaced and once again kicked to retrieve their treasure. This time Elladan wrapped his hand around it and kicked to the surface. Once both boys had come back to air, Elladan grinned and held out a small pin. It was tarnished, but still held beauty. Elrohir reached out and took the gem from his brother’s hand and turned it over to reveal a small dragonfly and on it a small emerald embossed into the crafted pin. He smiled and returned it to his brother’s hand.
“It is pretty, maybe we can be treasure hunters. I am certain we could find many things like that in the lakes.” Elrohir whispered to his brother. Elladan nodded and blew on the once silver pin, trying to clean it up.
“We could have a whole collection.” The older twin whispered back. He pushed his index finger against the clasp and it quickly released itself poking Elladan’s finger. “Ouch, that hurt.” He winced, putting his finger into his mouth.
Elrohir took the pin and tried to close the catch, but it refused to close. “It is broken. But perhaps we can fix it?”
Elladan nodded, and took out his finger. “Look it drew my blood.”
Elrohir took his brother proffered hand and looked at the small spot of blood on the finger. “It is not so bad. Just a small cut. It will heal before this afternoon.”
Elrohir’s next words were cut off by a startled cry, as he was dragged below the surface, pulling his brother with him. The twins confused, glanced down and saw a large fish like animal wrapped around the younger twins left foot. It was clear, and had a strong hold. Elladan released his hand from his brother’s tight grasp, and swam towards it to pull it off.
His small hands grasped the slippery mass, and he felt his hand go numb as a piece of the fish stung his hand. He withdrew it and saw blood stain the water. He reached down again and grasped his twin’s ankle trying to release it from the attacking fish. His brother was struggling frantically for breath, and kicking with all his might. Elladan slapped his brother’s leg shaking his head, his movements becoming sluggish in the water, almost looking like slow motion. Elrohir reached down and gripped his brother’s shoulders and looked up, begging him for air.
Elladan shook his head, and once again grasped his brother’s foot, pulling frantically. Feeling defeated he looked at his brother, who was now panicking from lack of air. Elladan grabbed Elrohir’s face, and placed his mouth on his blowing his left over air into his brother’s lungs. Then he kicked upwards. He surfaced taking a huge breath and crying out frantically. “Ammë!” He cried, drew in a deep breath and dove for his brother. Remembering the pin, Elladan pulled the clasp and poked the fish, causing it to squirm away from the sharp object. He repeated his attacks, until the clear fish released its hold, and swam away. Elladan grasped Elrohir’s bleeding hand and pulled him towards the surface. The older twin was met halfway up by Haldir and Figwit who took over and pulled both twins to safety.
As they surfaced, both boys were taken by their parents and dragged onto dry earth. Elrohir coughed and gasped for air. While Elladan knelt beside him, clutching his wounded hand.
Elrond looked at Elladan and raised an eyebrow. “What happened?”
The older twin shook his head. “I do not know father. Some clear fish had Ro by his foot. Look it is all red, and bloody.” He pointed to his brother’s foot. His own hand dripping from the sting he had received. “It feels funny.”
“Ella?” Elrohir gasped weakly. Before either parents could react, both boys gripped each other’s hands for comfort. Elrohir closed his eyes and sighed. Elladan watched his brother’s chest rise once, then fall, not rising again.
“Erhir?” Elladan whispered. He shook his brother and cried out in agony. “Erhir!”


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