Blessed in Middle Earth – If you have one true friend you are blessed if you have two you have a treasure beyond most mortals

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Chapter 1
SA and Daydreams

*Disclaimer*: This of course is fan-fiction, and I make no effort to say that the basis for this story is an original thought by yours truly, but based on the incredible works of J.R.R. Tolkien. I’ve decided to write less of a “The tenth companion” sort of story but more of a separate branch taking place at the same time. Please note that the main character Emily is based on me (with a few embellishments of course) and that my name is Emily too (what a coincidence). Sarah and Simone are real people too. ok this was more of a disclaimer/ forward mixed together I apologize… but … Ahem Please read on and discover the writings of The_Greenwood_Elf*
P.S. Legolas will make few if any entrances into this story. Sorry guys!

“Come on Emily”

At the mention of her name, Emily snapped back to reality.

“Sorry.” she muttered to her best friend Simone1. As much as she loved Emily, Simone really found it annoying when she spaced out like that. But Emily wasn’t spaced out she was completely focused; at least she was on something else. Emily’s one true passion, the kind that totally enthralls its victim, was Middle Earth. She imagined it was the kind of infatuation Shakespeare had for writing and the theater, or the kind of belief and enthusiasm Martin Luther King must have had for equal rights.

Emily had had the The Hobbit read to her by her father — with whom she now shared a great and deeply rooted love of books — when she was seven. She had been too young to fully understand and respect Tolkien’s work but she was old enough to realize it was her favorite book. She read that book so many times that she was forced to buy a new one as the aged volume was falling apart at the spine (she kept it of course for sentimental value).
When she had discovered The Lord of the Rings she was 10 and she thought she had won the lottery. Here was a jackpot, a treasure trove of new adventures and new places all of which she could live and explore at her whim. Once she finished the trilogy she quickly gobbled up any other piece of literature, Tolkien of otherwise, she could find about Ea2 and all that it contains3: The Silmarilion, Unfinished Tales, Lost Tales, Beowulf 4, etc.

Her friends didn’t appreciate Lord of the Rings the way she did but they understood how much it meant to her as all good friends do. It was the second week of school and already she was daydreaming about Middle Earth. On Holidays she could immerse herself into a book and instantly escape reality, but unfortunately school required a certain amount of concentration in order to succeed so she found herself stealing what little time she had between classes to study her favorite subject. The numbers of these occurrences were getting more and more frequent and her friends were concerned that something was wrong.

“Listen Em,” I know whatever you’re thinking about must be really important, but you know what else is important, Mr. Malcom’s Bio. test we have tomorrow. So If you could just tear you’re mind away from you’re world’s pressing issues and help me study.” Simon was no slouch in school; in most cases she far outstripped Emily, who was smart but didn’t feel the need to apply herself, but for some reason Emily had a knack for and a secret interest in, Science, especially biology.

“Oh Mon5, I’m so sorry.” apologized Emily. “Listen. Here. No that’s the zygote and that the morula.” They were studing at their lockers in one of the many hallways SACVI (Souhtern Academic Collegiate and Vocational Institute). SA, as they lovingly called it was a co-ed boarding school in Southern England. It was north-west of Southampton, one hour outside of a town called Salisbury on the Avon River. SA was fairly famous as Salisbury, England is the location of Stonehenge.

The bell rang and the halls filled with students coming back from their lunch-time hide-a-ways. Simone sighed and closed up her books. Emily was from Canada, which is one of the many reasons she and Simone were such fast friends, as Simone was “Canadian too eh? They were shortly joined by their other partner-in-crime their Sarah.

“Where’ve you been?” asked Simone. “Em was going to help us with the Bio test!” Simone was indignant. She was being paranoid, they all knew she would ace the test but Sarah humored her.

“Oh sorry Mon. I know how much you want this mark!” If anyone Sarah was the one who needed the mark Sarah was one of the most creative people Emily knew and she was awesome at English and for some reason Maths but she was rotten at Science. Simone only wanted the mark. She was in competition with Lucas for the top mark in Science and boy did she want to beat him. If Simone beat him on this test she would be in the lead. Sarah and Emily both had a sneaking suspicion that Simone and Lucas had a thing for each other. Lucas was quite good looking: tall, fair and broad-shouldered. Both knew better than to bring this up.

“So where were you?” repeated Emily.

“Oh you know.” said Sarah distractedly. She turned and became very interested with her locker combination. “I lost track of time and just … Look I was with Dave OK!” Sarah was a native. A gentleman through and through, which was her way of saying, she was English. Go Figure.

“Dave eh?” teased Emily laughing.

“Yeah Dave eh?” retorted Sarah. “We, look, nothing happened.” Sarah seemed very concerned about this. She was very good looking (as were all the girls) but Sarah seemed to get all the boys. Despite this she greatly valued her friend’s opinions and rarely went out with someone without asking them for their “permission”. They were beginning to feel like her parents. They laughed about this as they did now.

“Sar, we already “blessed” you guys so stop looking like that.” Simone said smiling.

This seemed to quell Sarah’s doubts about Dave and she too smiled as the three comrades trotted off to their next lesson. Emily loved her friends and always considered herself blessed to have not only one true friend but two. She smiled with a glazed look on her face all through Maths, thinking about the three of them in Middle Earth. That, she thought, would be so much fun.

1 Simone is a French name (as she was born in
France wow) please do not confuse it with Simon which
might imply that my friend is a masculine girl.

2 Ea for those who haven’t read The Silmarlion, which I
recommend that they do, Ea is Earth in all its totality,
Middle Earth, Valinor, and the Far East etc.

3 Those who have read The Silmarilion will know that there
are one or two “beings” that happen to reside outside of
Ea, Eru, and Emily concerned herself with these things too.
Just a clarification.

4 Beowulf does not have to do so much with Middle Earth or
The Lord of the Rings but it is a great tolkien piece that I
would recommend to any fellow Tolkien fanatic.


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