Arya Ilawen’s Trip to Middle Earth – Chapter 1 – A black inexistence

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Dear Reader. I am not imitating Coralie’s work with the Aussie thing. Well, it is not my intention. It is the one thing I relate to, being Australian, so it is easiest to write about. Sorry people, Coralie mainly, if it seems to be repeating Coralie’s work. If you could, please comment. I need to know what you think. If it needs changes and what-not. Namárië,
Arya Ilawen


Hi. My name is Arya (A-ray-a) Ilawen, and just for some background information on me, general knowledge kinda stuff, I am teenage Australian kid living in Canada. Well, in the world where Canada exists. I’m a swimmer, a reader but I am sure as hell not a runner. Canada’s constant precipitation is becoming extremely tedious and the people are very different to the forthright, down-to-earth Aussies I am used to. I love watching the Rugby League, I never have, and I don’t think I ever will, follow it religiously but, still, I am starting to miss it. I’m a bit of a tomboy. I don’t mind dressing up a bit every now and then, but a skirt is all I’ll stoop to. The only way you’d catch me dead in a dress is if it’s Lee’s wedding, or my wedding, but that’ll be the day that God chooses me as the next Holy Mother Mary, so we have no reason to hyperventilate over me getting married. Ever. I play guitar and I like doing math, especially algebra. In my world, I live with my Dad, James, my Step-mum, Kath, and my big brother, Jason, and we all miss home.
Anyway, lets get back on topic. For those of you who have a hard time believing, please don’t read the following story. The consequences could possibly be including: you tracking me down, putting me in a straight-jacket and paying for my taxi fare to the clink where some highly ranked, highly paid psychiatrist can have fun giving me the full electro-shock therapy. The problem with that is I don’t like taxi’s or straight jackets. If straight jackets weren’t white I wouldn’t mind, but there is no other colour other than white, so if you are a non-believer stop reading this right now. This following story recounts my life since some weirdly humored higher being, preferably God (or a god), decided it’d be funny to send me to Middle Earth. (I told you not to read it…)


Finally! Friday afternoon, I thought as I looked out upon the quiet street of Waterloo, Ontario from my bedroom window. It was three weeks before Summer Holidays and spring had been really good this year, much better than last year where by this time, everything was still melting and bloody cold. I had my weekend all booked up with down time since my week had been more than a little hectic. The `Track and Field’ day had been yesterday; I’d had three exams for school ( History; Math; Geography) and they all would have been fine, if I hadn’t left all of the studying till the night before(two on Tuesday and one on Wednesday); I’d had my swimming exam on Wednesday and Dad’s and Kath’s Anniversary party on Thursday night (After track and field I may add). So basically I was knackered. (aka. Tired) Last weekend I had gone to Chapters, the local chain bookshop, and I’d bought a few books that I haven’t read yet, seeing as my week was so packed. I relaxed into my 13th birthday present, an olive green armchair, and drank my tea while I became consumed in the world of the book I had begun reading.
It was 3:57 when the phone rang. There are two separate lines in my house. One for Jason and I and one for Dad and Kath. No one picked up after 4 rings so I assumed Jase was out with his friends, seeing that Jase has a phone in his room, too. I uncoiled myself from my comfortable sitting position, sauntered over to my phone and picked it up. “Hello, this is Arya speaking,” I said in my impersonal phone voice. “HI!!” Yelled a chorus of voices. “Oh! Hey, hey! Wassup??” I asked. “Everyone’s at my place for a party. You’re on speaker-phone!” Kate shouted back. Kate’s one of my closest friends, after Leanne, my best friend. Why didn’t she tell me about her party? The thought came unbidden into my head. I silently scolded myself for thinking anything remotely like that, but the sting was still there, nonetheless. Then Kate’s voice came back over the phone, “Arya! Are you free tonight? I want you here. I gave `Laney the invite to give to you but you mustn’t have got it. So are you free to come?” Fair dinkum idiot, I am, I thought, dead set. “Come on Arya,” my mates pleaded over the phone, it sounded about 6 of them. “Come into my lair,” I could hear Kate joking over the loudspeaker.

