Attacked – Chapter 5

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~*(Disclaimer: I do not own any LOTR characters, names, etc. I I only borrowed a character to make the story interesting.)*~

Daugleriadhwen awoke when moonlight glistened from the small hole in the ceiling across her face. She propped herself on an elbow and looked over in Haldir’s direction.He sat there, hugging his knees to his chest, staring at nothing.

“Haldir?” she whispered. He blinked and then looked at her.”What are you doing?”

“Opening my mind, Galadriel can read thoughts. I’m letting her know that I’m….in a predicament.” He said calmly.

“How far away is Lothlorien?” she asked quizically.

“About three days ride.” he answered.

“That’s too long…..they might decide to kill us before then. We need out soon.”

“How? How will you attempt to get past all those scouts. The best I’ve seen in my lifetime.” he sighed.

“Well they’re missing something.” Daugleriadhwen said, leaning against the rock wall.

“What?” asked Haldir, hope in his voice.

“Me.” she replied as she got up, and examined the crack in the earth above them.

Haldir watched her in silence as a plan was forming in her mind.

Her face was submerged in light as she looked up into the sliver of sky that was allowed her. A star twinkled overhead. ‘Oh Elvdir, if you were only here with me.’ she thought.

The door opened and Daugleriadhwen turned. Cundmaethor was there. He gestured at Haldir. “Come.” he said coldly.

Haldir rose and looked at the prince. Then he walked up to Daugleriadhwen and held her face in his hands. Light reflected his grey eyes as he peered into her dark ones. He leaned down and kissed her. She did not pull back. “If I don’t come back…..remember me.” he said softly as two scouts grasped his forearms from behind and led him towards the door.


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