Being a Teen in Middle-earth is Tough – especially when your mom is psychic!

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Part 1: Celebrian, daughter of Galadriel and Celeborn

Celebrian sighed as she listened to her teacher give her a lecture on the history of Elves. This was the third day in a row that she had heard him speak about this subject and it was getting very boring.

Celebrian began drawing portraits in her notebook. She was half done with a caricature of her teacher when he noticed her doodling and snatched away her notebook.

“Miss Celebrian,” he said out loud in front of the entire class. “Let’s see what notes you’ve been taking for the past half-hour.” Celebrian blew a loose lock of golden hair out of her grey eyes as he gasped at her drawing of him. The entire class giggled at the expression on their history teacher’s face.

The teacher closed the notebook and handed it back to her. He took a pad of paper from his desk and scribbled something on it. He tore off a piece and handed it to her.

“I’ll be seeing you after school, Miss Celebrian, in detention.” The bell rang for class to be over and Celebrian rushed to her locker. Her friends Haldir and Rumil followed.

“Why exactly did he give you a detention?” asked Rumil. Haldir elbowed his brother.

“She drew a funny picture of him in her notebook. Duh,” replied Haldir. Celebrian opened her locker and shoved her books inside.

“It’s no biggie,” she said taking out her art portfolio. “It’s only the sixth detention I’ve gotten this week. And it’s only Wednesday!” She slammed her locker shut. “I tell ya, these teachers here hate me. One of these days I’m gonna…” She stopped mid-sentence and stared off into the distance.

“Hello? Celebrian?” said Rumil as he waved his hand over her eyes. Haldir looked in the direction in which she was gazing. A tall, dark-haired Elf was getting books from his locker.

“Ugh, Elrond,” scoffed Haldir. “What do you see in that guy?”

“A caring, sensitive, sweet, totally hot guy,” she sighed. Elrond turned and looked at her.

“Crap!” exclaimed Celebrian. She turned her gaze to the direction of her open portfolio. She glanced up to see Elrond right in front of her.

“Nice drawings,” he said cooly. “You have art next?”

“Yeah,” said Celebrian, pushing Haldir and Rumil behind her.

“Cool,” replied Elrond. “So, uh, you comin’ to the party this Friday night?”


“Cool. See ya there.” Elrond slung his bag over his shoulder and walked down the hall to Elvish class.

“Aiya,” sighed Celebrian. Runil snapped his fingers by her head.

“Hello! I thought your parents said you couldn’t go to the party.”

“Yeah, but I’m hatching a plan.”


Celebrian slipped on her black tank top and a thin ponho over it. She looked at herself in the mirror. She saw a tall, blonde she-Elf wearing a denim miniskirt and a black tank strap escaping from beneath the white netting poncho. She slipped on her chunky knee-high boots and slipped out of her room.

Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel sat in the living room, Galadriel working on her paperwork and Celeborn reading the paper. As Celebrian snuck out the door, Galadriel stopped her.

“Hold it right there, young lady,” she said without looking up from her work. Celebrian froze midstep and turned to face her mother. Galadriel stood up and held up a piece of paper.

“Your teacher called today. You have some explaining to do, Celebrian. You’ve gotten detention six times this week and you’ve back talked each of your teachers.” Celebrian crossed her arms and leaned against the wall.

“So?” she said. “I don’t care. It’s only detention.”

“But after you receive seven detentions, you get suspended from school for a day,” said Galadriel. “So tonight, no party.”

“But MOM!”

“No buts. Go to your flet and I will think of a suitable punishment for you.”


Celebrian sat on the floor of her flet. and blew bubbles with her gum.

“I hate being 15,” she muttered under her breath. Then an idea struck her. She waited until her mother blew out the last candle, then slowly let the ladder down.

Celebrian dropped silently to the ground and ran off through the mallorn trees. From a distance she could hear the faint amp of hip-hop music and the sounds of girls and guys cheering.

Celebrian pushed through the trees and entered a rockin’ party. She looked everywhere for Haldir and Rumil, but couldn’t find them. A small tap on her shoulder caught her attention. She turned around t see Galadriel behind her, a glaring look in her eye.

“Hey, Mom,” said Celebrian trying to act all sweet and innocent. “I was just looking for Haldir and Rumil. You seen ’em?” Galadriel took her hand.

“You’re in big trouble, young lady. Come on. You’re going home.” Celebrian caught sight of Elrond as she reluctantly followed Galadriel back to her flet.



Celebrian’s cell phone rang.

“Hello?” she answered.

“Hey,” said Elrond. “Saw you at the party last night. Wish you coulda stayed longer.”

“So do I. Now I’m under heavy-duty grounding.” Celebrian sighed.

“So, like, you wanna do somethin’ sometime?” Elrond asked her.

“Sure,I guess,” replied Celebrian. “Well, at least until I’m ungrounded.”

“Cool. See ya at school. Bye”

“Bye.” Celebrian hung up and sighed romantically. OH ERU HE’S HOT! she thought.

“I heard that!” called Galadriel. Celebrian rolled her eyes.

“I can’t wait to get out of here,” she said quietly.


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