Arvariane Estel – Chapter 3 – Part 1: Goodbye Rivendell

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Sorry it took so long, but I just needed to make sure the first part would meld well with the second! Enjoy!

Nightfall, House of Lord Glorfindel, Rivendell

The once blue sky had turned a soft orange as the sun set radiantly across the forest refuge of Rivendell, the light bouncing of the waterfalls of the city like crystals.
Staring out of her bedroom window, which overlooked the gardens of her father’s house below, Ariane stood with her dressing gown on, brushing her lengthy dark hair gently, deep in thought.
I knew I should not have head-butted him, but they did say it was to be like real battle. I hope it did not hurt him or offend him too much. But he insulted me again! He’s lucky I did not knee him the groin, although I did kind of threaten him, Ariane ran through all the possibilities in her head. Bah! What do I care? He’s insensitive and overconfident and I am glad I gave a little puncture to his ego balloon!
Suddenly, there was a soft tapping at her bedroom door.

“Come in father!” Ariane replied knowingly, her elf ears recognising the familiar knock.

“Ariane?” Lord Glorfindel greeted as he opened his daughter’s bedroom door, Ariane’s mother’s Noldorian cloak draped on his arm. “Ariane, are you not getting ready for the farewell feast tonight in Lady Celebrìan’s honour and that of our Lorien kinsfolk?”

“I am going?” Ariane asked her father, turning around and giving him a confused look. “I thought you would have given me study on the Valar tonight? For my misbehaviour this afternoon?”

“No, dear. I want you to be at the feast. Dressed in the celebrant dress of the Noldor,” Lord Glorfindel instructed gently.

“Father, as much as I respect the Noldor and other elves, you know how much I despise wearing the celebrant dress of Noldorian. They are so tight around the waist and chest. I can hardly breathe,” Ariane complained as she winced at the thought of fitting into the tightly made dress.

“I know, but Lord Elrond has instructed me to send you to Lothlorien with her ladyship, Celebrìan tomorrow,” Lord Glorfindel sighed. “And I want my daughter to be proud she is a descendant of the Noldor elves and allowed to escort the high entourage of Rivendell.”

Ariane’s eyes widened at what her father had just said. “You mean you are letting me go?” Ariane squealed excitedly, as she remembered the promise she made to Arwen earlier on in the afternoon. “Are you sure?”

“No, not really because you are my daughter and I a concerned parent,” Lord Glorfindel admitted his worry. “But Lord Elrond, Lady Celebrìan and Lord Erestor think you are ready for such a journey to Lothlorien, on your own without me.”

Blinking in disbelief, Ariane stared at her father in reason. “What convinced you, father?”

“The word of my oldest and dearest friends,” Lord Glorfindel said, as he eyed his daughter suspiciously, knowing she had something to do with it too. “Also your display of innovation and courage shown today in the arena. I apologise for getting angry with you when you did as you saw fit.” Lord Glorfindel placed a warm hand on his daughter’s shoulder. “I am proud of what you did in using your judgement. You certainly showed Prince Legolas humility.” Lord Glorfindel smiled lovingly.

Ariane returned the smile and reached out to hug her father. Embracing each other, Lord Glorfindel handed back the mended cloak of his wife’s to his daughter.

“The tailor’s mended the rip and cleaned it.” Lord Glorfindel then clasped both his wife’s cloak and his daughter’s hand. “Wear it proudly tonight as you did today, and do not lose it like you have your mother’s bracelet.”

“You noticed? I thought you did not?” Ariane said, slightly taken aback.

“I notice everything Ariane. Just be sure when the bracelet finds you, it stays on your wrist,” Lord Glorfindel said simply.

Ariane heard her father’s words and threw him a suspicious look. “What do you mean when it finds me? Who do you know has it?”

“No one. Just a saying dear,” Lord Glorfindel chuckled. “You really are quick witted. Like your mother.”

