Back to The Past. Chapter Three of Twenty-One. – Future Lost?

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They both had the look of shock on their faces as they followed her into the house where they watched her flip a switch on the side of the wall and a torch was lighted but the torch didn’t have a flame like they used to see. Tari noticed how they gazed at the light.

“Magic,” whispered Aragorn. Legolas nodded mutely.

“It’s not magic, Strider, Legolas. It is done by electricity. The wire for the light comes from here and goes through the wall, up through the ceiling and then down the rod to the fixtures themselves. But where the power comes from is outside,” spoke Tari, as she walked through the house to the glass door which she slid open and stepped from the house to point to several large panels on top of the roof.

“What are those?” asked Aragorn, as he looked at them.

“Those are solar panels. The sun shine on them collects the energy from the rays and stores them until I need them, which is very rare. I only use the energy stored from the panels for taking hot water baths. But I mainly use oil lamps and candles. I do everything myself…from cleaning the house to hunting the deer that lives here. I have no other to depend on for help. I depend on myself to do everything, even if I am ill. I must get out of bed and get things done or the horses won’t be fed nor would I be able to be fed myself,” said Tari, as she started to walk into the house again.

“That is almost similar to the ways that a Ranger lives, Tari,” spoke Aragorn, following her into the house. “Do you by chance know the myth of your last name by heart?”

“The myth yes, I do know it. My father told it to me and my older brother long time ago,” Tari said gently.

“Then, perhaps we may by chance hear it?” asked Aragorn, looking at her gently.

“Then, come to the living room and I shall reveal the myth which I now believe is…not a myth at all but real,” spoke Tari, as she walked away from them and went down the stairs to a room that had several couches and chairs.

She waited till they took their seats before she sat down looking at her hands before she looked up. “I’m not that fluent with the language. My father could speak it better than I could. I know by how both of you looked at me earlier that I was speaking it all wrong.”

Legolas spoke gently. “You tried but you didn’t have certain parts of the words correct.”

“My father kept it written down so when he told us, he could read it from his book. Now I must find where the book is. I know part of the tale by heart. But it’s not the full tale,” said Tari, as she went to a bookshelf filled with books. She pulled out one book, only to flip it over to reveal the title and put it back. She did that several times.

“May we hear what you know?” asked Aragorn.

Tari nodded and spoke, “I’ll have to speak it in the tongue I know best. The Ranger gave his heart to his elf princess with whom he doth loved dearly and she gave up what was hers so she may live with him. The Ranger; no longer was a Ranger but a King, King of Gondor. The love that they shared blossomed into several fine children from which the line of Gondor was created. That’s all I know of the tale. My father said that there is a lot more written on the `myth’ than what he recited.”

“What about the book that this J.R.R. Tolkien wrote about?” asked Legolas, looking at her still curious about the book. “Perhaps it was done by Bilbo Baggins and not this…J.R.R. Tolkien?”

“Who knows but this is the three main books about you, Aragorn, Bilbo, Frodo and Gimli.” said Tari, as she pulled the boxed set off the bookcase and handed it to Legolas. She turned back to the case and started to pull books out again.

Aragorn watched her pull out one book after another, each one not the one she was looking for. He noticed a glint of silver around her neck. “What is that around your neck, Tari?”

Legolas was trying to figure out how to open the book when he looked up at Tari and Aragorn speaking in a low but very hearable voice. “No offense, my lady, but how do you read the books if you are unable to open them?”

Tari turned towards him and inwardly sighed as she walked over. She was openly ignoring Aragorn’s question. “My apologies, Legolas for not showing you,”

She turned the box onto its side and pulled one of the books out. “This one is The Fellowship of The Ring. The first one but technically speaking it should be the second of the books. The Hobbit is the real first story. Most people read these three first.”

She hurried back to the case and then slapped her head. `Stupid. Stupid woman, you should have gone there to look for the book.’ she whispered to herself. She started to head up the stairs at a quick pace.

Aragorn went to the stairs and watched as she vanished from his sight. He turned towards Legolas who was putting the book down to pick up the other book. “This world is so weird, my friend. I would be dumb not to state that I am frightened, Legolas.”

“I, too am frightened, Strider.” Legolas said, as he flipped open the book and started to look at the pages.

Aragorn found it interesting as he read parts of it aloud. ” `Don’t be alarmed! I mean just this: I will tell you what I know, and give you some good advice-but I shall want a reward.’ Hahahahaha! Oh that was exactly as I told Frodo the first night I met him and his friends! This has to have been done by him or at least Bilbo Baggins.”

Tari hurried towards her room and pushed off some clothing covering her trunk; opening it to find the book that she was searching for and something else that made a tear come from her eye. “I will not cry. I will not,”

Tari stood up and composed herself quickly before she walked towards the room where Aragorn and Legolas were at. She didn’t watch how she stepped till it was too late. She took a big tumble down the stairs and she screeched when it happened.

“Tari!” yelled a voice, as she felt calloused hands on her body running over her legs and arms before she even dared to open her eyes. “Tari, are you all right? Tari, open your eyes please?” The voice went more desperate sounding.


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