Back to the Past. Chapter Two of Twenty-One. – Future Lost?

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Totally unaware of the two strangers in the forest and so close to where she was at, the young female removed her outer cloak and picked up a quiver that was on the ground, over onto her back. She was tall and thin, wearing a light hunter green elven garb but what made her very striking was her hair – it was red. She quickly raised her bow and at the same time pulling an arrow out of her quiver and firing the arrow when her drawn back hand came close to her cheek. The young female squealed in delight as she took another shot at the target.

“Legolas, do you think she can help us?” asked Aragorn, looking at him and then back to the female archer.

“I do not know. I never seen an elf with red hair before,” said Legolas, as they looked towards the young female archer.

“Then, perhaps we should go and introduce ourselves to this elf or just watch her till we know it is safe to move around here?” asked Aragorn, looking at the female then to Legolas.

Legolas nodded as he whispered, “Watch and then introduce ourselves to her when we know it is safe to move.”

They backed away from where they were at till they were fully hidden by the trees once more. They watched the female elf for a long time practicing her aim at the target. She stopped only when a big black and white marked horse appeared from the barn and approached her.

Legolas listened to the woman speak to the horse. He whispered, “She speaks elven, Aragorn. I can pick up a few words here and there but nothing much.”

“What is she saying?” whispered Aragorn.

“She’s saying…it’s that of what the babies would speak but I know not of what she is actually saying,” whispered Legolas; he was confused by the whispers of the woman.

They watched as she scratched his back for several minutes and then without reins or a saddle hopped onto his back and she was promptly bucked off. She got up off the ground after checking for any broken bones. The red head female returned to the horse’s side and tried once again to get on the horse only to be thrown.

“Someone should have come out by now from the abode. I think she lives alone beyond the horses, we see here,” said Aragorn, looking at Legolas and then back to the female.

Legolas nodded as he stood up fully and started to walk towards the female with his hands showing no weapon.

The female quickly turned towards them with her bow and an arrow directed at Legolas and requested in a firm voice, “Stay where you are!”

Legolas did what she requested as Aragorn did the same. Aragorn watched as the young female walked towards them and then stopped as she raised her bow towards them. Legolas spoke, as he slowly took several small steps towards her, “Im mellon. Ú-thelin le harnad. Im ucharn/archaru. 1”

Aragorn watched his friend look towards the red head and then to the red head herself. He watched as she lowered her bow but kept an arrow in the bow ready to fire when and if it was needed. Aragorn started to move towards Legolas when an arrow flew from her bow right at his feet.

He, then, heard the girl’s sudden scream as he looked up to see Legolas pinning her to the ground. Legolas had managed to knock her down and pin her before she drew another arrow on them again. Aragorn rushed to his friend’s side.

“Let her up, Legolas,” he spoke to the elf. Legolas looked up at him and spoke in the same language telling him it would be unwise till the female was unarmed of the weapon she held.

“How in the world…did the two of you get onto my property didn’t you see the signs?” snapped the young woman, looking at them both harshly from where she was on the ground.

Legolas turned to her and spoke in elven. But she didn’t even really understand the language at all. He turned to glance at Aragorn. Aragorn replied in elven as Legolas nodded in his response to what Aragorn had said.

“My lady, please let us explain us to you,” spoke Legolas, as he stared into the deep green eyes of the young woman. “This will mean this bow will be removed from you till you have at least given us a chance to speak.”

Legolas removed the bow from her hand and with a quick toss to his left threw it to Aragorn who caught it and swung it around his back like an expert bowman that he was. He stood there, with arms now crossed in front of him, looking at her.

“All right, let me up,” spat the woman.

Legolas released his hold on her body and stood up. He offered her his hand to help her to stand which was not taken as she scooted backwards and then stood up on her own. One hand vanished behind her as she looked at them. “All right, explain yourselves. Who are you?”

Legolas backed up to Aragorn’s side and bowed to her. “I am Legolas Greenleaf and my friend is….”

“Aragorn of Gondor,” spoke Aragorn, as he looked at her bowing slightly to her. “And may we have the honor of knowing your name?”

“Do you want my legal name or my birth name?” asked the young woman, now she also crossed her arms and stood exactly like how Aragorn was.

“Both if you don’t mind?” asked Legolas.

“First, I must ask for the return of my bow. It is the only bow I own,” spoke the woman, as she held out her hand.

Legolas turned towards Aragorn and nodded as his head to him before he turned back to the young woman. In his side view of Aragorn, he watched as he removed the bow from his shoulder and spoke, “Be iest lîn (As you wish.).”

When he finished saying the words he handed the bow over to her. His gray eyes bore into her deep green eyes. They stayed locked in that position for several minutes before the girl stepped backwards pulling her bow onto her back and turning to look at Legolas.

“My birth name was Tiffany Gondor but everyone now calls me…Tari Lightfeather. That’s my legal name,” spoke Tari. She noticed the slight shock register on both their faces when they heard her legal last name spoken. “My family has a little myth about our last name of Gondor; that we’re direct descendants of the King of Gondor Aragorn the second and his elven princess Arwen. I have a feeling it is true, but yet it would mean J. R. R. Tolkien is an elf.”

“Who?” asked Legolas, the name she spoke gave him a weird look on his elven face.

“Someone who wrote a fiction book about…I still can’t believe it but he wrote a book about…you, Aragorn, Elrond, Gandalf, Frodo Baggins and Arwen. I have the books inside if you want to read them,” said Tari, she started to walk towards the house.

“Tari, what year is this?” asked Aragorn, as they followed her towards the house.

“It’s the year 2002, Aragorn. Welcome to the 21st century,” said Tari, looking at them both as she opened the door.

All Sindarin translation is from the Tolkienonline’s MB Language.
1. I am a friend. I mean you no harm. I am unharmed.


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