Autumn Leaves – Part 2: A Day At The Park

by Feb 7, 2004Stories for part one.

The sun fell warmly on his face, but the birds didn’t sing today. This lack of water was getting worse as time went on. He didn’t know what they were going to do.

he watched Celebwen as she mingled with the other children at the park. They plaied an ever so common game, Cowboys and Indians, but with their own twist, Westmen and Mordor, much to the distaste of the veterans of Middle Earth.

“Elrond, look at them!” Legolas smiled as he sat down on the bench. “They may not fully understand it yet, but it’s good to see them taking an interest in their history.”

Celebwen called out to one of the boys over the others, “I am Eowyn, Shield Maiden of Rohan! I am no man!”

“Perhaps they have taken too much interest,” Gimli added.

“Hey, that’s no fair!” one of the smaller boys called out as he hugged his arm tight.

“Merry’s arm was crushed, remember?” another said.

“Then I’m not Merry anymore!” the small boy cried.

“But evrybody else is taken!” Celebwen reminded him. “Ada, their not playing right!” she ran over to Elrond.

“Well, there’s nothing that I can do about it.” he told her, straightening her cloths and sending her back out to the playground made up as a fort.

“Elladan was Thingol; Elrohir was Morgoth; Arwen was Luthien, and I was Beren.” Legolsa laughed at the memory. “That’s who we’d try to be when we could get out of sight.”

“Or so you thought.” Elrond returned. “Youth and nievety are such blessings.”


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