Ariane smiled, always glad when her father said that, as it was like a memory of her mother to her. “I love you father,” she said, giving him another hug.

“I love you too, my daughter. Now get changed. The feast will begin within an hour. I will send an escort for you then.”

“Father, I am quite capable of going to the feast myself.”

“You are always the independent, but not this time,” Glorfindel stated clearly. “No lady of class should arrive at such a feast alone. You did so the last time with the welcoming feast for the House of Thranduil and I got quite a few stares from the Eldars. I will send a male elf to escort you in an hour.”

Ariane sighed in defeat. “Aye, father.”

Lord Glorfindel smiled, before leaving his daughter alone to get dressed.


An hour later, Ariane stepped out of her bedroom, dressed in her snug fitting silver grey dress of the Noldor and cloak draping over her arm, her long dark silky hair flowing behind her, with a small silver butterfly clip holding back strands of hair that would be falling over her face.

The female dress of the Noldor was delicate in appearance as it was the only dress made in elf history that allowed the bare shoulders of a she-elf to be shown. Intricately designed, the bodice had finely stitched vines and leaves interwoven with each other, and the actual skirt long and flowing as Ariane, looking as delicate as the dress she wore, descended the stairs of her father’s home, the dress sparkling as light through the windows touched it.

Approaching the bottom of the stairs, she began to feel the snugness of the dress.

“How I wish I sometimes were a male?” Ariane mumbled to herself, as she wriggled to get herself more comfortable in her attire and then clasp her robe over her shoulders, covering the dress. “I doubt they have to go through all this for vanity.”

Opening the door to set off to the feast, her eyes met the grey blue ones of the young Malfanaion or Figwit to those who knew him well. Dressed well in long shimmering velvet green and blue robes, Figwit smiled bashfully at her.

“Figwit!” Ariane greeted, slightly startled by the sudden appearance. “I assume you are the one that my father sent to escort me to the feast.”

Ever since she was an infant, Ariane had known Figwit to be one of her shyest, yet closest companions, other than that of the twins and Arwen. Two and half centuries older than her, Figwit is a skilled blades master and even more skilled with his hands in healing. Both Figwit and herself had lost family when they were young, Ariane her mother, where as Figwit both his parents to Orcs. Another thing in common other than being close friends was that elders too treated him differently. He was sent to the House of Healing the moment he could read and worked under the guidance of Lady Celebrìan all his life, where it was opposite for Ariane.

“Actually, to be honest no,” Figwit answered softly. “I believe a few elves are disputing amongst each other for that honour.” He then held out something in his hand. “I came to give you this instead.”

“My mother’s bracelet!!!” Ariane gasped at the sight of her lost memory. Figwit took the Ainur bracelet, which was more of a silver band with Elvish scriptures engraved on the topside and slipped it on Ariane’s wrist. “Where did you find it?”

“Let us just say I am the messenger,” Figwit hinted.

“Figwit, where did you find it?” Ariane asked, more determined this time. “And if you did not find it, who did?”

“If I tell who he is, he is going to know and then clobber me,” Figwit explained his reasons for withholding the information Ariane wanted.

“Figwit, please? I promise I will not drop a hint anyone. Who is he that he has so much to hide?”

“No Ariane. He wanted his identity kept safe and safe it shall be. Stop questioning me please?” Figwit pleaded insistently.

Ariane looked at her friend who seemed very adamant in keeping his secret. “Very well, Figwit.”

“Thankyou.” Figwit then looked about him. “Well…since no one has yet shown up to escort you to the feast, may I?”

“Of course, my friend. You are always welcome to,” Ariane smiled. “Why would I want anyone else to escort me, when I have the most healing male hands in the West to?”

Figwit expressed amusement as he held out his arm for Ariane to take. “Because you are the most talented female in the West and the most healing hands could not resist you,” Figwit joked along.

Ariane giggled at his improvised response taking his arm. “We must be a match made in the Undying Lands.”

Both friends chuckled at their rapport and chattered all the way to the feast, laughing and singing all the way.


