As Darkness, Falls Hope Comes

by Aug 7, 2007Stories

“What was it that you wanted to tell me that was so important that it could not wait Nate?” I asked.

“I wanted to tell you that from what I have heard, and have overheard it would seem as if the King and Queen are beginning to favor your idea of going and helping Mirkwood out of its terrible state. And it has been said that Pertin has been caught on the outskirts of Rohan, he should be headed back here for his sentencing soon. Rest assured that he should not be able to harm anyone else as he has done in his past. There is one more thing, this I know to be a fact, the Queen would like to meet with you and question you, thought about what she gave no hint or gesture. It is most likely about how you want to change Mirkwood, for the good. Perhaps, she would like to know if you want it to go back the way it was before, or to make it an entirely new city with new guidelines and rules.”

My brown furrowed deeply, this was unexpected news indeed, I hadn’t thought that she would want to talk to me this soon, if at all. But of course she would want to know the whole story about what was going on in Mirkwood and with my quest to Gondor. Her interest in my opinion about how to run Mirkwood though was a little unsettling to think about, why would it matter what I think to her? She must have something up her sleeve.

“When does she want to see me, do you have any idea? I do not know what is going on here, but I don’t want to take responsibility for Mirkwood, it would not be right. I am a stranger to them, they don’t except me even after living with them for years.” I said my voice quavering greatly.

Nate put a reassuring hand on my shoulder and used his hand to lift my face so that I was looking straight at him, a small smile on his lips, “You will be fine, Kali, trust me. You are a great person, so do not even doubt yourself about anything. I’ll come with you, if you want and I’ll be there for support.”

I nodded gratefully and stood up slowly, my legs still a little wobbly only to be pushed back down onto the bed by Nate. I looked at him confused but he quickly made it clear what he wanted me to do. Food. I had forgotten that we hadn’t eaten and wasn’t surprised when my stomach rumbled as if on cue. Alright, I will eat and gather my thoughts first before going to the Queen. Everything is going to work out, though I am still not sure as to how, they will work out, I won’t settle for less.

Nathan pushed himself up from the bed and walked over to a small round table upon which a tray of food had been laid down. Steam was still rising from the meat and soup the smell wafting over to my nose and causing my mouth to water immensely. He walked back over balancing the tray and dragging with him a chair which he placed right next to the bed. Folding my legs up under me I smoothed out the cover so that the tray could be set down waiting for him to put the tray down so that I could satisfy my hunger. He did so but he kept his hand out so that I couldn’t reach at any of the food and I wasn’t in the condition to fight to get any food.

“I can get my own food Nathan.” I said.

“I am not so sure that you can Kali, not after everything that you have gone through lately. Besides, it is the least I can do to repay you back for saving my life.


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