Back to the Past. Chapter One of Twenty-One. – Future lost?

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Title: Back to the Past.
Author: Beth Brownell
Feedback: Desired.
Rating: The first two chapters will be G and the rest PG 13.
Summery: There is a new evil wizard for Sauron, now by the name of Shaquar who sends Legolas and Aragorn to a time they are considered fictional characters.
The characters in the story: Legolas, Aragorn, Tari Lightfeather, Teltarma mother of Tari, Arden Gondor father of Tari. Elrond or `Hugo Weaving’ depends on what scene he’s in; Saul Gondor adopted brother of Tari. There will be others.
Will it be continued in a different story? : If you the reader are demanding it, when this story is done, then I shall write it.
Archive: Please ask me first and let me know where it is archived so I may direct people to your webpage.
Pairings: Legolas and Tari Lightfeather.
Disclaimer: I am not J.R.R. Tolkien and never will be. I’m just borrowing his creations for a bit, no harm will come to them.
Author’s Note: This is not the normal LoTR fanfic. There is a new evil wizard for Sauron, (with the destruction of the One Ring, he is barely alive instead of being killed off, you can’t really kill evil, you can push it down for a time but it is still there waiting biding its time to raise up again.) now by the name of Shaquar. The Orcs are now following the orders of Shaquar. But this wizard will send our two favorite Fellowship members to a time where they are considered to be only fictional characters.
Thanks goes to all my beta readers for reading this story.

Back to the Past.

Aragorn was riding his bay steed over the lands not at a terribly fast pace but a leisurely one. Legolas was barely keeping his gray horse at a slow pace. He wanted to race Aragorn with his steed. They were still active warriors and best of friends.

Legolas saw something coming towards them from a far and pulled his mount to a stop. He cried out in elven for Aragorn to stop. Aragorn noticed the ill feeling he sensed from his friend and watched as what looked like night approaching.

“It is not night, Aragorn, it’s a group of warriors. The Orcs are attacking Gondor again.” said Legolas.

Aragorn placed the bull horn that he had copied from Boromir’s horn to his lips and blew as long as he could. Legolas removed his bow and aimed an arrow towards the coming army. Aragorn removed his sword and got ready to attack when the Orcs come into sword length.

The Orcs came fast and attacked them hard. Legolas and Aragorn were now fighting the Orcs back to back and killing a lot of them when they finally met the evil wizard Shaquar, who threw something at them that sent them back flying backwards and was quickly knocked out.

Legolas was the first to awaken from the hard landing he took. He first off looked for Aragorn before he took aware of his surrounding. He knew Aragorn was all right as he, too, started to stand up.

“Legolas, where in middle Earth are we?” asked Aragorn, noticing that the Orcs were not there and any signs of the battle was gone but instead there was a huge forest surrounding them.

“I do not know, Aragorn. I do not know where we are.” Legolas whispered, as he turned towards him. His blue eyes showed not his worry or fear, only that his body was what his eyes didn’t reveal. He swung around facing the west so swiftly that Aragorn knew he heard something.

“Legolas, what is it?” Aragorn asked him, as Legolas crept towards the sound. They walked for several feet before they came across a clearing and there they found someone walking away from a target that they had placed up. The hand that Legolas noticed was not belonging to a man but a female.

“I am not sure, Aragorn. But I think it might be a female,” he whispered. “And she might possibly be an Elf, by the clothing she wears.”


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