Nighttime, Festivity Hall, Rivendell

The air was crisp as the stars came out to show their worth. The farewell feast for Lady Celebrìan and the Party of Lorien was in progress in the Festivity Hall of Rivendell, which was situated amongst some beautiful gardens along the Bruinen waterside, which grew many of the most exotic flowers in Middle-earth.

The families of Rivendell wore the gowns of the Noldor, shimmering blues, greens and silver grey colours, matched with either dark grey or dark gold stitching. Only the daughters of Lord Elrond and Glorfindel were the only to be dressed in the bare-shouldered celebrant dress of the Noldor, Arwen’s the pale shimmering blue and silver fine patterning, where as Ariane’s the silver with dark grey intricate patterning on the bodice. The House of Thranduil and Lorien wore the attire of the Teleri, their robes and gowns shimmering silver, which were then tinted with colours of greens and gold.
Everyone seemed to laugh at recalling Lord Glorfindel’s daughter head-butting the Prince of Mirkwood. Even the ladies of the house could not contain their amusement, bursting into giggles at the sound of the prince being defeated by a she-elf.

“Listen, Haldir. Did not mean to insult you earlier on today,” Legolas apologised to his friend, as he put a friendly hand on his shoulder and handed him a goblet of Cordial of Imladris.

The feast continued on into the night, with dinner first and then dancing and intermingling later on. The after party was well underway in the dance hall pavilion, which was connected by two bridges across from the feast hall. All the elves that had attended were there, laughing and dancing the night away with the ambient sounds of the Elvish loot, flute and harp playing harmoniously all along in the background. Legolas had just finished conversing with his father about their return trip to Mirkwood in a few days and had joined Haldir, who was standing to one corner looking bored.

“I was not insulted. Ariane paid you back quite sufficiently, I think,” Haldir teased, as he playfully hit his friend in the shoulder, taking the cordial. “Quite amusing I must say.”

“Am I going to be harassed left, right and centre tonight?” Legolas complained.

“Yes, because a she-elf, even though she is no ordinary she-elf, but still a she-elf, beat you by head-butting you,” Haldir chuckled as he was reminded of the startled look on his friend’s face when his female opponent head-butted him. “I just cannot forget get the look on your face when she did it!” Haldir cracked up laughing and then began to skulk down his drink.

Legolas threw him a look of annoyance. He then spotted Ariane across the dance hall in deep conversation with Arwen. He couldn’t help but smile slightly at the sight of her, happy that she was there and looking more like an alluring lady in the dress of the Noldor, rather than a fierce warrior.

“By Eru she is stunning tonight,” Legolas mumbled, not realising his thought came into words.

“What did you say, Legolas?” Haldir asked, hearing his friend’s expressions.

“Huh? What?” Legolas snapped out of his thoughts.

“You said `By Eru I was stunning tonight’?” Haldir bantered, as he grinned slightly and held his chin high.

Legolas slapped childhood pal with the back of his hand across the chest, with a small grin. “I said nothing of the sort! If anything, I said your were as attractive as a goblin, which in fact is terribly revolting and repulsive!”

Haldir chuckled and the looked at where Legolas attention was first at. “She is quite a fine she-elf though. She has the look of a star, yet the aura of ancients,” Haldir complimented.

“Which one do you believe I am talking about? The Undomìel or her protector?”

“If my eyes do not deceive me, it would have to be her protector. Do not get me wrong, the Undòmiel is beautiful, but I think your tastes are more to someone refined and resourceful. Much like many of the Woodland Realm females.”

“Aye, but the females of Mirkwood would not dare head-butt a Prince. I merely find Ariane fascinating and besides, it was Arwen I was complimenting,” Legolas corrected his friend, hiding his true compliment to Ariane.

“Really?” Haldir’s face lit up in opportunity. “Well since you said that, I am going to ask her ladyship for a dance.”

