Arwen and Aragorn part 2 – Elronds sorrow

by Apr 6, 2002Stories

That night Aragorn lay awake in his bed,he gazed out of the window and saw the moon in all its glory,its beauty reminded him of Arwen,yet her glow was more pure and radient than that of the moon.

He kept on going through in his mind the conversation he had had with her,remembering every word she had said and how she had said it.
“until we meet again ranger of the north.”
Then it suddenly came to Aragorn that Arwen had said she was the daughter of Elrond,but why had he never mentioned her?was he trying to hide her?but why,he needed some answers but he’d have to wait until morning to talk to Elrond but he couldnt stop thinking about it.

He decided to have a walk around the palace and maybe when he returned to his bedroom he might be tired.

The night was cool and there was a slight breeze blowing through the passage ways,he wondered into the great hall,it was an amazing sight and looked almost dream like in the moon light,he saw a figure near one of the windows,the figure was that of an elf,he was tall and his head was lowered.As Aragorn got closer to the figure he began to recognise it,it was Elrond.

‘Elrond? What are you doing here?’ asked Aragorn concerningly,

‘I could not sleep….’replyed Elrond his tone was sad and thoughtful,

‘Is there something wrong?’

Aragorn asked stepping closer to Elrond

‘I saw what happened this morning..’

Elrond said turning toward Aragorn,

‘I saw it in her eyes and i see it in yours,I know how you feel for Arwen.’ he said turning back to the window,

‘I saw it all from this very window….’ he paused and lowered his head again,

‘Why have you never mentioned Arwen to me?’ Aragorn said softly,he wondered why Elrond was so troubled and was deeply concerned he had never seen him this way befor,

‘I did not speak of her befor because I knew this day would come if I did,so I kept her a secret from you.I knew if you two met then you would fall deeply in love,and that she would have to leed a mortal life,but if i stopped you two from seeing each other that she would never forgive me.Either way I would loose her…’ he paused again and a tear slowly stumbled down his cheek and as it hit the floor he rose his head and started to speak again,

‘but I couldn’t wish for anyone better than you Aragorn I know you would never hurt her.’ Aragorn put his hand on Elronds shoulder,

‘I will love her and protect her as you do.That is my promise and I am true to my word’ Elrond looked Aragorn in the face and said,

‘I know,I have tought you well.’

Then Aragorn left Elrond and went back to his room.

A long time had passed and days turned into weeks,weeks turned into mounths and Aragorn had still not seen Arwen,he longed for her with every fibre of his being,then one not so special day Aragorn was gazing out of his window when suddenly he saw Arwen,he called out to her and then went faster than a bolting steed to the orchard where he had seen her,he got there and she was no where to be seen,he turned his head wildly in fustration but he still could not see her,he broke into tears and fell slowly to the ground he just sat there crying and then said,
‘why,why do you do this to me?’ then suddenly he felt a warm hand on his shoulder,

‘It is no fault of mine that we do not see each other as often as we would like’ he turned his head and saw Arwen smiling at him, he quickly stood up and took her hand,

‘I love…’

Then Arwen put her finger to his lips, ‘Quiet ranger of the north’ then she kissed him softly,then she took her necklace from around her neck and put it in Aragorns hand,

‘I cannot take this’ he said pushing it toward her,

‘I choose a mortal life’ she whispered softly,and Aragorn accepted it and stroked her hair and said’

‘I will never stop loving you..’.


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