As Darkness Falls, Hope Comes

by Oct 18, 2006Stories

I smiled warmly at her and turned still smelling the rose. Walking the length of the street, which was actually farther than normal I looked to the East, towards Gondor. Trees blurred the way but I knew that one could travel those forests safely now and that Gondorian soldiers patrolled them. Hope rose in my chest knowing that I was close to my destination; I just had to convince the King to help me in my quest.
Walking back down the street I saw more people and when I came upon the place where the woman and her child was I was disappointed to see they had left. I came to the house and entered its walls no longer peaceful looking or inviting. It was foreboding, I knew I had over stayed my welcome but that would soon be over, we’d be leaving soon. Walking past the two women I entered the room to see Nate pacing, he looked up at me as I walked into the room. His eyes made me realize that I probably looked horrible considering I hadn’t cleaned up in a while. He wasn’t smiling.

“What were you thinking, leaving without telling me? Someone could have hurt you!” He growled his voice stung.

Looking at the rose I put it up to my nose again, “I was going for a walk and decided to buy a flower from a little girl and her mother.” I held it out, “Isn’t it pretty, Nate?”

He took it gently his face softening, “It’s beautiful. Kali I’m sorry I’m so cautious all of the sudden.”
“It’s okay Nate; you’ve been through a rough time.” I laid my hand on his forearm. How true is that? I’ve been through worse. But he doesn’t know that yet, I’ll tell him soon enough. I smiled and started to gather my things into my little pack.

“What are you doing?” He asked me.

“Getting ready to leave, I was thinking we could leave tomorrow morning, it will take about two days to get to Gondor if we hurried. I need to get an opinion before winter, if they say no I can make it back to help fight the ‘King’ from within.”

“Okay but, I’m coming with you if you go back. I won’t let you fight alone, even though you are plenty strong to take half of the men down.” He laughed; it reached down in his stomach and made his face turn a light shade of red. I hadn’t heard him laugh like that since I had been with him.

“Sounds like a plan to me.” I whispered. He came up behind me and took my waist in his hands.

“Come on, you know you want to laugh.” He said his lips close to my right ear. I shifted slightly and looked at him. Smiling I put my head on his shoulder. We stood there for a while; I felt his warmth filling me, healing my body.


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