Back to The Past. Chapter Six of Twenty-One – Future Lost?

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Legolas smiled as he turned to look at Tari, “Come with me, Tari.”

Tari stood up and followed him towards her chambers. He quickly vanished into the other room and came out with a robe. He handed it to her. “Change into this robe and come into the room when I tell you to come in.”

Tari looked at him stunned as he placed the robe in her hand and then went into the other room. After she had donned the robe, she sat on the bed waiting for Legolas to call out to her to come into the room.

“Tari, come on in.” Legolas voice called out from the other room. She crept into the room but she realized that he was aware of her entering the room by the rustle of her robe.

“So what do you think?” He stepped aside to reveal a bubble bath. “I found your bubble making soap early yesterday morning and figured you might want to have one tonight.”

Tari smiled as she looked at him before she claimed his lips with hers. “You are so wonderful, Legolas. I love bubble baths.”

Legolas smiled as he turned his back to her and walked out of the room where he sat down outside the bathroom door and they talked while Tari took her bath. Legolas had a smile on his face as he spoke about Middle Earth and their adventures that they had there. He spoke about his home in Mirkwood and described the woods that surrounded the home of Galadriel and Celeborn. He heard the water being drained and the water running as he inquired to what was happening. Tari told him that she was washing the tub of the soap remains so it would be clean for tomorrow.

Aragorn had just finished the third book of Lord of The Rings. He chuckled about how similar the person on the cover of the book looked like him when he was younger. He glanced out the window and realized that night had fallen. His stomach grumbled for some food as he placed the book down and headed to the kitchen where he made a quick bite to eat before he headed up the stairs to his bedroom and fell asleep.

Later that night, the thunderstorm came quick and ferociously. Tari bolted awake at the first loud clap of thunder, at the same time waking Legolas who had been sleeping in the chaise by the window. He walked across to the bed where she had been sleeping. Tari shivered under the covers and under his hand as he reached out to calm her.

“Mell nîn, le? 1.” asked Legolas, looking at her as his grey eyes turned purple within the darkness of the room.

“I…I…get scared during thunderstorms, Legolas. I always have been scared of the first storms of the season,” whispered Tari, as another thunderclap was heard. Tari quickly hid her face against Legolas’s neck as he embraced her with a comforting gesture.

“It’s all right, I’m here. They won’t hurt you.” Legolas whispered, before he started to whisper a song that he hoped would soothe her nerves so she may sleep peacefully. Legolas felt Tari’s shivers go away as Tari finally fell asleep curled up in his arms with her face still buried against his neck.

The next morning, Tari woke to find an empty room. Tari hopped out of bed as she was so absorbed in getting the sheet off the bed, she didn’t hear him entering the room till she felt his arms wrap around her waist and the kisses upon her neck. Tari acted on instinct alone and rammed her elbow right into his stomach and grabbed him around his neck and flung him over her shoulder.

Legolas felt the blow to his stomach and flying through the air where he made sure he would land on his feet as he started to prepare his body to defend himself from his own sweetheart’s attack. “Tari, it’s me, Legolas.”

Tari went from the glassy eyed look of a warrior to a totally angry woman. “I could have seriously harmed you, Legolas…sneaking up on me like that!”

“I’m sorry that I scared you, Tari,” Legolas cooed softly.

“Do not say it, it is my fault for not looking before hitting you, Legolas.” Tari said, as she finished pulling the bed sheet off the bed.

“A thunderstorm came which scared you awake,” Legolas whispered, as he wrapped his arms around her waist kissing her neck gently.

“I’m sorry for waking you up like that last night, they always scare me.” Tari whispered as she turned to face him as he claimed her lips with his.

“Don’t be, it is forgiven,” whispered Legolas, as he claimed her lips.

Aragorn knew he heard Tari’s voice lightly raised in anger but then it went silent as she must have gotten kissed by her sweetheart. He shook his head as he stepped onto the deck and leaned against the railing overlooking the pond lightly puffing on his pipe. “Arwen, my love, I’ll be home soon I pray.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

They had their morning meal which Tari explained that day’s plan as that night they would be going away from the house to the tournament ground for the next three days.

“So we will be there for three days?” asked Aragorn.

“Yes and there shall be a problem.” said Tari, as she looked at them both.

“What kind of problem?” asked Legolas, turning away from his meal.

“This world has things that will probably scare you both,” Tari went on to explain cars, stoplights and all things modern to them both. “I usually will alert my friend that I am coming out of my seclusion and that the tournament is only a day away by the horn that is by the weapons. My horses know the sound and will not bolt.”

