Arvariane Estel – Prologue

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We are all destined for something. What we choose now affects our future, but not our destiny. If one is destined to be king, they will become king, no matter the path they take now. Destiny has already been decided for us. Choice is what we have power over. No one knows destiny, but all know control over choice of how to live out destiny.

Rivendell, 2700 years before the War of the Ring.

Lord Elrond Halfelven and several Elven Elders had founded the refuge of Rivendell at the foothills of the Misty Mountains on the River Bruinen. Three hundred years after the War of the Last Alliance a child was born. A daughter for the Elven Elder Glorfindel, whose wife soon died afterwards from the childbirth. Grief-stricken from the death of his wife, the Lord Glorfindel was despairing when he decided upon himself to visit the Lady Galadriel of the Wood as to the meaning of his daughter’s birth and why it had come at such a price.

“My Lady of the Golden Wood,” Glorfindel greeted Lady Galadriel’s face in the silver basin, after he had touched the sparkling water of the `Mirror of Galadriel’.

“Lord Glorfindel,” Galadriel began. “I know why you have come. I am deeply sorrowful for the death of your wife, but know that her death was not to be in vain.”

“How could it not have been in vain!” Glorfindel cried. “She died in childbirth. An elf is not supposed to depart their life like that!”

“Her spirit still lives on,” Galadriel replied calmly. “She lives on in your daughter. She gave her life-force to your daughter as she was destined too.”

“I do not understand lady. I loved my wife dearly and she did give me a beautiful daughter. But still why did she have to die? Why was it her fate?”

“For that I cannot answer, Lord Glorfindel, as you will know in time.” Galadriel then whisked her hand across the mirror and a young she-elf dressed in his wife’s Sindarin cloak appeared. “Your daughter is now your concern. You must keep her safe as her destiny will soon be upon her.”

Glorfindel looked at the she-elf in the basin, this time she appeared more mature and dressed in his Sindarin cloak. She was beautiful with long dark locks of hair, wearing the colours of the House of Elrond underneath and wielding a long sword and dagger with a bow and quiver strapped across her back.

“My daughter?” Glorfindel guessed.

“Aye, your daughter. The one that will be known as `Protector of Hope’.” Galadriel’s voice declared from the basin.

“Protector of Hope?” Glorfindel looked at the she-elf who still appeared in the basin as she rode a horse and fired arrows from it.

“You have been blessed with a special soul, Glorfindel,” Galadriel’s voice continued as the visions of the she-elf continued to change from being in battle armour to being in Rivendell robes. “Your wife died so that her spirit could be bounded to that of your daughter’s, to make her strong and fulfil her destiny.”

“What is her destiny lady? What is my daughter preordained to do? Why has it come at such a sacrifice of my wife?” Glorfindel whispered in despair.

“Your daughter has been chosen as a guardian,” Lady Galadriel told him, as her face appeared again in the basin. “Her fate has been associated to that of Lord Elrond’s daughter, Arwen Evenstar, noble maiden of the Elves.”

“Elrond’s daughter? My daughter is to protect Arwen?” Glorfindel asked to confirm.

“Be sure to keep her safe. She must carry her destiny to the end,” Galadriel instructed. “It was what your wife, Varnorah, was also destined to do.”

Glorfindel looked up to clear sky of night at the stars. He then bowed his head in prayer at which in the end acknowledged a name for his daughter.

“Then her name shall be Arvariane Estel, Royal Protector of Hope.”

Translation of Arvariane Estel in Elvish, is the female derivation of the male version Arvaryar Estel, which means Royal Protector of Hope.


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