Before Legolas could say anything more or react, Haldir had finished off his drink, put his goblet on one of the near by tables and swiftly made his way across the dance floor to ask his friend for a dance.


“I feel awful in using your birthright as an excuse to escort my mother, but I really am quite worried. I just need some reassurance and I know I can trust you,” Arwen said respectfully. “But I told you it would work. Your father knows that part of your destiny is to protect me. Not necessarily obey, but protect.”

“I am sorry I ever doubted you. But I am still surprised at the outcome. I honestly still did not think my father would agree to your father or you giving influence for me to go. He believes very strongly in duty and believes that I should never leave your side.”

Arwen and Ariane had joined the rest of the Rivendell elves and their guests in the dance hall after they had a quiet conversation with their parents about Ariane’s leaving with the Celebrìan entourage to Lorien the next morning.

“Well Ariane, you are the more dutiful of us both. Your friendship has far from relinquished through out our childhood and I must admit, you have several times in the past saved my life,” Arwen recalled the years when duty were not issues.

“When?” Ariane looked at her friend, confused as to when she had done so.

“Fangorn Forest, when we were 8 centuries,” Arwen prompted. “My brothers, Figwit and we deciding it would be a good idea to adventure into the oldest forest on Middle-Earth.”

“Oh! That!” Ariane remembered the time where Elrohir and herself saved his brother, Figwit and Arwen from an orc trap in the middle of the Fangorn. “That was pure pot luck. If Elladan had not lost half the food rations and we had not gone back to look for it, we would have all been in the same dilemma, that night.”

“But fate twisted that way, making the both of you disappear for a day and half and save our lives the next night,” Arwen shivered slightly at the thought that they would have all been dead if it had not been for her brother and best friend. “You and my brother have become quite close have you not?”

Ariane looked at her best friend and smiled slightly. “I do not deny, Elrohir and I have formed a close bond since then. We share much together, but I do not think it is serious. Just friendship,” she answered, although not all sure about her answer.

“Then why is it that earlier on this evening, he told me he knew you had those Eregion blades?” Arwen said, in a slightly hurt tone. “You never told me where you got those Eregion blades? I have never seen you use them before today.”

Ariane got a distant look in her eyes. “It was my 1000 year present. Your brothers and Lord Elrond were present when my father gave them to me on behalf of my mother,” Ariane answered sorrowfully, as she remembered the special gift her father had given her.

“Your mother? But she passed.” Arwen looked at her friend, puzzled.

“Well, there is a history to it,” Ariane began to explain, remembering her father’s story the day he had given her the ancient weapons. “You know my mother was a cleric of Este?” Arwen nodded. “Well apparently when she first met my father, before the corruption of Sauron, she got these blades specially made for her child by an Eregion smith. She somehow knew I was going to exist and need weapons of the ancients,” Ariane explained the origins of her weapons, furrowing her brow in puzzlement. “My father never mentioned anything more than that or why he chose my 1000 year birthday, except the fact that I was the protector of you, the Evenstar, and hope.”

“But why only use it now?” Arwen asked softly, knowing that Ariane’s mother was a hard subject to dwell on for her daughter. “Why avoid using weapons of such justice until now?”

Ariane shrugged her shoulders, a look of sadness on her face. “I guess I never really had the courage to use them until now.” Ariane then noticed a familiar figure approach them. Quickly she wiped the sorrowful look on her face and grinned. “But enough about the Eregion blades. What does master Haldir of Lorien wish of us ladies of Rivendell?”

“Nothing more than to compliment you both on how amazingly beautiful you look this night,” Haldir greeted brightly. Haldir then held out his arm to Arwen. “And to ask her ladyship Evenstar for a waltz on the dance floor.”

Both girls looked at each other and softly giggled. Arwen then took his arm.

“Thank you Haldir of Lorien,” Arwen accepted the request. “I would be most honoured to have this dance with you.”

“The honour is mine my lady.”

