Betrayed – Chapter 2

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Haldir and his scouting patrol stepped out of the shadows, arrows drawn at the mysterious stranger.

“Halt” he commanded. To his surprise, the stranger smiled. He blinked, momentarily caught off guard. Then the stranger threw back her hood. Long, dark, black hair casscaded around her face. Haldir’s breath caught in his throat. Dhe was beautiful, very beautiful. Somehow, he was reminded of Arwen Udomiel, the Evenstar. She smiled at him, lighting up her face. Haldir found that he could not speak. The rest of the patrol seemed as awestruck as he. The she bowed to them.

” I greet you, good sirs. My name is Morial. May i aske your name?” she said sweetly, addressing Haldir. He swallowed.

” My name is Haldir” he answered her. He took a deep breath, ” Why are you here? Where are you from? ” he continued more forcefully. She smiled, seemingly not bothered by his tone. She ran a hand through her smooth black hair.

” Oh, I am a wanderer. I live here and there.” she gestured aimlessly around with her hands. “in all my travels, i have heard of the wonderous beauty of Lothlorien. So i came to witness it myself.” she smiled sweetly at him. He lowered his bow and he sensed his men doing the same.

“We will take you to the Lady.”


Morial knelt before the Lady Galadriel. She could feel Galadriel’s quiet power almost like a physical substance in the air. Galadriel stood up and slowly walked toward her. Her whitegown spread out behind her. Galadriel placed a hand on her shoulder. Morial felt a thrill go through her. She relaxed and cleared her mind and willed Galadriel to let her stay. Finally, after a long moment, Galadriel nodded.

Galadriel watched the young Elf walk away. She was a strange one. Galadriel had sensed hidden secrets in her past: she had seen dark things. But she sense no danger in her, so she let her stay. She hoped that would not be a desicion that she would later regret.

Morial leaned against a pillar, staring out into the forest. She watched how the sunlight shone against the gree leaves, making them sparkle. A gentle breeze blew across the forest, rustling her dark hair. She smiled. Everything was going as planned.

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