As Darkness Falls, Hope Comes

by Nov 15, 2006Stories

He shuffled us over to the nearest bed where we sat on the edge. I didn’t want to let go of him, he felt safe, something I hadn’t felt in years. Quietly he leaned back so he was fully lying down then helped me curled up with him. Putting his arms around me he put his chin to the top of my head, we sat there and slowly I started to nod off. I had no bad dreams or any problems staying asleep like I normally had. Inside I knew that I was getting too attached to him but it was being pushed aside by another sense, a longing I guess.

Nate was still awake when Kali fell asleep, he was thinking. He knew he would have to tell her sooner or later about the rangers new laws that he had promised to follow. He winced remembering his welcome into the group. After Aragorn died, the ranger’s had been taken over by people who believed that a true ranger wouldn’t marry, wouldn’t feel, and wouldn’t love. Nate had broken all of those rules and the punishment was torture. He’d figure a way to get past the rules and marry Kali as he had said. Finally, sleep took over him. It was troubled but he needed sleep after he had stayed up watching Kali to make sure that she was doing better.

The sun rose with slow determined inches, the sky lit up making a golden path out of the city towards Gondor. The sky was red, not a good sign for anyone traveling though most ignored the signs now. Together Nate and I set out to the local pub and bought two sturdy horses that looked that they would be good steeds for our purpose. We bought some food also, two loaves of bread and two jugs of water. We passed through the doors and I felt that we were in for a long ride to Gondor, and I knew my instinct was pretty reliable by now.

Swinging on our mounts we trotted away from the town and towards the great white city though we couldn’t see it I imagined the tall stone walls looming above us. Nate hadn’t said anything lately, that worried me a little but I left it alone for now, I had more pressing worries, someone was following us again. Remembering our last meeting with followers I was on edge ready for an attack but, it never came. Around noon we stopped to relax and they came out of the trees to us. I dropped what I was doing and pulled out my sword. There were six of them, I knew I was out numbered but I was going to go down with a fight. The leader smiled at my sword then looked at Nate.

“Nate, is this anyway to greet your trainers?” His voice was coarse, loud. Nate turned his face blank as he stared at the man.

“Pertin please forgive me and my guest. Kali, put your sword down he is a friend.” Nate looked at her pleadingly.

I was shocked when Nate told me to put my sword down, what was he thinking? But the look in his eyes told me to listen to him. I lowered my sword slowly; the people looked from me to Nate. What was going on?

The same man spoke again. “Nate, you haven’t been breaking any rules have you?”


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