Arwen and Aragorn – A love between elf and man

by Feb 18, 2002Stories

It was a beautiful morning in Rivendell, the birds were singing and the air was clear and pure.

Deep inside the house of Elrond dwelt a man from the west, his name to many, was Aragorn.

He lay asleep in a bedroom that looked outward over the Elven city, a site stunning to many.

He began to stir a little then slowly he awoke to the entrancing sound of a singing voice.

It was fair and pure as the sunshine and spoke in an ancient tongue that was sacred to the high-elves.

He got up and drifted to where he thought it was coming from.

The voice led him into Elrond’s garden, he saw a brilliant white light, he looked closely for it did not hurt his eyes, to him the light seemed almost friendly.

In the heart of it there was a beautiful she-elf, with long dark, eyes as blue and deep as the ocean, skin as white as the fallen snow and lips redder than any rose in Middle Earth.

He went deeper into the trance, did his eyes deceive him or was the fair maiden he saw

Luthien Tinuviel?

He called out to her, “Luthien Tinuviel?”

She turned and stopped her serenade, for a moment her eyes met his, deep they starred into his soul and pierced his heart.

“Why do you call me this?” She answered, her voice clear and beautiful.

“There is a likeness…between you and her” he said softly, still gazing wondrously at her.

“Many have said that” she laughed,

“I have never seen you before” he replied “Who are you, oh maiden fair?”

“I have spent long years in Lorien with my Mothers kindred, I am Arwen daughter of Elrond, who may you be?”

Aragorn raised his head in surprise, Elrond had never spoke of her, he tried to think but his mind was blank.

“I am Aragorn son of Arathorn, heir to the throne of Gondor”

She looked again in to his eyes, she saw a man more loyal more wise and more true that any other man that roamed these lands.

His hair was a dark brown, his eyes, wondering yet deep, he stood tall on the soft grass, he looked like a high king.

A horn sounded and Arwen looked behind her then turned back to Aragorn, “I must go now!” she said hastily, “until we meet again, Ranger of the North”

With that she turned and disappeared into a hidden archway. Aragorn still stood and stared, he whispered softly,

“Yes, until we meet again…my love”


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