As Darkness Falls Hope Comes

by Oct 3, 2006Stories

Slowly, I swung my legs over the side of the bed, they felt heavy, limp. Sitting there I waited for feeling to return to them and wasn’t disappointed as they soon started to tingle as the blood reached them with a newfound gusto. Pushing up onto my feet I swayed slightly then steadied myself. Nice and easy, think later you need to work up your stamina again, one foot in front of the other. I took a tentative step, a little shaky but it was okay, then another, better.
“Well, this won’t be as hard as I thought.” I whispered then jumped a little to get my legs working. I was hungry but didn’t want to go and eat. I made my way through the door and smiled at the older woman and her daughters expressions of surprise.
“You really shouldn’t be getting up yet.” The older woman advises.
“I’m feeling much better now; thank you for your help. I should be out of here soon so you can go on.” I walked out and down the steps.
It was bright outside; the sun was out with hardly any clouds in the sky. People were hurrying about trying to get their errands done so they could enjoy the rest of the day. Everyone looked happy except a woman holding a thin child’s hand who was holding a quiver of flowers she was selling. Checking my pocket I found some money and walked towards the two. The mother’s eyes were hollowed slightly from lack of sleep.
“May I buy a flower?” I asked the young girl who looked at her mother who nodded.
Her voice was small, “Yes, you may.” She handed me a beautiful white rose with a hint of pink at the edges of its petals. I gave her the money which she gave to her mother.
I took a soft nose full of its scent and smiled, “Thank you it’s very beautiful.”
“One of our finest.” Her mother out in her eyes brimming with tears as she felt the extra money, five times what they priced the flowers at.


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