Autumn Leaves – Part Four: Jason

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Were all little girls this way? Elrond thought as he stepped back over the fence and headed back to the house. Whatever Celebwen had seen, it was gone, or just a dream.

Arwen used to have nightmares that left her screaming well into the night. There was a point in Arwen’s youth that she’d became quite ill, a side effect of being partially mortal, and had barely let any one in the city sleep. he hoped that it wouldn’t end up the same way with Celebwen.

No way was he going through that, again.

Was it a trick of the trees in the wind, or an actual shape that cought his eye? Something in the tree line made him take further notice. A shape, large and black, moved away from a form on the ground. It moved verry fast as he slowly approached.

By the time Elrond had come to the form, the thing was gone and far out of his sight, but the thing on the ground was not. No, not thing… person. Oh, Elrond thought he was going to be sick. The las time that he’d seen some one in this condition was when Saruman had been foolish enough to send troops from Moria to attack Imladris during the War of the Ring.

“Celebrian!” Elrond gently set the woman on the floor. “Call 911, she’s still alive!”

“What in all Ea happened to her?” Celebrian asked while dashing for the phone.

“Something attacked her, it left when I saw it.” Elrong used his shirt to staunch a gash on the woman’s head.


Sam walked up the drive way to avoid another car comming down the road. He didn’t have to look at the paper to be sure that this was the correct adress, he already saw who he was looking for.

He stoped at the foot of the porch steps and grinned at the sight befor him. It had been manny years since he’d seen Frodo, but Sam never thought that his old master’s view on marrige would change.

“And here I was thinkin’ that Mr. Frodo’d never marry!” the old hobbit announced himself.

“Hador isn’t mine!” Frodo smiled back and shifted the baby in his arms. “Haldir and Ceit asked me to watch him tonight.”

“That’s an awful lot of trust they’er puttin into an ol’ hobbit.” Sam joined him on the bench. “How old?”

“He’ll be a week old tomarrow.”

“It’s been a long time, Mr. Frodo.” Sam said, embracing his old friend around the baby.

“Indeed it has, Sam.”

“You were right, you know.”

“About what?”

“The others. After Elanor, Rose and I had twelve more.”

“Twelve! By all the stars…”

“Yes. Elanor, Frodo, Rose, Merry, Pippin, Goldilocks, Hamfast, Daisy, Primrose, Bilbo, Ruby, Robin, and last Tom. Tolman by his right name. Elanor married that little boy Fastard of Green Holm. Later on, little Goldilocks married master Pippin and Diamond’s son Faramir.”

“Rode must have kept you runnin’!” Frodo shook his head. “Out did the Old Took by one!”

“Well, it’s not like I’m the only one to out do the Old Took in somethin’.” Sam grinned then sighed, reverting to the baby in Frodo’s arms. “You woulda made a good father, Mr. Frodo. You really should think about it. haven’t all the years away from home changed your mind yet?”

“Yes,” Frodo nodded sheepishly. “but what elf-maiden would want to marry a hobbit like me?”

“More likely you than Gimli.”

Frodo laughed, but his face was soon serious again. “All I’ve been able to think about is home. The fear even, if you’d believe it.”


The longer Gandalf looked at the man, the more he thought he should know him. The almost child like laugh he laughed when his friend recounted the day to him; his careful, yet precise, mannar of evrything, even when nonchalont. Gandalf should recognize it.

“Mithrandir!” the bar tender pulled him from his thoughts. “come and have a chat with us.”

Gandalf was then introduced to the man he’d been studying. He was Jason Telcontar. Telcontar! His was the verry same name that Aragorn had taken upon his coronation, when he became Elessar Telcontar..

“Telcontar, you say?” Gandalf asked. “Where dose that origionate from, I wonder.”

“My family,” Jason laughed. “I only just came to America last Fall. My family name boils down to Srtider in the old longuage.

“Legend says hat a man born in Arnor and raised in an elven city led an army againced the Blackland and became king of Gondor. He supposedly had manny names and identities, but took the name Elessar Telcontar There’s a lot more to it, but it’s too long a story.” he told Gandalf.

“And how are things in Minas Tirith lately?” Gandalf asked seriously.

“Oh, Olorin, for Ilu’s sake!” a woman joined them. “this man is not from the lands we once knew.”

“I didn’t expect to see you here, Galadriel.”

Mithrandir just because I am married dose not mena that I cannot enjoy myself evry now and again.”

“Tulichant si, Nerwen.” {You came here, Nerwen}

“So did you, Incanus.”

“I came to have a drink, not be bothered about the Arkenstone again, Alatariel.”

“It should have staied with Thorin, Thrankun, and you know it!”

“Woah!” Lucas, the bar tender jumped in as Jason watched the rising arguement between the two. “I don’t need you tow ending up in another brawl like last time.”

“Brawl?” Jason turned to Lucas.

“Yeah, Gandalf threw her into the plate shelves. When she got out of it, Artanis threw him about five feet out the door and in front of a car.”

Jason could only stare. Eather they were much stronger than they seemed {most unlikely}, or Lucas was crazy. Jason just went with the possibility that they had friends who did what Lucas said, and that the bar tender’s eyes were just playing tricks on him.


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