Attacked – Chapter 1

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“Lasto beth nin. Tolo dannangalad,” said a distant voice. (Hear my voice. Come back to the light.)

My eyes snapped open and I shot up. I looked around me. Confusion crossed my mind as I found myself no longer on the battlefield, but in an open-aired room. My armour had been taken off and my wounds bandaged.

As I looked out of the chamber door, a man passed by.

“Findiarin, tolo hi.” I said. (Come now)

The man retraced his steps and came to the bedside.

“Man avivach cerin an le?” he asked. (What can I do for you?)

“Man sad Elvdir?” I replied. (Where is Elvdir?)

He pondered for a moment and answered, “Beinloth.”

“Beinloth?!” I exclaimed. Beinloth was many miles from Sindarian. “Manen?” I asked. (Why?)

“Harnannen.” he said, looking at the floor with sadness. (Wounded)

“I need a horse.” I said in the mortal tongue.

“Rych le ad tolthathon.” he replied. (I will send horses for you)

“Rim hennaid, Findiarin.” I said as he left. (Many thanks) I ran my fingers through my dark locks. Why was he brought to Beinloth if he was wounded and I remained here? I put on a traveling tunic and breeches and fastened my sword belt around my waist. Elvdir had given it to me when I was named captain of the Elven army. My moist fingers stroked the inscription on the smooth surface of the blade. Manwamahtariel. It meant ‘pure warrior’.

Findiarin returned. “Ashfox is waiting. Do you want me to accompany you?”

“Baw. Hon mabathon.” I said sternly. (No. I’m the faster rider)

“Andelui ven!” he said, with fear in his eyes. (The road is too dangerous) His eyes gazed into mine, trying to persuade me to let him come.

I put my hand on his shoulder. “Avo osto.” I replied. (Fear not)

He bowed as I left. I sprinted to the courtyard and leapt upon Ashfox’s back.

“Bado na Beinloth.” I told him and he galloped west towards the great city. (Go to Beinloth) It took many hours, but we reached Beinloth at dawn. We were stopped at the gates by a guard.

“Man eneth lin? Man carel le?” he asked gruffly. (What is your name? What are you doing?)

“Daugleriadhwen eneth nin. Henio aniron, boe ammen i dulu lin. Mad sad Elvdir, mellon nin?” I asked. (My name is Daugleriadhwen. We come here for help. We need your protection. Where is Elvdir, my friend?)

He gestured at the city. “Tancave.” (Certainly) He unlocked the gate and with a dull creak, it opened.

I nudged Ashfox forward. After I dismounted, I asked anybody I could find if they knew where Elvdir was. The helpful people directed me to a room that had a grand view of the river and waterfalls. A lady Elf stopped me right before I went inside. She took my forearm and led me a few feet away.

“I need to speak with you.” she said.

“Iston le?” I asked. (Do I know you?)

She shook her head. “Im Tuarwen.” (I’m Tuarwen) She led me to a seat and beckoned me to sit down. As I did, she knelt before me and started stroking my hand. I looked into her dark blue eyes and saw tears brimming her eyelashes.

“Man?” I asked, worried. (What?)

“Im gosta Elvdir fear.” she said as tears streaked down her cheeks. (I’m afraid Elvdir is dying) “Hebo estel.” she said as she rose. (Have hope) She placed her hand on my cheek. Her touch soothed me deeply. “You may go in now.” she said as she left.

I stopped right outside the doorway. My eyes gazed at the bed. Elvdir lay there. He seemed limp and inept. Slowly, I edged towards him.

“I gelir ceni ad lin, Daugleriadhwen.” (I am happy to see you again)

“How did you know it was me?” I asked.

“I’d know your footsteps anywhere.” he said as he tried to turn onto his side.

“Don’t.” I said as I rushed towards him. “A si i-Dhuath u-orthor, Elvdir. Sedho. U i vethed…na i ornad.” (The shadow does not hold sway yet, Elvdir. Be still. This is not the end…it is the beginning)

“Daugleriadhwen. There is something I must tell you. I”ve been meaning to tell you for a long time.” he said softly.

“O man pedich?” I asked. (What do you speak of?)

“Thir vain lin darn thul nin.” he whispered. (Your beautiful face took my breath away)

I looked into his eyes. A faint twinkle flashed. “Meleth thilia min hin lin.” (Love sparkles in your eyes)

“I have always loved you. I admire your spirit.”

“Hannon le.” I said, not sure what to say. (Thank you)

He tried to sit up but then fell down with a cry of pain. “Maybe I should rest.”

I bent down and gave him a kiss. “I Melain berio le.” I whispered. (The Valar keep you)

“Guren nallatha nalu achenin le.” he said. (My heart shall weep until I see thee again)

I smiled. “Losto vae.” (Sleep well)

Sorrow tore away at my heart as I looked at the city from a balcony.

Elvdir had passed away the night before:

I had entered his chamberswith food and medicine. I had tried to rouse him, but he did not stir.

“Elvdir?” I asked. My hand reached down to find a pulse. None issued from it. My hands felt weak and I dropped the plate. “NO!!!!!!!” I screamed and cradled his body in my arms. I cried and cried.
My scream had awoken others and they rushed to my side. They tried to pry him from me, but I would not let them. His name escaped my lips as I cried hot tears.

In the distance, Elves were singing a song of grief. I bowed my head. I had finally experienced death.


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