I thought about my relaxing weekend plan. Stuff it, went through my head before I gave Krys my answer, “Your persuasion skills are too hypnotic, O child of the Lair. I’ll go check,” I said, then put down the receiver, and went to ask for permission. Dad gave me the go ahead, so I raced back upstairs and picked up the phone. “When do you want me there?” I asked.

“Am I to take this as a yes?” She asked.

“Without a doubt, you nut! What else would it mean?? What do you need me to bring?”


Half an hour later, I was riding my bike through to the back paths behind Post Horn St and Shakespeare Rd. Spring was almost over and summer wasn’t far off, so it was alright to walk outside without half your wardrobe on. I was wearing my dark blue flares, my white polo shirt and my addidas sneakers. I’ve always liked this time of year because everything is so, well, spring-like.

The moment I had stepped out of my house I noted the faintly sweet, refreshing scent of rain woven in the air. The path I rode down was lined with maple trees, both deep red and light green. There was moist, lively, bright green grass carpeting the ground and different coloured tulips scattered in the gardens of the houses I rode by. Canadian geese flew in formation in the sky and everyone was riding around with friends and swimming in the local pools.

I was heading for Leanne’s place so we can ride together to Kate’s. Lee lives about 2 minutes away from me and her place is on the way to Kate’s, but it took me a few minutes more this time cause I had two bags with me. In the overnight bag I had sitting in front of me I had: my PJ’s, a light blue and green flare skirt (or whatever they were called), a chocolate brown sleeveless top, some undies and bras, toiletries, a bag of cosmetics that was my gag gift from Lee, five months ago for my B-day, my cd collection, my togs (One piece. I hate bikinis), my wallet, my address book (for pranks) and my mobile. On my back I had my guitar in my padded gig bag. My guitar teacher lived next to Kate and I had my lesson tomorrow and I saw no point in leaving early just to come to that same place again. Leanne was waiting outside when I got there. “You ready to go, girl?” she asked me as I pulled up at her sidewalk.

“Don’t you know it,” I replied as she hopped on her bike and wheeled over to me. “Bye Lee, honey! See ya, Arya!” Came a shout from the house.

“Bye Mom,” Lee hollered back.

“Bye Mrs. Miltamson!” I shouted as Lee and I pushed off from the sidewalk and pedalled down the street.


Meanwhile, outside the Millatissimo, two 17 year olds had their own agenda. “Come on, man, just do it,” a voice urged, ” Just walk up to it and open the damn thing. I checked, and it is open. All you have to do is open it and get in the car, looking like you own it or something. He won’t be coming out soon. Did you see the girl he took? Did you Jack? Do you know what reputation the restaurant they walked in has? It is no quick takeaway place, it
is a sit-down-and-sip-our-really-expensive-wine-for-an-hour,
-then-we’ll-serve-you type of place. Even if he did come out now, he looked too dumb to realize if you were stealing his car or not. He’d probably think `Oh, what a nice boy! Coming to take my car for a service like that, he should earn employer of the year.’ Just go and do it,” the boy coaxed.

“Look, I donno Alex. I am not sure I want to do this. I…”

The second boy, Jack, was interrupted. “Na man, you ain’t cutting out on me now. Not now,” Alex told him with no love in his voice, and gave his friend a shove in the direction of the car. Jack turned and gave him a pleading look. His eyes met a harsh, stone-cold wall. He hung his head, turned and walked casually towards the chosen car.

He found the car was, as Alex said, open. He slid into the car, glancing every now and then at the owners who had a window table, and, with a rare expertise, had it hot-wired in seconds. Unfortunately for Jack, the owners chose that moment to flick their gaze to their car. The man did a double take and his eyes locked furiously with Jack’s. Then the man stood up and ran through the restaurant towards the back door, but by that time Jack was pulling out of the parking spot and speeding towards the place where Alex was to be picked up. The teen jumped in quick, sensing that something was up, just as the rearview mirror picked up the panting owner, sprinting towards his stolen car, roaring at the top of his lungs. Alex closed his door and the raging owner’s protests were muffled. “Drive,” was all Alex said. Jack was only too happy to oblige.


