Back to The Past. Chapter Seven of Twenty-One – Future Lost?

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They reached the town square which was filled with cars going in two directions and such. One even pulled next to Tari and the window was lowered. She seemed to be at ease around the strange vehicles, which made Elessar and Legolas squirm under their cloaks which hid them from view. Many of the people yelled over to Tari or just allowed the horses to go before them.

Tari nudged her mare into a faster trot as they moved towards the fairground by all the signs that lined the road. Soon, they trotted into the grounds and onto the grass of the area. Tari dismounted and handed the reins over to Elessar. “I’ll be right back. I must sign us in.”

Then, she turned and walked towards a small white building and vanished within it. A few minutes later, a young woman appeared with Tari, as she pointed out the directions. Tari smiled as she walked back to them.

“We got the barn and part of the paddock and the biggest tent possible. I’m glad I came early. We head for the tent first to get the saddlebags in there first.” Tari said, as she hopped onto the back of her mare and headed towards the tent first. After they dropped off the saddle bags in the tent, they headed for the barn to settle them in first.

The stalls were not filled with bedding as Aragorn and Tari worked hard in getting the three stalls ready for the horses. Legolas had already removed the saddles from each of the horses and brushed their backs with the brush in his hand. He whispered to them as he brushed them down. They would tilt their hips so he could brush off the top of their backs better. The stallion just bared his lip and teeth to the air as Legolas scratched the base of his neck.

“Lazar, are you enjoying yourself with Legolas?” asked Tari, as she emerged from the barn.

Legolas looked at the stallion and then to Tari. “He enjoyed the scratch, Tari.”

“He sure does love getting scratched there. His stall is ready for him. His is the middle one.” said Tari, as she walked to her bay mare and led her into her stall as Aragorn got his mare into the stall that was left.

“Tari, you really never told us your horses’ names. Can we have them?” asked Elessar.

“Sure, the one Legolas rode is named Lazar. The bay mare I rode is named Amarie. The mare you rode is Zorada,” spoke Tari, as she pointed to each horse.

“Tari!” yelled a male voice from outside.

“Dartha-sí. (Stay here.)” Tari whispered, as she hurriedly left the barn. Legolas and Aragorn watched from the stall window as the strange man and Tari spoke then started to walk away from the barn to where three horses were standing at. Tari checked one of the horses out and nodded. They spoke again and then shook hands. Tari walked back towards the barn and waited till the man was gone before opening the door up fully again.

“Tari, who was that man?” asked Elessar.

“That was one of our competitors seeing if he could get a good wager out of me. HA! He’s in for a big surprise come tomorrow with the swords and daggers being held tomorrow.” smiled Tari.

“Why is that?” asked Legolas.

“Because he just wagered the horse I looked at. He bet the horse that I would not go past the first round of swords tomorrow. I told him I would go past it and further than I did before,” said Tari, as she closed the door to the barn and headed back to their tent where they stayed in the front part of the tent watching the people arrive for the tournament. Tari explained their clothing to them as they were not very visible within the tent itself.

Then, she saw a brown haired, light pale skinned man walking with another man. She quickly leapt up and dropped the flap. She held it tightly together. It was only a few minutes later did she release her grip on the flap.

“Tari, what is it?” asked Legolas, as he looked at her scared face.

“That was my godfather and I believe one of the Istari. They got here faster than I had hoped for,” spoke Tari.

“Then, maybe you could request a meeting with him now?” asked Elessar. His eyes pleading with her to at least get a request in before he leaves.

“All right, I’ll go and get a request to see him. Hopefully, he’ll be open for a meeting, Elessar,” spoke Tari, as she walked out of the tent and towards one of the lads that raced by. “I need a message to be given to Hugo Weaving. You will know who he is when you see him. Tari requests a meeting with him immediately. Return here with his reply.”

“Of course, milady,” nodded the boy as he raced off in search of Hugo Weaving.

It was no more than ten minutes later, did the lad return to the spot. “Milady, I have his reply.”

Tari emerged from the tent, “What was his response?”

“He wishes to see you as soon as you are able to,” said the lad.

“Thank you,” spoke Tari, as she handed the lad something that looked like a small money pouch. The lad looked at it and thanked her and hurried off. Tari stood in the same spot and looked towards the building the lad told her he was in.

“Are you going to go see him now?” asked Elessar, standing next to her with his hand on her shoulder.

“Yes, come with me both of you. If I tell him that the two of you are here, he’ll want to see you for himself,” smiled Tari, looking at them.

Tari walked towards the building with Elessar and Legolas next to her. She was nervous about meeting up with her godfather and seeing if he would help them get them back to their proper time.

"You can only hope that he helps us, Tari. If he is the man you think he is then he should help us," spoke Elessar.

"I can only cross my fingers and hope when I tell him that he’ll believe me and help both of you get back to your rightful time." said Tari. She stopped as she gazed at the building. "Stay here. That window is on the top floor where I can point both of you out to Hugo if he wants proof that you two are here."

