Bonds Formed – Chapter Two

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Chapter Two

Elrond scrambled over to where his sons lay and quickly searched for a pulse on his youngest. He found one faint and erratic, but his son was not breathing. He tilted Elrohir’s head back, and leaned forward to listen, but Elladan’s whimpered cries muffled the sounds Elrond was looking for and he lifted his head to Glorfindel asking a silent plea to distract his eldest.
Glorfindel raced forward and picked Elladan up into his arms and walked back over to the lake where Figwit and Haldir had gone to search for the creature that had injured the small elfling. Elladan sniffed and kept his eye on his twin who lay pale and limp on the ground. His heart raced and his body felt cold, although he couldn’t place why seeing as elves didn’t feel the elements.
“Orfindel?” Elladan whispered wiping his nose with the elf lord’s shoulder.
Glorfindel wrinkled his nose, but whispered back to the frightened youngster. “Yes?”
“Why am I cold?” Elladan sniffed again shivering against the warmth of his father’s adviser.
Glorfindel raised his eyebrow curiously. “I am uncertain Elladan. Would you like to ask your father later?”
“Will, Ro be alright?” Elladan’s gray eyes wandered back over to his twin who was partially blocked by his father’s form.
“Your father will make sure he is. Fear not.” Glorfindel’s blue eyes traveled to the water where ripples marked the return of Figwit. He searched with his eyes for signs of Haldir but found none. “What have you found?” Glorfindel called to the drenched elf in the middle of the lake.
“Haldir has found something, he will resurface soon.” Figwit swam towards the bank. “How is Elrohir?” He asked climbing onto shore.
Glorfindel looked over his shoulder glancing at Elrond and his son. He shook his head looking back. “I am not sure as of yet.”
Both elder elves turned when Haldir resurfaced holding a strange creature in his grasp. Blood ran down his hand as he stroked towards them, a look of pain sketching his features. Figwit lowered himself beside the shore and helped the Lothlorien elf out of the water.
“Sweet Eru, what is that?” Figwit whispered.
Haldir grunted throwing the fish to the ground. “I know not, but it has a sting worse then a bee or wasp.” He clutched his hand trying to hide it from the small elf cuddled in Glorfindel’s arms. The look on Elladan’s face showed horror at the clear creature wriggling on the dry earth.
“That is what grabbed Ro!” He pointed to the jelly monster with arms and tentacles feeling around for water. “Is it a monster?” He whispered trying to scoot closer to Glorfindel’s frame.
The elves on the waters edge turned their heads when they heard a loud gasp. Elrond stood and walked over to them looking satisfied. “He will recover, but the sting holds poison and we must return to Imladris for healing aids.” Elrond reached out and put a stray strand of hair behind Elladan’s ear, before catching sight of the creature on the shore. “Is that it?” He raised his eyebrow looking at the three elves.
Glorfindel nodded. “Elladan has confirmed so.”
Elrond nodded and glanced at Haldir who still clutched his hand. “You also got stung?”
Haldir nodded. “Nasty little thing, with a large bite. Take care of your sons my lord, you may tend to this after.” He said seeing the raised eyebrow on the lord’s face.
Elrond turned around to find Celeborn holding Elrohir, his wife hovering close and Galadriel standing with her arm wrapped protectively around her daughter. Taking a deep breath, Elrond nodded and motioned for the others to follow them back to the last Homely House. Elladan whispered loud enough for his father to hear. “Ada? Ro is alright?”
“He will be Elladan. He is hurt like you were a few weeks ago. He needs rest and lots of smiles from you to make him better.” Elrond smiled when his eldest held out his arms for him to take him. He happily obliged. Small arms wrapped around his neck tightly, and his son’s lips moved over to his ear to whisper softly to him.
“I am cold.” Elladan turned his gray eyes to his father’s. “I thought you said elves do not get cold.”
Elrond blinked surprised. “I will explain more to you later, after I have tended to you and your brother.”
Elladan frowned. “Father?” Elladan’s eyes searched for his brother who was being carried ahead, then he turned his eyes to his father again. “I was COLD!”
Elrond sighed. “It is a shared bond my son. You will understand more when I explain it in more detail later.” Elrond stressed the word so his son would cease his questions. However Elrond was not that lucky.
“I felt funny when he got hurt. He was scared, and he needed air.” Elladan babbled hurriedly. “I did not know what to do. I did not want to leave him. But I ran out of air.” Tears welled up in his gray eyes. “He stopped breathing, I felt it.” The last words were spoken so softly, Elrond was not sure he had heard anything at all.
“What do you mean you felt it?” Elrond asked worried.
“I felt his fear and how he was cold, and when he stopped breathing, and when he got bitten-” Elladan babbled tangling his words together. He stopped when his father held up his hand. Elladan lowered his head onto his father’s shoulder, a burning sensation in his chest. “My chest hurts.” He murmured closing his eyes. The last thing he saw was his brother’s pale face before he fell asleep.