Haldir and Arwen then left for the dance floor, Ariane smiling at them from behind. She then spotted the Prince of Mirkwood, alone but with a surprised look on his face as he looked at Haldir and Arwen, from the other side of the dance floor. She then spotted a well-known figure from her childhood behind him, smiling brightly at her, his grey eyes sparkling. Her heart at that moment skipped a few beats.


Legolas could not believe his eyes. I was sure Haldir meant Ariane, his mind raced. Legolas did not realise he was gaping at the couple until he saw Haldir’s Elven eyes gesture towards Ariane. Snapping back to his senses, the Prince of Mirkwood saw the most astonishing female he had laid eyes on in his years, staring back at him, her head slightly tilted to one side smiling. She has the most amazing smile.
All of a sudden, one of the twin sons of Elrond swiftly made their way past him. It was the twin wearing silver green robes. Legolas looked around to see where the other one was, who was dressed in silver blue robes, to find him striking up conversations with a few of the Elders. Bringing his attention back to Ariane, he realised he was not the one she was smiling at, as the twin moved closer to Ariane. What on Middle-Earth does she see in that half-elf?!?!? Legolas thought harshly, a pang of jealousy hitting him. Legolas realised his nastiness and shook his head. No, no, that is really irrational thinking. I am a royal of the Woodland Realm and I should treat others with respect and the twins have been wonderful hosts, Legolas calmed himself, his rationality kicking back in. Of course she was smiling at the twin. She hardly even knows me. Why be jealous when I hardly know her? She has insulted my honour by head-butting me, and she was rude when she dropped in unintentionally on the greeting party… Legolas contemplated all the reasons he should not be jealous and once he had finally finished, noting that the cons out weighed the pros, he smiled and then got back to enjoying the party, but still warily observing the couple on the other side.


Elrohir, dressed in the silver green robes of the Houses of Rivendell, had arrived with his brother, Elladan and their father in the dance hall after discussing his mother’s journey to Lothlorien to visit his grandparents. Lord Elrond went to join his wife, where as Elladan wandered off to converse with other elves.
Elrohir’s eyes searched the crowd, spotting his little sister dancing with Haldir of Lorien. Finally he found the elf he was looking for, standing on the opposite side of the room, and looking stunningly beautiful in his eyes. His heart skipped a beat as she had spotted him and smiled, tilting her head to one side. My lord she looks exquisite in the celebrant dress, he thought as he smiled back. He had known Ariane since she was an infant, but never really dwelt on the romantic inklings he had felt towards her because she was his sister’s best friend. However, as they grew up together, he could not help but let the she-elf’s character enchant him. The two friends had become close and the younger of the twins began to realise that if anything happened to her, he would die of grief.

Elrohir swiftly made his way across the dance floor and joined her. “Ariane, you look…amazing,” Elrohir complimented huskily.

“You look quite handsome yourself, Son of Elrond,” Ariane replied in kind. “I presume you and Elladan were told of your mother’s itinerary to Lorien?”

“Aye. Also of your departure through the Redhorn pass to the fair woodland city, under the request of my sister no doubt?” Elrohir asked, a worried look crossing his face.

“Yes, but I have always wished to see the lights of Lorien. It will be my first trip I remember there, so I am looking forward to it,” Ariane explained her desire. “But do not be troubled, I will be safe,” Ariane added as she noticed her friend’s furrowed brow.

“Ariane, it is not that I think you will be in danger,” Elrohir expressed his concern. “I am just perplexed to why my sister believes you should go with my mother to Lorien? She is very insightful and would not ask of you to go with my mother for no reason.”

“I am not so sure of the reason myself Elrohir,” Ariane replied. “She feels that I need to be with your mother on this journey. As if I am some sort of assurance that her Lady Celebrìan will be returned safely. Do you not trust your sister’s judgement?”

Elrohir cast his eyes to the ground in uncertainty. “No, I trust my sister’s judgement, but I must tell you that there is also this fear in my heart that I might not see you again.” Elrohir sighed deeply. He then gave Ariane an earnest look. “There are some foul things on this earth that like to disguise themselves as the sweet and innocent.”

