Beginnings of dark – part one

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Terrand and his family lived on the border of Arnor. He, his wife, and his brother in law enjoyed the simple lifestyle they shared. Until, the day the beasts came.

A man dressed in torn rags that was once some sort of uniform came dashing to Terrand’s homestead. Breathless, dehydrated, and gravely fatigued from running far. Terrand’s brother in law, Asmel asked him what the problem was and, was stern with him until he saw the man’s rags were coated in dry blood. “By the gods!!” he cried his sister; terrand’s wife Ariniel gave a small cry. The man, who was somewhat short and was shaven completely bald, said or rather, gasped “orcs!” Then collapsed. Asmel cried “Orcs! Ariniel!, Terrand!, we must flee!” But that was no option. Harsh laughter echoed from around a bend in the path near their house. Soon squat black forms began to appear in the midday sun.
Asmel told Terrand and Ariniel to run as fast as they could, and they did.

Terrand and his wife ran alongside one another. Terrand looked at his wife’s face.
Never before had he seen so much fear and pain on such an amazingly beautiful face.
Terrand was lucid enough to understand his brother in law was going to hold them off any way he could. Though he hated it, he had no choice but to accept it. Later they stopped to rest, they had run a long distance without stopping. The sun had shifted in the sky a good deal and they could no longer hear evil laughter or see the squat black forms. Ariniel’s silky black hair was matted with sweat and her face was lined with tear marks. Terrand’s hair and face were in no better condition. “Do you think we escaped?” Terrand asked. Ariniel only began to sob. Terrand held her, she held him, and they fell asleep.

Terrand was awakened with a brutal start. A blow to his face woke him from dreamless sleep. As his eyes adjusted to the dim lighting he found himself staring into a green-skinned, wrinkled, slimy face. Then the realization hit him, he was captured by orcs!
The beast smiled at him with gruesome teeth and foul breath reeking of decay.
It said, “Well, well sleepin’ beauty woke up! Ha!” “Wouldn’t want `im ta miss his gal goin’ ta her reward!” said another orc. “Yeah we already disposed of his friend Ahahahaha!”
Terrand dragged his eyes over to where the orc was indicating. What he saw made him wish he hadn’t. He saw Asmel’s head on a pike. His wife Ariniel was tied to a rack of torture.
First he thought they were going to torture her in front of him. Then he saw they already had. She was covered in blood and other body fluids. Terrand stifled vomit. The orcs were all laughing and cheering raucously. He saw an orc tie a strange cruel looking device around Ariniel’s neck. An orc said to him “one little tug o’ that an’ yer gal is dead!” said a large red-skinned orc. Terrand struggled against his bonds but it was no use. He looked into his wife’s Eyes. In all of the stories he had read when two lovers were being separated they usually said something to confirm everlasting love. But all Ariniel could do was sob, her tear-blurred eyes staring into his, which were wide with disbelief. She could say nothing through the pain and he could not speak. All they could do was weep, their faces both pitiful wrecks. Then the orc tugged the killing device and Ariniel gasped and her head slumped, her eyes wide and pained. Terrand could have sworn his soul had left along with hers.
Then a wave of sorrow and grief hit him hard and he passed out.


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