Asira: The Sea Orc – Chapter One-A New Home

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“Asira,” Cirdan approached his daughter from behind.

Asira turned her dark green eyes lighting up when she saw her father. She smiled showing a full set of pearly teeth. Cirdan brushed a flying strand of his daughter’s dark hair away. He smiled seeing the silver streak it possessed at the top of her forehead.

“You are far away, my daughter. Where does your mind lie?”

“Not my mind,” she answered. “My mind doth lie in Lorien, but my heart lies with the Sea. Father why must I leave Middle Earth?”

“You have lived there for many years. You are more than three hundred now. Tis time you join me in Valinor.”

“But I love Lorien. I did not wish to leave.”

“I wanted you to see the Sea. You dream of it often. When you came to Mithlond, you were awestruck.”

“I was. I am. The Sea is beautiful, Father. But I do not wish to go to Valinor.”


“You know why my father.”

“Daughter,” he said taking her hands in his. “I know you feel different from your family and other elves. Part of it is your hair.”

Asira touched her hair self-consciously. “I just decided to cut it.”

Asira’s hair was now as long as any elven man’s simply falling below her shoulders.

“Your hair is beautiful. The silver streak you posses makes it unique.”

“But I am different from my sisters. They are golden beauties, and I-“

Cirdan did not let her finish. “My daughter,” he said putting his hands on her shoulders and lifting her chin. “I love you for you have the likeness of your mother. Your green eyes show it so.”

“I am sorry about her father.”

Thoughts drifted through Cirdan’s mind of the storm in Valinor that took his wife’s life. But she had already been unhappy, and it was time for her to be at peace. Cirdan touched his daughter’s face.

“When I look at you, I see your mother, and I remember. Your gentle heart and your fiery independent spirit. You are like your mother. And Middle Earth is no longer safe. When I received word that Caras Galadhon was attacked by orcs, I thought the worst. Then I heard you were wounded.”

“It was simply a scratch. I killed the orc who attacked me.”

“And many others were killed in the process. And it is not a scratch,” he said moving her hair revealing the long scar beneath her neck. I wish you to be with me. I do not wish to lose you as I did your mother.”

“But then why can I not sail with you on your voyages? You sail to many places. I do wish to come.”

“I know your heart lies with the Sea, but it is far too dangerous though you were brave in Caras Galadhon. My ships are no place for you, Aria,” he said calling her by her nickname.

“Then what shall I do in Valinor? I wish to sail across the sea. I wish to accompany you on a voyage.”

He smiled. “Perhaps when you are older. You have an adventurous spirit, my daughter. Use it in Valinor.”


“Be spontaneous. Explore, meet a courteous handsome young man and I shall be happy.”

“Father,” she grinned.

He chuckled. “Look! There it lies!”

Asira looked before her and saw the lights of Valinor twinkling amongst the starry sky. As they neared the harbor, Cirdan grasped his daughter’s waist and smiled. Asira could see a number of people on the shore waiting to greet them. She slowly sang the walking song she learnt from the Ringbearer long ago in Lorien. Asira’s voice rang out clear and beautiful amidst the sea. She had received this gift of singing from her mother as well, and Cirdan loved to hear her voice often. She would never dance though as much as her father attempted to try it with her.

“Still round the corner there may wait
A new road or a secret gate
And though I oft have passed them by
A day will come at last when I
Shall take the hidden paths that run
West of the Moon East of the Sun.

Yet she continued:

“And at last have I come
To this place East of the Sun
I have sailed far across the Sea
From Lorien within the trees
And now to you I come
To live here and be one.”

She heard the people on the shore sing in response.

“We still remember we who dwell
In this land far beyond the Seas
The starlight on the Eastern trees.”

The ship stopped, and Cirdan released his daughter and instead took her arm and led her off the ship. A few other elves followed after them, but not many had accompanied Cirdan on this voyage to Valinor for he had requested privacy with his daughter. As Asira’s feet touched Valinor’s shore, she felt a deep pang of regret. Then she recognized the two figures approaching her. She shone as a ray of light her Nenya upon her finger herself arrayed in glimmering white. Asira at once embraced her.

“Welcome, daughter. Long have we awaited your arrival,” Galadriel said softly.

“Thank you. I have longed to see you,” Asira said to Galadriel who was like a mother to her.

And then Elrond came clad in a gray mantle a shimmering gem bound on his forehead. He greeted Cirdan warmly and then fixed his eyes on Asira. She also noticed a figure beside him clad in a dark green mantle with a hood hiding his face.

“Tis a pleasure to meet you Asira daughter of Cirdan,” Elrond said to her.

“Thank you, lord Elrond,” she replied.

“May I present my son, Elrohir,” he said as his son stepped forward.

Elrohir removed his hood, and Asira nearly had to look away to keep breathing. She could not deny that he was strikingly handsome. He was tall like any ordinary elven man. Unlike the blond elves of Lorien had dark hair and dark features. But what struck her were Elrohir’s beautiful blue eyes.

Elrohir looked for a long moment on the girl before him. He first noticed her hair and nearly chuckled but did not say anything. He rather liked her uniqueness and was struck by the silver streak above her forehead. Elrohir locked eyes with her and stared into her dark green ones. He had never met any she-elves with dark eyes. It was a very rare occurrence. In fact, there was not an elf in the world with dark eyes. He saw a slender figure and a girl on first impression seemed very charming and sophisticated. Many of the elven women he had met in Valinor were unlike this one. She seemed also masculine compared to many of the other she-elves within Valinor. She seemed different special unlike one so called she-elf named Mira. She was not timid and did not act foolish once she laid eyes on him like most of the she-elves he had met. He would not mind getting to know this girl more.


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