Beyond the Mists – Chapter Four

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But she watched helplessly as the riders cantered off back towards the forest. With a last desperate glance behind her, she followed in their wake and soon they had left the travelers and were surrounded by the misty trees.

Suddenly she had an idea. She was already at the very back and no-one really paying any attention to her. Slowly, she began to slacken her pace, all the time keeping a careful eye on the Captains. Waiting for her moment, she dropped further and further away from the group, when they turned a corner and disappeared from view. Without a second look back, she swung Elformen sharply round and galloped as hard as she could for the plains, hoping and praying she hadn’t been seen. Yet it seemed that luck was on her side and she heard no following hoof-beats or horns. Her heart was racing, she could see the edge of the forest before her, the plains spread out like a giant dusty carpet over he realm’s borders. Then the forest was gone and she had ridden past the boundaries of her home. Now she was all alone – but she had done it. She was beyond the mists.


It was late at night when the Fellowship finally came to a halt under the shadows of the Misty Mountains. Since they had met the Riders of Leithen, they had journeyed non-stop and to say the least the hobbits were knackered. Gandalf seemed to think it imperative that they come as far as they had, though they could think of no obvious reason why, and after a frugal supper of dried berries and bread they fell in a heap under the warm blankets of the Riders and slept until dawn.

But the others however sat in a circle around a small fire and muttered quietly to one another.

“We must disappear from view,” stressed Gandalf,” we cannot risk being seen again.”

Legolas nodded, his bright eyes lit up by the dancing flames. “It was lucky those riders were friendly – if that had been a raid of Orcs…”he trailed off into silence.

“I know – but still, they couldn’t have come at a better time.” added Boromir.

“Aye – to see nowt but nothing in front of you can never be good,” commented Gimli,” Yet they said they were from Leithen – never have I heard tell of that land – you?” he asked. Aragorn shrugged, Gandalf shook his head and Boromir looked bewildered.

Legolas, however, frowned. “Come then Master Elf – what is it you know that we don’t?” questioned the dwarf sarcastically.

Legolas shot him a dirty look but answered, “Stories have been told in my father’s halls, of a once great civilization of men, established during the First Age, far from Beleriand and the Blue Mountains. It is said they thrived in the shadows of the Misty Mountains and on the slopes, and were the breeders of great horses. Gold was their hair and bright their eyes.”

“You well describe the Rohirrim – and once they roamed the eastern sides of the Mountains. But long ago they all went south in to Rohan.” frowned Boromir.

Legolas shook his head. “Nothing more have I ever heard of them.”

Gimli rolled his eyes. “Trust an el-“he started.

“Don’t – you – dare.” demanded Gandalf loudly as the elf jumped to his feet in response to the dwarf’s obvious accusation. For a few moments there was silence and they starred loathingly at each other, both with flaming eyes.

“Stop this and now ,” commanded Gandalf,” You both fight for the same reason – I do not ask you to be friends,” he added at the look on Gimli’s face,” only for you to work together. There is enough conflict in these days as it is.” Slowly, and very careful, Legolas sat down, and turned to the wizard.

“You say we must disappear from view – how?” At this Aragorn shifted uncomfortably in his seat and glanced at the old man, who seemed to ignore him. “I have not yet spoken of this openly, only to Aragorn and Gimli, but it would seem that to actually disappear would be impossible…therefore I propose that we leave the surface for a while and head under.”

Boromir starred at him – that meant absolutely nothing as far as he was concerned. Legolas however, caught on and immediately objected. He opened his mouth to comment when a passing noise on the wind made him stop. He went silent and still, listening intently. The others watched him.

“What do you hear?” Aragorn asked softly. Legolas did not reply, but sat, unmoving, elvish ears strained. There it was again – a snatch of song, mingled with the voice of the wind, faint and far away yet growing stronger as the seconds went by.

“Someone is coming!” he whispered.


“WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DONT KNOW!” bellowed the King,” THEN GET OUT OF MY SIGHT AND FIND HER, YOU IDIOT!” and Captain Lerron practically flew out of the throne room. The King stood fuming, eyes bulging, veins protruding on his neck, his face a rich purple. How could no-one know where Nessa was?! This wasn’t a huge castle; there weren’t that many places for her to hide!

Down in the courtyard meanwhile, Lerron was franticly gathering and questioning the men.

“Have any of you seen the Princess at all?” Heads shook and voices murmured, but no-one came forwards. “Nothing? Not even a sign of where she could be? A golden hair would suffice! No?” he added feebly. Now the Princess wasn’t the only one in danger – or so he presumed – for if she couldn’t be found, he neck was on the line.

Again, there was no information – until a young stable boy stepped up to the sweating Captain.

“My Lord? I’ve not seen the Lady, but…”he trailed off.

“What? Speak boy, speak!” Lerron almost begged as he grasped the lad’s shoulders.

“Well, I went to the stables to feed her horse, Elformen. Only she wasn’t there sir.”

For a moment, Lerron was silent; his mind struggling to make this snippet of news fit the riddle. A white mare, he pondered, why does that ring a bell…?

“Of course!” he cried,” Daril! Daril had a white mare! Tell me,” he addressed then men,” have any of you heard of a young man named Daril?” Many faces looked up at him puzzled, but on-one could say they did.

Lerron smiled. “I think I know where the Lady is,” he said smugly,” did anyone see the one I spoke to arrive back here?” For the forth time, the men shook there heads.

“But some-one must have seen something – people don’t just vanish into mid-air!”


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