Attacked – Prologue

by May 11, 2005Stories

“A han nostan ned ‘wilith.” (*I smell it in the air*) said Elvdir, my second captain.
I sniffed the air. My nostrils were filled with a foul scent that made me snort. The scent was of sweat, blood, and evil.

“Han mathon ne nen.” (*I feel it in the waters*) I said, for my hand stung in the liquid’s cold depths. Elvdir and I both knew the evil feeling and scent. We knew what was coming. Orcs.

My hand raised my ivory horn to my lips and i blew. The alarm was spread through the city of Sindarian as fast as if it were on eagle’s wings. Warriors lined up behind us with their longbows and daggars.

“Tangado a chadad!” (*Prepare to fire*) I yelled throung the ranks. Everyone drew their arrows and set them to their drawstrings.

“Dartho!” (*Hold*) shouted Elvdir as they pulled the strings back and waited for the signal to fire.

My eyes scanned the horizon. They darted from tree to tree. A pounding noise was growing closer. My ears listened for the Orc battle horn. No sound emerged from it. From the corner of my eye, I saw Elvdir pacing nervously. Then, oh then, did the horn blow. The high pitched shrill pierced our eardrums. My eyes gazed at the setting sun. A long line of black figures was growing closer.

“Tangado haid!” (*Hold positions*) I yelled.

The army of orcs was running towards us. They were getting close, so close. I glanced at Elvdir and he nodded at me.

“Leithio i philinn!” (*Fire the arrows*) my voice echoed.

Thousands of arrows were launched into the army of orcs, and many had fallen, but still, they kept advancing.

“Hado i philinn!” (*Hurl the arrows*) Elvdir shouted.

As our warriors fired at will, the orcs armed their crossbows and set their arrows loose. Many of our men were hit and fell dead to the ground.

‘This is not working.’ I thought. I put my fingers to my mouth and whistled.

My white stallion, Ashfox, came to me. I leapt upon him and drew my leafsword. The blade glittered in the sunlight.

“Noro lim, Ashfox, noro lim!” (*ride fast, Ashfox, ride fast*) I urged him.

Ashfox took off and I rode out to meet the enemy. My blade hit its mark several times. As I was slaughtering an orc, I felt a sharp pinch in the small of my back. An arrow had wounded me. I jerked, slumped forward, and fell off Ashfox while telling him, “”Noro lim, Nan Barad.” (*ride fast, to the Keep*)

He ran off and I fell forward on to blood stained grass. My breathing became loud and scarce. Pain emerged from the back of my head as someone pulled on my hair and turned me over.

My unfocusing eyes were staring into the red, bloodshot eyes of an orc. His sharp teeth were bared and his lips formed into a menacing smile.

He drew a small blade and said, “Come on scream. Your friends can’t help you.”

As his blade drew nearer to my neck, I said, “Bertho! Gurth ‘ni yrch!” (*Dare it! Death to orcs!*)

The blade set its mark against my throat. “Dare to say that again you filthy-.”

The orc shrieked and turned. Elvdir was behind him, his sword stained crimson red with blood. “Daro i!” he yelled (*Stop it!”

The last thing I saw was Elvdir approaching the orc before I slipped into unconciousness.


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