Betrayed – A Poem by Daughterofpaladin

by Mar 18, 2005Stories

This one is either for Saruman or Nirnaeth Arnoediad

Lightning flashes; thunder crashes,
Flames are filling the dark sky.
Banners are falling, men are calling,
Roaring the betrayed’s battle cry.

Like a howling wind that never ends
Whistling through angry trees.
Like the steeliest grey in an angry fray
Of blood red, jet black and sea green.

So the danger develops from anger,
So the cries for vengeance scream.
I hear the crying of a young man dying
As fire envelopes his dreams.

I can almost taste the blood of my hate
Trickling down my sobbing throat.
I can almost smell the fires of hell
Where I pray that they will go.

This vengeance thirst is like angry rain burst
From a monster in the sky.
I feel no fear, like angry tears
Running down from vacant eyes.

Lightning flashes; thunder crashes,
Flames are burning through the night.
Banners are falling, men are calling,
Betrayal has stolen all the light.


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