Back to The Past. Chapter Four of Twenty-One. – Future Lost?

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When she finally did open them; she gazed right into the light gray eyes of Aragorn, who looked down at her with his long brown tinged with gray hair almost covering part of his own face. For a split second she thought she saw someone very familiar in his face. She shivered under his hand as she moved to sit up.

“I think so. I just took a bad step, da…Aragorn. That’s all. I’m fine,” spoke Tari, as he helped her to stand up. “I found the book. I had it in my trunk along with a photo of my father.”

“Are you sure you’re fine, Tari?” Aragorn asked again, his voice told her he would take no refusals for an answer.

“Yes, I’m fine. I just don’t like falling down the stairs. I don’t do it that often only when I’m rushing,” spoke Tari, as she walked towards the chair where she removed her boot to rub her ankle.

“You didn’t have to rush for us, Tari,” Legolas said, as he looked up at her from reading the book he had in his hands.

“What do you think of the books?” Tari asked, noticing how far Legolas was in the first book.

“It is very interesting. Some of the words are exactly what Strider told Frodo and Samwise in Bree. I’m currently on the part where everyone meets at Rivendell for the council,” smiled Legolas, as he turned his head back to the book.

“He’s interested in the books. I never seen anyone read with such a hunger like that,” spoke Tari, turning to look at Legolas and then to Aragorn.

“This is like someone writing our own history down as it had happened many centuries ago, Tari,” said Aragorn, as he looked at her and then glanced down at the book she had next to her.

“Oh, the book, the myth…I mean the story is on the last page of the book,” Tari stated as she held the book to Aragorn. “But now we must figure out how to get you back if at all possible.”

“There was rumor that a wizard by the name of Shaquar now commanded the Orcs. We had the misfortune of encountering that wizard and getting sent here. How, we don’t know and how can we return is unknown.” spoke Legolas, as he looked up from the book.

Aragorn flipped to the back page and read it aloud. The last sentence made him stop as he gazed at it puzzled. “I think if I remember it correctly, this last sentence is a prophecy. The last heir shall vanish and so shall the name Gondor vanish along with him. I wonder what it means.”

“We have always wondered what it meant, da…Aragorn. But in a way, I wish it would just vanish!” Tari spat angrily.

Legolas heard her say the word once again. He wondered why she almost called him dad or was it going to be another name but he wasn’t sure. He needed to find out and soon, “Tari, forgive if I offend but why do you call Aragorn da?”

Aragorn turned towards Legolas surprised that he was asking such a question so quick after they had been introduced when even he didn’t know what the answer would be. He was about to tell Legolas to drop the question and ask Tari not to answer it unless she wished to answer it. But by the look of things, he wouldn’t even have the chance to say anything.

“You wish to know why I called him that?” asked Tari, looking at him seriously the way that Arwen would look at him when she was being very serious with him or someone else.

“Yes, if it does not offend you,” requested Legolas.

“Aragorn is the exact double of my own father, Arden,” said Tari, as she held the photo of her father out to show Legolas and Aragorn what he looked like. “All but for the eyes, Aragorn’s eyes are gray when my father’s was green.”

Legolas looked at the photo and then at Aragorn flabbergasted that someone could look so much like him. “He looks…actually, Tari, your father could be Aragorn’s double. He looks so much like him. I really can not tell either of them apart.”

“My dad has Aragorn’s stubble…which my mom hated till he shaved it off and then she wanted him to regrow it back. He even has the long hair that Arwen loves to run her hands through. That photo was taken at the tourney almost nine years ago and that tourney is coming in another two years which doesn’t give me much time to train,” said Tari, as she glanced at Aragorn and then to Legolas.

Aragorn looked at her like how do you know how Arwen loves to run her hand through my hair like that look. Aragorn asked, “Train for what?”

“I’m training to wield a sword and to fight with it, Aragorn. I am not that good nor am I high ranked as I am with the throwing daggers and archery,” Tari stated calmly.

“Why didn’t Arden teach you?” asked Legolas, looking up at her.

“My father was murdered, Legolas!” Tari flat out told him, then hurriedly rushed away and pulled the door open and headed outside.


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