Arwen & Legolas – What Could Have Been

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*This is my first writing attempt, and I am anxious for some feedback. Please do me the courtesy of writing a little something for me. Thank you.*

Arwen moved silently and slowly through the shadowy corridors of Rivendell. She had just left Aragorn to his rest; he was needed at her father’s counsel tomorrow and would have need of his strength. She came to the courtyard and sat gently upon one of the leaf-covered benches. The cool night air seemed to dance on her skin as well as carry every star in the sky on its back. Arwen always felt the night was beautiful, but this night seemed to have to it a delicate luminescence all its own. She had just pledged her love to Aragorn, this night her life was going to begin to change.

Elrond had always pressed the point of Aragorn’s mortality whenever he felt the chance was upon him. He was a mortal, she thought; yet he is so much more than that. Though her heart was filled with love, there still was the slightest hint of fear to be found.

“Have I made the right choice?”

Arwen was deep in thought and did not notice that another had entered the courtyard and was quietly approaching her. Legolas almost didn’t want to disturb her. Sitting there thoughtfully with only her radiant beauty to keep her company.

“You always did look the most beautiful in the starlight,”Legolas quietly whispered as he placed his hand upon her shoulder. Arwen looked up and was met with a small, but warm smile. Legolas sat down next to her and Arwen shifted. She turned to face him but found his head tilted forward, his fair blonde hair resting softly upon his shoulders, looking at his own hands in his lap.

A moment later he took in a small breath and regained his posture. With one subtle sweep he handed a single white flower to Arwen.

“Thank you, my lord,” she replied, as a sweet smile crept across her face. Arwen raised her eyes to meet that of the woodland prince and she saw a kind of sad, uneasiness in them.

Legolas averted his eyes away from her and said, “I saw you with Aragorn tonight, you spoke with him quite a long time.”

“Yes, I did speak with him a long while,” she said calmly. Arwen now noticed that Legolas’s glaze and settled upon her neck, where once a necklace laid.

“You gave him the Evenstar,” he managed to choke out in a whisper.

The night had been the most perfect, the most beautiful of my many years; she thought. Arwen now knew the source of that small sliver of fear in her heart. Now that fear and aching had a name….Legolas.

She slowly whispered back to him, “Yes, I gave it to Aragorn.” This was so hard for her; she could barely force the words from her lips.

“I love him and he loves me.” He glanced back at her with pain as deep as the seas in his grey elven eyes.

“I love you…..”

Legolas stood up and took a few small steps forward; the ground still held his constant glaze. He couldn’t bear to bring his eyes to meet hers. To look upon the woman that held his heart.

“……..In all my many years, I have never loved anything else. I remember when my eyes first beheld you, that was the day I fell in love with you, Arwen. You were playing with your brothers in this very courtyard, and I was here with my father. I glanced over and saw you, a pretty young elf-maiden, dancing, an autumn shower of leaves and flower petals rained down softly upon you. Everything was so lovely, you were so lovely. Elrohir and Elladan were just watching you and laughing, but I was spellbound. I could not take my glaze off you. I was young and I did not know that I had fallen in love, but I had. I loved you then and that love has not faded in its slightest measure.”

As Arwen felt the tears welling up behind her eyes, all she could do is shake her head, as if it were a silent plea for him to speak no more. She could hear no more. In truth Arwen loved Legolas more than words could say; she also had loved him since their youth. Legolas was her first kiss, down on the mossy riverbank. He always would spend time with her when he and his father came to Rivendell. Arwen remembered that Legolas had respectfully declined many an invitation to accompany her brothers on a hunt. Always, he would smile and say he would stay in the company of Arwen. He always came bearing flowers, greeting her with a smile and a soft kiss. The thousands of years they had been alive, he had always took care of her. He put her before himself on every occasion. There was no doubt in Arwen’s mind that his love was as great as he professed.