“Elrohir, I understand your concern, but I cannot say no to your sister,” Ariane explained. “She is my best friend and best friends do not turn away from each other when one is in need.”

“Of course not and I am not asking you to turn away,” Elrohir made it clearer. He then moved closer to her ear and whispered softly. “I just do not know what I would do if something happened to you. I care about you and it would dishearten me if your lilac eyes were not in my life everyday.” It would kill me if I could not see you again, he wanted to continue, but bit his tongue. He so wanted to kiss her there and then, but held his desire to. No…not in front of everyone, it is not the appropriate time. I will wait. He then pulled back and gazed into her eyes, letting his hand caress lightly on her cheek.


The world seemed to have faded as Ariane looked back at the Prince of Rivendell. A warm tingly feeling coursed through her and she could not help but feel weak at the knees as he smiled at her.

Since she was 500 years, Ariane had always had a crush on the youngest of the sons of Elrond, but she never admitted it for he was her best friend’s elder brother. However, as she was growing up, Elrohir and herself became close and she felt very strongly towards him, but whether it was in love of a brother, or something else, she could not tell.
Elrohir gently caressed the back of his hand on her cheek. I never realised he felt that way for me, she thought excited that he felt this way about her, but then an uncertain feeling crept into her heart. I never realised I felt this way about him!!! But why do I feel this uncertainty in my heart? I like him a lot, but why do I feel so unsure?
Elrohir then dropped his hand when his sister and Haldir danced past and raised his voice back to normal levels.

“But I never complimented you on your defeat of the Prince of Mirkwood today. I must admit I had never expected you head-butt him.”

Snapping back to reality, Ariane quickly answered. “Well, if I am to protect the future royals of Rivendell later in life, like my father is doing now, I best be on my guard.”

“Aye. You certainly were today.”

The ceasing of Elven music and the voice of Lord Elrond then echoed through the dance hall.

“Elves of Rivendell, Mirkwood and Lorien. Tonight is a sad night,” Lord Elrond began. “Tomorrow, my wife will be leaving for several weeks to the Forests of Lothlorien and with her she will be taking the daughter of Lord Glorfindel, Arvariane Estel and the fine Sentinals of the Golden Woods, who have for the past month and a half been living amongst us as close kin.” Lord Elrond then gestured to one of his sons. “I would now like my children, Elladan, Elrohir, Arwen, Malfanaion and Lord Glorfindel’s daughter, Arvariane, to sing the song of Elves in honour of my wife and her entourage, the elves of Lorien and our most welcomed guests the House of Thranduil.”

The five elves made their way to the front of the dance hall next to the Lord of Rivendell. All stood tall in the order of age, Figwit, Elladan, Elrohir, Arwen and Ariane, as the music began to play the musical song of the Elves.

“The dragon is withered,
His bones are now crumbled;
His armour is shivered,
His splendour is humbled!
Though sword shall be rusted,
And throne and crown perish
With strength that men trusted
And wealth that they cherish,
Here grass is still growing,
And leaves are yet swinging,
The white water flowing,
And elves are yet singing
Come! Tra-la-la-lally!
Come back to the valley! …”

The song continued as the guests listened and began to dance to the harmonious voices of the young elves of Rivendell. As the final lines of the elf song came, Arwen and Ariane projected their sweet soprano voices to the last few lines.


At the ending of the last verse of the elf song, the crowd erupted into applause at the precise execution of one of the most beautiful yet difficult songs to sing to. Bowing and curtsying to the impressed crowd, the five friends stepped out of the limelight and rejoined the party as the band began to play the melodious Elven tunes again.

The night had continued on merrily as everyone became comfortable and began participating in dancing sequences. Ariane did not feel particularly into dancing that night. Thoughts of her two closest friends, Elrohir and Arwen, worry about the coming journey began scaring her. The moment she got a chance after the song, she slipped away from the party into the gardens below.

