As Darkness Falls, Hope Comes – A stranger comes

by May 16, 2006Stories

The woods were so familair to me and knew I could walk the path in my sleep. I wasn’t afriad of the trees like the rest of Mirkwood’s inhabitants, after my father was killed I sat and listened to their leaves swaying eventually lulling me to sleep.

I knew I could make the trip to the edge of the forest in five days, easy. Especially when in my werein form. Changing wasn’t hurtful like most believed, it was actually very amazing to feel your muscles in your legs ripple as you run.

To any person I would look like a red wolf, nothing more, but if they stared at my eyes they would see they’re not like a wolf’s. They were human that was the only difference in my appearance.

The first and second day went by with no interesting events. The third day however I was running in werein form for about four hours when I came across a man, starved and hidden by his cloak. He was stumbling as he walked. Trotting closer I saw that he was bleeding good from his left calf. Suddenly he saw me and jumped back, falling against a tree.

“Get, back! I have no food to give you, leave!” He shouted weakly.

I ran off a ways and changed back to a human. Then I ran back and kneeled by him.


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