Tari then walked into the building leaving Elessar and Legolas standing there.

"Do you think she will get the help needed, Elessar?" whispered Legolas.

“Yes but I wish we could have gone in with her," spoke Elessar.

"I agree," whispered Legolas.

Tari pushed open the door and entered the room to find Hugo sitting in a chair wearing elven garb of red and gold, his long black hair pulled back revealing his elven ears. “Óron."

"Tari, how are you?" Hugo said, as he stood up and started to walk over to her to kiss her cheeks. "Tari, how did you learn how to speak such fluent Sindarin when only a year ago you were having problems with the language?"

"Because I learned it from Legolas, Óron." smiled Tari.

“Legolas, the name is familiar? Do I know this man?” asked Hugo. He knew the name very well and it was an old one from his past.

“No, but perhaps from the past, Óron. But enough talk of that.”

"Laston [rumor] garos tâd dîr nedh [tent] lîn?"

"It is no rumor but the truth, Óron. Ú-ná [rumor] dan thenid. Pen o huin ná melethron nîn Legolas ar i edwen ná Aragorn i edwen," Tari said, looking at him.

"Nai, Tari," said Hugo, his eyes went wide with shock. "They got you brainwashed!"

"Ú, i ná ú-thenid i Eruntalon [Mighty] carant tobo i thenid, Óron, egor [should I call] le na thenid estë, Elrond?"

"Ú-caro nin i, Tari," said Hugo. "Aníres govado nin sí?"

"An bon i [help] en Istari [to send] Legolas ar Elessar dan an [their rightful time]."

"Ú! I [would] togo [ruin] an le, Tari! Ú-[allow]-thon hana!"

"[Allow] hana!? [How]? Na dagol i hîl o sell lîn? Na ú-[sending] Elessar ar Legolas dan ad [their rightful time] … dagin i tî! I tî o Gondor ná fern! Tiro ed! An i ephel a trenaro nin man cenos! " snapped Tari, pointing towards the window.

Hugo didn’t even budge from his seat. "Ú-nai man cenai nai, Tari. Elessar ná fern ar niel [for many centuries] ar Legolas niel darthol nedh Mithlond [for centuries]."

Tari turned towards him shocked, "Ú-[you believe] nin?"

"Ú-[I believe] le, Tari, an ná ú-[possible] i huin [could] no sí," spoke Hugo.

"Ú-caros i Istari na i estë Shaquar [sent] huin an i [future] ar ú-nas [at least concerned] o [sending] huin nan i [future where they belong]. Be ná. Gwend [our is over] an uir, Óron! Ú-caro tolo an bar nîn ad!" screamed Tari, as tears fell from her eyes as she bolted for the door and rushed from the room.

Down the stairs she went and rushed right out of the building right towards Elessar, who quickly took her into his arms and held her.

"Tari?" whispered Elessar, as he wrapped his cloak around her completely hiding her from view.

"He…didn’t believe me, Elessar! He refused!" cried Tari, as she glanced up at his face. "He refused to help! He has killed my family line!"

"Come, you must rest now," whispered Elessar, as he lifted her up into his arms and started to walk back to their tent where he laid her down on the bed and sat next to her bed as Legolas laid next to Tari.

Tari kept crying for several minutes before she finally fell asleep curled up in Legolas’s arms. Aragorn watched as Legolas stroked her hair whispering to her before she fell asleep. Legolas sensed someone at the tent’s entrance and whispered, “Elessar, someone is looking in.”

Elessar turned towards the entrance to see a dark shape move away. He stood up and walked to the entrance to see no one there. He went back to his bed and whispered, “It might have been Hugo? This means he saw us and if he is who I now believe him to be…then he will know completely come tomorrow morn.”

Legolas smiled as he turned back to Tari and drifted off into his dreamstate. Elessar went to the tent flap and pulled the hood over his head and sneaked out of the tent. He went in the direction of which the stranger had headed off to. He found himself near the same building that Tari had gone into to see Hugo.

“Tell them I need the Grey and the White here,” whispered a male voice.

“Are you sure that they are who you are thinking that they might be, Hugo?” asked the other voice.

“If Tari knew about Shaquar then there is a huge chance that they might be who she is saying that they are. But if they are not them even though my goddaughter is smitten with one of them…I am not going to let them live, that’s why I need them here.” whispered Hugo.

Elessar’s eyes went wide as he heard what Hugo said; he waited till they moved off before he emerged from his hiding place. He thought, ‘He means to kill us if we are not who we say we are.’

Aragorn rushed from the area and back to the tent where Legolas raised his head up to see him entering the tent in a hurry. Legolas knew something had bothered the Man by how he looked.

“What is it?” asked Legolas, as he started to sit up.

“Stay put, say not a word of this to Tari. Hugo is Elrond as I hoped he was. But we may have to be aware of him, Legolas,” spoke Elessar, as he proceeded to tell him what he overheard ‘Hugo’ telling the Istari about them.


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