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Elrohir would surely like to know this girl more…..

“I am happy to meet you, Asira,” he addressed her informally as though they had known each other for many years. His voice was beautiful, calm, and clear as a silver trumpet.

Thankfully for Elrond, Cirdan came and took his daughter by the arm, and she released herself from Elrohir.

“May I steal my daughter Elrond?” he asked his friend.

“Aye, please do. And there is a council tomorrow my friend. I wish you to be present.”

“I shall.”

Cirdan turned to his daughter.

“Come I shall take you to your room. You have met Elrohir now I see.”

“Aye. He seems pleasant.”

“He has been unfortunate with many girls in his life I have heard. He is very private.”

“He seems mysterious but in a pleasant way.”

“Please my daughter do not do anything quickly. I do not wish you to be involved with Elrohir. I do not mind you seeing him as long as you do not become intimate.”

“Do not worry father.”

Asira turned her attention to the beautiful city of silver lamps and sapphire towers. Asira could see a bridge within the distance, but Cirdan turned towards the houses on their left. He led her down a small winding lane until they came to the last house. When he knocked softly on the door, a young elfling opened the door. Asira recognized the golden haired green-eyed girl. The elfling instantly squealed and reached up hugging Asira.

“Hello angel,” Asira said stroking the girls hair. “You have grown.”

Asira loved her younger sister Elanor though she was but a child. However she did not appreciate her older sister Mira. Mira folded her arms leaning against the door with an unpleasant expression fixed on her face.

“What did you do to your hair, Siri?” Mira used the nickname Asira hated.

“Cut it,” Asira said simply.

“You look like a boy,” Mira teased rudely.

“Father,” Asira turned to Cirdan. “I am tired. Thank you very much. Goodnight.”

Cirdan embraced his daughter and kissed her forehead. “Goodnight.”

Cirdan nodded towards the other two girls and walked away. Mira fixed her eyes on Asira frowning. Elanor bounded up the stairs to her room leaving the two sisters alone.

“What are you doing here?” she asked harshly. “I thought you abhorred Valinor.”

“Father wanted me here,” Asira said as she began to walk up the stairs.

“Of course he did. After all you are his daughter.”

“So are you,” Asira said walking into her bedroom.

“Oh but look at you. The perfect replica of our mother. I just wish you would have stayed in Lorien.”

“Why? You have nothing to complain about. Look at you. I would give anything for golden hair. Every elf’s hair is like that. I’m different.”

Mira did not say anything so Asira went to the closet and fished out a night dress. Asira peeled off her travel clothes revealing her slender figure. Before she could put on the night dress, Mira touched the long scar on her neck.

“How did that happen?”

“Orc,” Asira simply said.

“There are no orcs here, The Valar protect us,” Mira said then added, “and the elven men. There are many here beautiful as well. The most of Elrohir. Have you seen him? A perfect dream.”

“Yes I have seen him.”

“You never talk,” Mira said exasperated. “Why are you always so quiet?”

“I do not know. I do not have to be.”

“Will you come with me tomorrow? I will show you the best parts of Valinor, and I want you to meet someone.”

“Well I-” Asira started to say she was going to be with Galadriel the next day but that was not entirely true. “I will.”



Asira’s dreams bid well. She walked amid the forests of Lorien. She wondered how on earth she had left the peaceful solitude and lush trees of Lorien for the vast towers of Valinor. As she seemed to float through the forest, she came to her favorite place. The lake gleamed like silver in the moonlight as it rippled softly onto her bare feet. Then she saw him. He came out of the lake his back to her. The man turned, but it was far too dark for her to see his face. The man approached her slowly and spoke to her.


“You know me?”

“I know everything about you. We will meet soon. Come to the Sea, Asira. Come to the Sea. Come.”


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