Atlanticia-The city in the Sky – Myya’s story part 1

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Those of you who have read ‘Exiled’ by Chelte_Alantiel which goes with this story,will already have an understanding of fairies, of which Myya is half.

Her story begins one beautiful night in Evesnoon (November) when she and her mother Alana were looking out over the kingdom of Atlanticia, the diamond towers glistened in the starlight.”Look over the kingdom,” said Alana, “All this that we have worked so hard to build is threatened by the ‘Shadow of the East'”

Even as they spoke they could see a bright red star, glowing fiercely above the land of Mordor.
“You must go to Imladris and seek the council of Elrond ‘Half Elven,’I shall also send with you your sister Celebdae and your brother Daelen.”

The next evening they arrived at Imladris (It doesn’t take long to fly). It just so happened that it was Myya’s 2810th Birthday (Like Elves Fairies are imortal)and the day that Frodo was brought in to Rivendell.

Five days later they were sat in the Council of Elrond when her old friend Chelte stumbled in with her dying brother Lemiach slung over her shoulder.

The decision was that she and her sister would be part of the fellowship and that her brother would take the news back to Alana in Atlanticia.

part 2 coming soon


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