Attacked – Chapter 7

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~*(Disclaimer: I do not own any LOTR characters, names, etc. I only borrowed a character to make the story interesting.)*~

I awoke from the warmth of the sun’s rays on my face. My eyes peered down to see Haldir still sleeping. My hands gently brushed his shoulders.

“Awaken, for it is day.” I said as his eyes slowly opened.

“Day it may be but I still desire more sleep.” he muttered grumpily.

A soft smile played across my lips and I looked up at the broken earth. Milky white clouds were visible, embedded in the deep sea of blue sky.

My ears twitched when I heard the door unlock. An elf had entered with a bowl of food. Haldir sat up when he laid eyes on the man. He flung the wooden bowl at our feet.

“You.” he said gruffly, pointing a bony finger at me. “Come.”

I rose slowly, not wanting to go, but knowing that I had to.

At the door, I looked back at Haldir’s worried face, his gaze following me. ‘I’ll get us out.’ I mouthed to him.

The elf’s hand grabbed my forearm and jerked me outside the room. We were surrounded in utter darkness, once the door closed. I placed my hands on the wall to guide me, but drew them back when I felt that they were moist. I followed the stranger, blind in the dark, unsure of my footing.

After an eternity of walking, the elf said, “Stop.”

I heard metal clinking together, to what my guess whould have been his fingers fumbling with silver keys. Soft light illuminated my face as he opened the door. A warm fire crackled inside. Cundmaetho stood there, his arm resting on the hearth. Mischief sparkled in his eyes as they lay upon me, a she-elf in tattered rags.

“Leave us.” he told the elf firmly, after he had ushered me inside.

Minutes passed. Silence consumed us. I stood there, my eyes avoiding the prince’s gaze.

“Daugleriadhwen, why don’t you change out of that filth.” he said, showing his disgust in the word. He pulled out a dress of black velvet and presented it to me. The dress showed warmth to my eyes, for it had long sleeves.

“Put it on.” he said, thrusting the deep fabric at me. My eyes moved from the dress to him.

“Am I not entrusted the virtue of privacy?” I asked, eyeing him suspiciously.

“But of course, milady.” he said with humor in his voice as he left the room.

As I put on the cloth, I thought that it had been made just for me. It clung in all the right places as if I had worn it before. The dress made me feel elegant.

Cundmaethor entered. I thought for a moment that he had been spying on me. He approached me and smiled in pleasure.

“You look beautiful.” he whispered.

I glared at him, untrustingly, and turned my head away. He brushed his hand against my cheek. I trembled and returned my gaze to him. Hatred glowed in my eyes.

“Your hair….”he murmered.”Ratty and tangled. We must fix that.” he said grimly.

Another elf entered and I found myself seated, a brush taming my wild dark hair. The elf left with a look from Cunmaethor.

“Something’s missing,” he muttered, grasping a handful of my locks. He coiled my hair atop my head and held it in place with a daggar.

“Perfect.” he sighed, taking my hand and pulling me up. I closed my eyes and breathed slowly.

Cundmaethor’s lips suddenly crushed mine and my eyes opened in shock. I pushed away.

“Are you seducing me?” I asked.

“Ah, the maiden must read other’s minds as well?” he chuckled.

‘So close,’ I thought, ‘so close that I could plug this daggar into his heart.’ Then a better plan formed in my head. Tales were told of the dark prince saying that he was a heavy drinker.

A false smile was pasted across my face.

“Aye, nothing could get past me. Well, then call for wine!” I said.

His smiled returned broader thanever. “Aye. I could fancy a drink.”

So golden wine was brought to us, by the flagon. It was not long until the prince was asleep in his chair.

Soon, soon, the guards would come to escort me back to the dungeon. I had to work swiftly. My fingers had become nimble from my various lock-picking attempts. They plucked the key from his belt. Asleep he still lay.

I resumed my earlier position on the lounge chair and hid the key in the sleeve of my dress. Indeed the guards came and entombed me once again in the cell. I ran into Haldir’s open arms and tears spilled from my eyes as I told him what had happened.

‘Tonight’ I thought, once I told the tale, ‘tonight we must escape.’


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