Elladan shot up looking around him fearfully. He was in his room. Confused he scrambled out of bed and raced to his door, and reaching up he grasped the knob to open it. He ran through his door and over to the matching on across the hall. He quickly opened it looking for signs of his brother, but he saw none. Frowning, the memory of the lake resurfaced and he raced to where he knew the healing halls were. Fear slipped into his heart as he ran down the halls skidding around corners and slipping occasionally on the smooth tiles, he even stopped once to fix a rug he had flipped in his haste to find his twin.
He turned the last corner and raced right into a pair of legs. Looking up slightly annoyed he saw his father glance down at him stunned and amused. “Did you rest well?” His father asked.
“Ro?” He panted concerned.
“He is sleeping but should wake soon. Would you like to see him?” Elrond stooped down and picked his son up. Elladan wriggled in his father’s arms, trying to free himself, but his father held him tightly.
Elladan nodded frantically. “He is alright?” He desperately needed confirmation.
Elrond smiled and opened the door allowing his son to climb back to the floor. “Go see for yourself.”
Elladan raced quickly to the large bed and climbed up looking for his brother who lay in the center surrounded by large fluffy blankets. Elladan bent to his elbows and leaned forward staring at his brother. He gazed intently watching his brother’s eyes flicker slightly behind closed lids. Elladan smiled and whispered into his brother’s ear. “Ro?”
A small moan was his answer, causing Elladan to grin broadly. “I know you are awake. Open your eyes.” Elladan whispered again.
“No.” Came the weak thready voice. Elladan pulled the blankets down and climbed in snuggling up to his younger brother. “Are you cold?” he asked placing an arm over his brother’s chest.
“I was, but not anymore.” Elrohir opened one eye looking at his brother, but closed it again.
“I was cold too.” Elladan closed his eyes falling into a deep sleep, now knowing his brother was well and alive.

It was early morning the next day when Elrond wandered down the healing rooms to check on his son’s when he stumbled across Haldir sitting on a bench soaking up the sun that drifted into the hall.
“Ahh, if it isn’t the warden of Lothlorien. How are you this fine morning?” Elrond smiled warmly at the blond haired elf.
Haldir turned a brilliant smile at the Lord of Rivendell. “I am well. I am enjoying the sounds of this peaceful place. It is very different from my home.”
Elrond grinned and sat down beside the other. “You have two brother’s do you not?”
Haldir nodded distantly. “Rúmil and Orophin.”
“I hear you are trying out for Marchwarden.”
Haldir raised his eyebrows. “How did you know that, my lord?”
“The Lord and Lady are my wife’s parents.” Elrond chuckled. “I hear much.”
Haldir smiled. “I do not think this year I will try out, I have much training to complete before I attempt such a high position.” Haldir sighed. “I will one day try out for that responsibility.”
“No desire for a family?”
“Not right now.” Haldir shook his head. “I am still young. Besides if I attempt for the position of Marchwarden, I will have no time for a family.”
“Why is that?” Elrond asked looking out the window.
“I would wish to think of the elves of Lorien my family, and I have much desire to protect them.” Haldir cocked a half grin at the Lord of Rivendell. “My brother’s wish to join me as wardens. Perhaps they will have a family.” He shrugged.
Both elves sat in silence for a while soaking in the fresh morning air.

Figwit sat at his desk sorting through all his papers, when the door crashed open with an angry Erestor stalking over to him. He quickly stood up and backed away from the advancing elf, and found himself against the wall with no where to go.
Erestor stopped and ruffled through the papers on the table looking for something. “Where is it?” He hollered.
Figwit frowned. “Where is what?”
“My accounts?”
“I do not have your accounts. Perhaps you should check your own study?” Figwit narrowed his eyes. Ever since he had been appointed the newest advisor, Erestor had tried sabotaging his position. “I do not understand why you insist I am in possession of your paperwork, I have all my own to do, and have no need to rifle through yours.” Figwit snatched his daily report out of the older elf’s hands. “Therefore you shall not have need to go through mine. Now if you don’t mind I have work to do.” Figwit pulled his stool out and sat back down on it.
Erestor stood there smirking. “Aye, work indeed. Wait until I inform Lord Elrond of your mishap last week.”
Figwit glanced up and grimaced. “What mishap would that be?” He quickly regretted his words.
“There are more?” Erestor grinned.
“Out!” Figwit stood up angrily causing his stool to tip and fall on the floor. He grabbed the elder’s arm and dragged him to the door pushing him out. “Leave me be and allow me to work in peace.” He slammed the door falling against it once it was closed. “What would Erestor have on me?” He whispered to himself. “I have done nothing wrong.” He slowly walked back over to his desk and righted his fallen stool. “Beisdes loosing the letter from King Thranduil, but I informed the Lord of this.” Figwit slumped down on the stool and put his hands to his face in horror, recalling the past few weeks of mishaps he has had. First the Lords son falling into danger, because one of his guards had decided to pursue a female. Then his other son being in danger because of his foolishness. Now the incident at the lake.
He shook his head and groaned. “But these are all things the Lord and I have discussed and have come to terms with.” Figwit sat there all morning a feeling of dread entering his heart as he realized that he was not fit to be advisor and guard to the Peredhil family.

Elrond wandered once again down the halls and decided it was time to check on his twins before heading back down to his study for a long morning of boring reports and countless bickering among his advisors. He grinned and decided to visit the halls of stars before the full morning began. He quietly slipped through the halls unnoticed.


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