Arwen’s Lullaby – A song kinda

by Nov 18, 2004Stories

Broken wings take a long time to heal
You never know just how you feel

Shattered hearts will never mend
You feel so far from where you’ve been

The pain is like a broken mirror
It’s hard to run away from fear

Your heart freezes over with ice
Nothing ever feels all right

You lost everyone you love
You have no blessings from above

Everyone hates you for who you are
You can’t wish it away on a star

Your life seems to be brief
Everything causes you lots of grief

Rain will echo in your heart
Love between us is far apart

You don’t know whether to cry or scream
It has to be real; not a dream

Looking up at the night skies
Thinking about all the lies

One day I will begin to grow
All the emotions that I show
Will someday end.


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