“Please,” she begged, “Please do not place this torment on me, Legolas. I cannot bear it.” Legolas came towards her with a questioning look upon his face. “Torment…..” he whispered, “My love brings torment upon you?” Legolas began to pace back and forth before Arwen. It was all she could do to hold back the tears that long to spill from her eyes. It was apparent he was becoming angry, angry from all the pain that was tearing throughout his body.

He stopped pacing and stood before her, “Did I not love you enough, did I not also have your love?!”

“You always had my love, Legolas. And I love you still, but my love is not for you alone. Aragorn has my heart, but has long as it beats there will be place there that is for you and you alone, my love.”

Legolas sank to his knees and grasped her hands in his. “Will you not let me love you as I should? We were to be together, to have children. We were betrothed, we ARE betrothed! Please Arwen! You are my Evening Star!”

Arwen looked down into childhood love’s eyes. Tears had started to stream down his fair cheeks. So much pain……so much desperation. Arwen let go. The tears came fast and hard, and she crumpled to her knees. There, still grasping Legolas’s hands in her own, she laid her head upon his shoulder and began to sob. In turn, he rested his head upon hers and his own tears continued to flow from his eyes and began to dampen Arwen’s raven hair.

Legolas continued to cry, wither it was because of the pain pulsing through him or because that he hade caused his beloved Arwen to cry, he did not know. Still crying into his shoulder, she began to sob, “Can you forgive me Legolas? Can you find it in your heart to forgive the hatred you must have for me?” Legolas tried to speak but no words would sound. Wrapping his arms around her and gently stroking her hair, he chokingly replied, “If I did hate you Arwen, it could only be because my love has gone beyond my control.”

Hesitantly, with tears still in his eyes, he whispered into her ear, “But I never will….” Arwen looked up with her teary, yet still beautiful eyes, and glazed at him in wonder. Legolas then placed his hands upon her waist and gently raised her to her feet. He then lightly dusted the leaves off her skirts.

His pleading eyes looking upwards to her and with the pain overflowing, he managed to speak. “Just let me stay here, at your feet. You must know that I have always been yours, and I would never want to be anything but yours.”

Arwen placed her smooth, fair hand upon his tear-stained cheek gently and sweetly whispered a whisper only he could hear.

“Yes… I know.”

“Just tell what I am to do Arwen, what would you have me do now,” Legolas choked. Arwen thought to herself that she could not ask anything of him. Not now, not ever. In truth she did not know what to say to Legolas. What words could she speak to him that could possibly easy the suffering?

“I bide you, please tell me what you want.” As he spoke his plea, Legolas gathered himself together and stood up and looked at her. Arwen could think of only a single thing she would ask of him. She could not though, she would not. He bade her to tell him something, anything….

“You and Aragorn have been friends for many years, many long years. I would have one thing. Go with him Legolas, be a friend to him still. Where he goes, I beg you to follow. I would not have the two of you parted because of me. Please Legolas.” She looked questioningly into his eyes, and gently held his hand in hers. He looked away from Arwen for a moment and contemplated for a moment. Then with a slight nod of his head he looked back into her eyes. The eyes which he had become lost in so many times. He once again became lost in them and replied, “Yes Arwen, he is a brother to me and I will help him as best I can. I shall rejoice that he processes the heart of the most wonderful creature beneath the stars. I swear to you…..” he then leaned forward and laid a gentle kiss on her forehead, then held her lovely face in his hands and softly placed another kiss upon her lips.

Legolas then looked deep into her eyes, as he had done a thousand times before. He looked at her and with a weak yet sweet smile he whispered, “I will.” With that he took her hand and guided her out of the courtyard, which drifted off into the forest. And with only the moon and stars to light the way they went quietly walking through the trees, as they had done in their youth. Without turning to him or even breaking the rhythm of their stride, Arwen said, in the clear ringing of her beautiful voice, “I love you.” In the same manner, Legolas replied in his fair voice, “And I you.”

The End (maybe)


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