“Then, let us begin the packing of what we need for the tournament,” said Aragorn, as he gazed at her.

“Then, I best start thinking of nicknames for the two of you,” spoke Tari, looking at them as she started to just push her food about on her plate.

“Why? Couldn’t we just use our own names?” asked Legolas, looking at her.

“It would be easy for us, Tari,” said Aragorn, looking at her. “The book was done in 1954. We could just state that our parents named us after the characters of the book.”

“True, but I think there will be someone there that may know who you are even if you do use your birth names. I think I have a good name for you both. Ari for Aragorn and Leo for Legolas,” stated Tari.

They were silent as they thought about the name that Tari stated to them. Aragorn spoke, “We could just use the nicknames we have all ready have as it would be much easier on us. But Legolas will have to take the nickname you have given him, because he doesn’t have a nickname.”

“Elessar, Estel or Thorongil could be used for your name, Aragorn,” spoke Tari.

“I’ll use Elessar,” Aragorn stated, his voice told them that he wouldn’t use any other name.

Tari nodded as she started to clear off the table. “I’m hoping that Hugo will bring some of his `friends’ with him like he did last year.”

“Why?” asked Aragorn.

“Usually they end up being Istari, Aragorn. I may try to beseech their help in returning you back to the past where you both belong.” said Tari.

“They still exist here!” barked Aragorn.

“Yes, but they are usually hiding from people. The only times that they are seen are at tourneys like this one. Hold!” yelled Tari, as she rushed out of the room to the deck as a faint sound was heard in the distance as Gandalf returned and delivered her a message. She quickly read it and crumpled it up. “Damn it!”

Aragorn and Legolas watched as she rushed back into the house and to the cabinet where she withdrew the horn and rushed outside and blew the horn a long blow and then three shorter blows and then one long one. She was listening to the air when another horn sounded off in the distance.

“We must pack and move now!” snapped Tari, as she quickly went to the weapon cabinet and started to remove the dueling daggers and the sword that she was going to be using.

“Why?” asked Legolas.

“That horn blow that I responded to was a signal that my friend uses when my adopted brother is on the prowl in the area. I do not want to encounter him at this time.” said Tari, as she pulled out many sheaths and started to sheath each dagger and placed them all in a rolled out leather case, which she then closed and then darted into her bedroom and flung open the trunk to pull out something and then placed it within a pouch by her hip. She also went to the closet and pulled out three cloaks two of one size and another of a smaller size.

Legolas and Aragorn helped her carry the four leather packages and there were three pouches that were filled with food for them to eat. She and Legolas got all three horses out of the pasture and tied to the hitching post as the saddles were being placed upon their backs. The black and white tobiano pinto stallion was prancing in place but a soothing word from Legolas calmed him quickly. The elven ways still worked on modern horses.

“Why does the stallion that I’m riding get a saddle?” asked Legolas, watching Tari saddle the black and white pinto stallion.

“Because all three must have one on their backs if they are to carry the weapons that we’ll be using at the tourney. The daggers are unsharpened as is the sword I shall be using. I’ll be wearing my bow and quiver with the arrows within it. I’ll probably be bringing home one or two more horses from the tourney.” spoke Tari, as she finished putting the bridle on the stallion’s head.

Tari then went to a bundle which she then placed on the right side of the saddle of the light chestnut mare. “This is the carrier in which our food supply will be stored in.”

“And these two?” asked Aragorn/Elessar, holding the two carriers in his hands.

“Weapons, halters, lead ropes and stakes for the horses for if we do have the field instead of the barn. I’ll have the weapons in my carrier.” said Tari, as she took one of the carriers from Elessar and started to put it on the black and white stallion’s saddle.

Soon, they were done saddling the horses and Tari went to collect the weapons from the cabinet. Elessar watched as Legolas helped her pack the weapons, he didn’t like that he had to give up his sword to the carrier. He liked wearing it but Tari explained that the sword itself will frighten the townspeople when they see it. She explained that once they are in the tourney grounds it will be returned to him, which made him smile.

Tari finished up by locking up the house and getting her quiver tied tighter around her body before she mounted her bay mare. Elessar watched her glance back at the house before pulling the bull horn from her side and placed it to her lips. The sound was long as it was a deep resounding note was felt in their chests.

Just like she said, her horses didn’t bolt or spook by the noise of the horn. They stood there with their ears pricked forward. Then, with a nudge the bay mare walked forward with the other two horses following close behind. When they got to the road, Tari’s, Elessar’s and Legolas’s cloaks flapped behind them as the three horses went into a smooth canter.


1. Beloved, what scared you so?


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