Two of the most preceptive elves worried about the coming journey. What does that mean? Ariane analysed. Arwen worried about the entourage and the safety of her mother and Elrohir seems troubled on the same path. She had wandered into a section of the gardens, which looked out upon the lights of Rivendell and where the moon of the night shone with an ambient glow, making the foliage around her radiate an aura of tranquillity.

Looking up at the starry night sky, Ariane breathed in the cool fresh air of the gardens. Closing her eyes she began to go into a reverie. She could feel a familiar presence in the nature around her, a presence of the past. Falling deeper into the reverie she saw a young Elven couple, their backs facing towards her, standing near the spot where she was now. There was a small sermon being performed, with a cleric uniting the two elves. The male was a blonde Noldor elf, dressed in formal battle armour, his hair neatly presenting plaits through out. The female was a Noldor, dressed beautifully in simple white and silver flowing robes, her hair loose save a small braid down the side with small white bellflowers through it. The cleric she realised was the younger version of Lord Elrond and the others present at the sermon were also the younger versions of other nobles and liegemen of Rivendell, Lady Celebrìan, Lord Erestor, Lord Giltanas of Elven Star, Lindir the court minstrel and Toril the loremaster.
Ariane wondered who the two elves were and the moment they turned to each other to say their vows, she gasped.

“Father?” Ariane looked at her then young father. She then gazed, for the first time in her life at the sight of her mother. “Mother?”
Ariane blinked many a time. She was the splitting image of her mother, Varnorah, the same dark hair, the same meaningful eyes and the same tall, but delicate form. The only difference was that her mother’s meaningful eyes were a light violet; where as Ariane’s were deep lilac. Now I know what my father means when he says I remind him of mother.
Ariane reached out trying to touch her mother’s face, wanting to feel her presence. But as her hand neared, the Ainur bracelet on her wrist began to get icy cold. The reverie then all of a sudden changed. Ariane could now hear a tormented scream behind her. Turning to the screams, her eyes were greeted suddenly with blazing fires and monsters leaping out from them. Whirling back around, the vision of her mother and father were gone, instead replaced the same blazing fires and monsters she had seen before. The fires then parted to show several elves. The elves were crying in anguish and were suffering. They seemed to be trapped by the fire. They seemed to be trapped by the fire trying to get out and calling her name.

“Ariane! Ariane, help us!” she heard the voices cry. “We are in pain! We are in so much pain!”

“Hold on! I will help!” Ariane yelled.

“Ariane! Ariane, help us!” she heard the voices cry again, ignoring her first response. “We are in pain! We are in so much pain!”

“Hold on! I will help!” Ariane yelled.

The elves did not seem to hear her. Ariane tried to run through the gap, but the fire kept on closing it when she approached. Looking around for an alternative means of breaking through, all she found was fire and the feeling of despair.

“Do not give up hope!” she cried at the top of her lungs as she tried to calm the screaming elves. “I will find a way! Trust me!” Ariane’s bracelet was still coldly burning into her skin, but she failed to notice as she continued to search frantically for a way out for the trapped prisoners. Her eyes then met her own. Startled she jumped back and stood face to face with her own self-image. However, it was not her exact image. It was a twisted contorted form of herself. The image staring back at her had hideous scarring all over the body and was bleeding everywhere and the eyes were blood red. It then smiled, exposing a mouth full of crooked foul teeth. Ariane winced and stepped back at the sight, shocked, but then noticed something moving inside its mouth. A black serpent emerged from the depths of the image’s mouth, hissing, it’s fangs sticking out, glistening like two white pillars of marble. The serpent hovered inside the mouth and Ariane was so terrified she could not move. Her pulse quickened as she watched the serpent stare back at her with its beady black eyes. All of a sudden, the serpent launched itself out of the mouth and attacked her, piercing his fangs deep into her chest. She screamed in terror and pain.

To be continued in Part 2…



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