“So, what is your name in elvish, Arya?” Leanne asked as we pedalled along the road. I am not much into the Lord of the Rings, the movie or books, but I am crazy over the fanfic, so every now and then I’ll get an urge to look up such things as my name in elvish, or see what elvish names I like. “Well, my name in Elvish would be `Arwen’ since it means nobility and lady. Something which I am nothing of. I like other names like Anarie and Ithilwen. Plus, how could I ever live up to a name like Arwen, when Liv Taylor has claimed it and copyrighted it three times over? What’s yours?” I asked I return.

“Mine? Mine is Rainyaviel, but I don’t like it. I like stuff like Narien and Ethiriel,” she answered.

“Aha! You go to the arwen-undomiel site, I knew it!” She gave me the `grow up’ look, and I grinned. “I go there too,” I admitted, and she just laughed and shook her head.

After that, there was a silence for a while. I could tell she wanted to ask something by her facial expression, so I travelled in silence, hoping the quiet would give her the courage to say it. Then finally, ” ‘Raya?” I looked at her through the corner of my eye.

“Yo.” She had a strange look on her face.

“Promise you won’t laugh. Or tell anyone else,” she wanted to know, with a pleading look in her eye. I raised an eyebrow, and smiled crookedly.

“I won’t tell, but I might laugh if I find it funny enough,” I told her with mirth dancing in my eyes.

“Oh, good enough. If I was an elf, and got the chance to know him, do you think Legolas would fall for me?”

I felt my face going blank, I blinked at her then felt my lips twitch. “Would Legolas fall for you?” By the time I had asked that I knew I was grinning.

“Don’t laugh!” She cried. “I’m not. I would think it is called smiling,” I defended myself as I restrained a laugh that I knew would make me fall off my bike. Leanne just gave me a filthy look. “Truthfully? I donno. He might. I mean, if you were in fanfic, I could make him. But mate, look at it this way, if you were an elf, and if Legolas didn’t notice you, there is no way Aragorn would be marring Arwen, dead set,” I told her.

“Thanks, hon,” she said and smiled as she turned her attention back on the road.


Back at the car theft scene, Jack was speeding down Keats Way, being pursued closely by a cop car. “Sorry Al, man. The guy had the window seat and looked out at the wrong time,” Jack explained.

“Too late now Jackie. Just drive. Just drive,” Alex told him. He didn’t blame Jack, but couldn’t’ help feeling a bit of resentment towards his new partner in crime. They screeched around a corner as a second police car joined the chase. Jack was looking at the rearview mirror, and, unlike Alex, didn’t notice the two teens on bikes, riding leisurely across the once safe road they were escaping on. “Jack, man watch where you’re going!!”


“Crikey, Lee!! Don’t you notice it? Everyone else does!” I scolded her.

“I don’t see anything. At all, `Raya, babe. Josh doesn’t see me as anything more than a friend,” she stubbornly insisted.

“I’m telling you that it isn’t true and that he will let you know sometime soon. When you are around, he talks to you and looks at you most, and when you’re not around, he asks about you. `Arya, where is Lee? Do you think she is angry at me? Why isn’t she here? Is everything alright, like is she hurt or something?’ Would you like me to go on? Or are you convinced?” I taunted her. She said nothing back, so I looked at her with a smirk and a knowing look in my eyes. She had a troubled look in her eye, with her head cocked as if listening for something, I slowed down, as I tried to hear what had her attention.

“Wassup?” I asked her, hoping I hadn’t offended her. I snapped my head around as a car screeched around the corner and sped towards us less than 50 meters away. I shouted, as two police cars skidded around behind the car. “RIDE!! LEE, RIDE!!!” But she needed no more prompting. Deep down, I’d known I’d slowed down too much to not get hit. I fumbled for the foot pedals, `cause even riding that little bit more could mean my life.


“God!” Jack cried, as he whipped around to see Arya and Lee try to get out of the way. Alex grabbed at the steering wheel, and yanked. That got the desired effect for a few seconds. Then the car span out of control, as it kept plowing down the road towards the two teens.


Lee had reached the sidewalk, and looked around for me and saw me with horror written on her face. She’d come to the same realization as I did. “Arya!! NOOO!!!” I looked at the oncoming car, to the drivers and police, then her and grimaced as I looked into her eyes. I mouthed `Bye’ with a defeated smile, then, still pedalling, I clenched my eyes just before impact. The pain of it cast me into the depths of a black inexistence.


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