As Darkness Falls, Hope Comes

by May 17, 2006Stories

“Sir? Sir! Can you hear me?” I was scared that he was so pale, how long had he been laying there?

I tore off his left legging a little more than halfway up his calf. With the torn off legging I rapped it tightly just above his wound. It wasn’t as bad looking at it now. I left my waterskin near him and put a hard cake in his hand, then I waited.

Slowly the blood flow stopped, and his hands twitched a little before he finally opened his eyes. He looked around not really seeing me and saw the waterskin. He reached for it but I beat him to it.

“Do you want some water? Nod if you can.” I asked and soon saw the slightest jerk of his head.

I moved beside him and tilted the waterskin, the man opened his mouth, and a little water flowed. I let him swollow and put the water down. He sized me up but gave no sign of whether he thought I was a threat or not.

“What happened to you, sir?”

He swollowed,”I was attacked by something or someone, I’m not sure which it was.” His voice was rich, deep.

“Why were you coming towards Mirkwood?”

“I was just traveling. Why are you asking me so many questions?”

“Because I been through these woods many times and have never ran across someone before.”

“Why are you here alone?”

“That is my business, not yours.”

“Then you’ll find I will answer no more of your questions.”

“Fine, but I have to go to the town to get some herbs to heal that cut on your leg.”

“I have some in my belt pouch, you can use those, if you know how.”

I leaned towards his belt and looked for a pouch. Finding it I extended my hand to open it. Before I even got close to it he grabbed my wrist hard. He looked at me trying to read something.

“How do I know I can trust you,” He whispered threateningly,” When you won’t tell me why you are out here alone? What if they sent to to kill me?”

“I would not kill you even if I was suppose to. I’ll tell you why I’m here. I am an orphan. My parents were killed by Mirkwood’s so called leader. My mom was a ‘gifted’ elf, my dad was a werein. That wolf earlier, that was me. Anyway I got mad at the leader and surrounded him in ice except for his head. Then I ran for it.”

I waited for him to yell how stupid I was or slap me, but he didn’t. he just cocked his head and smiled then let go of my wrist.

“Fair enough. I trust you.”

I started to get out the herbs…


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