Artanis Nerwen, Chapter Three – A tale of a She-elf

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The halflings were eating a simple meal. They were eating just about anything set in front of them, while Artanis looked on with cheerful amusement. ‘You know that supper is in two hours, don’t you?’ She asked. Merry nodded, spilling the fluid he was drinking down his front. Artanis laughed at the expression on his face. Pippin shook his head sadly, while Sam merely went on eating.

‘When you are finished eating, I will take you to your rooms.’ Sam looked at her. She spoke softly, ‘Your rooms are on the first floor Sam.’ Sam thought for a moment, ‘I’d rather be close to Master Frodo, if you please.’ he said hesitantly. Artanis looked at him in shock. ‘Why?’ Sam thought some more, a considering look on his face. ‘I’d like to take care of him, if I may.’ She thought for a moment. ‘I’ll see what I can do.’ Sam nodded appreciatively.

The halfling’s finished their ‘snack’, as Merry called it, washed their hands, and stood up. Artanis stood up as well, and Pippin grasped her left hand, while Sam held her right. Merry stood in front of them. They began walking north, and reached three small rooms, ‘These are the rooms I prepared for you. However, if you all wish, as Sam does, you may sleep on the floor in my room.’ Merry and Pippin thought for a moment. ‘May we sleep in both?’ Pippin asked timidly. Artanis looked confused. ‘What?’ Merry laughed quietly.

‘What Pip meant, is could we sleep one night in your room, and one night down here?’ Pippin nodded, ‘That’s exactly what I meant.’ He said quickly. Sam burst out emphatically. ‘I’m sleeping in your room all the nights.’ Artanis nodded, ‘I’ll see what I can do. You three stay here, don’t go wandering off. I’ll need to tell you what Elrond’s answer is.’ They nodded, and Artanis turned to go.

Artanis found Elrond talking with his council. She listened to a group of elves recite a poem. Then she heard Elrond say, ‘We’ll finish this discussion later.’ The council dispersed quickly. ‘Elrond, I need to talk to you.’ She said loud enough for him to hear, and him only. ‘What is it Art?’ He asked tenderly, calling her by one of her nicknames.

‘Nothing major, just a matter concerning the halflings.’ Elrond looked at her with interest. ‘What’s wrong? Don’t they like their room?’ Artanis sighed, ‘No, nothing’s wrong with their room. Sam wishes to sleep on my floor.’ ‘Whatever for?’ Elrond asked, Artanis replied. ‘He wants to be able to help me care for Frodo.’ Elrond nodded. ‘What about Merry and Pippin?’ ‘They want to sleep in my room every other night, sleeping in the room we prepared for them on the opposing nights.’ Elrond nodded.

‘Very well. They may.’ ‘Thank you.’ Artanis said, grateful that he had agreed to the plan. ‘Is there anyone else that wishes to sleep in your room?’ Elrond asked, a playful tone in his voice. ‘No, none that I know of.’ She answered truthfully.

Artanis walked swiftly to the halflings room. She knocked on the door gently, and then walked in. Merry, Pippin, and Sam eagerly looked at her. ‘What did he say?’ Merry and Pippin asked at the same time. Artanis decided to pull a prank. She didn’t answer. Sam looked at her worriedly. ‘Did he say no?’ He asked nervously.

She answered with a sad tone. ‘Elrond said yes.’ The halflings stared in amazement, ‘He said no?’ Pippin asked, Sam hung his head. Artanis laughed. ‘Weren’t you listening? He said yes!’ Merry laughed for joy. ‘YES!’ Pippin shouted, while Sam slid off the bed, and hugged Artanis. ‘Now, I must show you my room, so you can decide where you’ll sleep.’ Merry and Pippin slid off the bed as well, and they all merrily trotted toward the stairs.

The halflings didn’t look the happiest at the prospect of climbing two sets of stairs, but Artanis came up with an alternative plan. ‘If you all want, I could carry you up the stairs one at a time. I wouldn’t mind it.’ Merry, Pippin and Sam consulted for a while, and then Merry answered. ‘We’d agree to that, but we don’t want you to get to tired…’ ‘You still have to tend Frodo.’ Sam burst in.

Artanis smiled, ‘Very well, I will find two of my friends, and we’ll carry you up all together.’ The hobbits nodded, that was what they had planned. ‘You stay here at the stairs, a few of my friends are right of there.’ She pointed to a group of elves sitting in a group, listening to Evenstar tell a tale. ‘I’ll go get them, and come right back.’ Merry nodded. ‘We’ll be right here.’ Artanis nodded, and walked toward the group.

She walked quietly to the group, and found two young elves. One a graceful female, Quantamelmë, with a bright smile, and a taste for pranks, and the other, a young male, full of life, Quantacuilo. Quantacuilo was usually the one that got Artanis and Quantamelmë out of trouble, when they got in it. ‘Quantamelmë, Quantacuilo, I need your help.’ She said quietly to the two elves. They nodded, and discretely walked away with Artanis.

‘What is it Art?’ Quantacuilo asked, ‘Yes, what do you need?’ Quantamelmë asked worriedly. ‘I need you to help me.’ Quantacuilo smiled. ‘You said that.’ Artanis playfully punched him. ‘I know. You both know about the halflings, right?’ They both nodded. ‘What about them?’ Quantamelmë asked, Artanis answered. ‘I need you all to help me carry them to my room.’ Quantacuilo looked at Artanis. ‘Why? Aren’t they sleeping in the room you prepared for them?’ Artanis shook her head.

‘Well, the two youngest, Merry and Pippin, will alternate. One night in my room, and one in the guest room.’ Quantamelmë nodded, ‘What about Sam?’ ‘Sam will sleep in my room all the nights.’ ‘We’ll help you.’ Quantacuilo said. ‘The halfling’s are waiting at the stairs.’

Artanis’ friends nodded, and together they all walked over to the stairway. When the halflings saw Quantacuilo and Quantamelmë they whispered to Artanis, ‘Who are they?’ Artanis smiled, and answered. ‘This is Quantamelmë.’ She said, pointing to the beautiful elf maiden with her light brown hair. The halflings bowed, and Quantamelmë bowed back. ‘And this is Quantacuilo.’ Artanis ended, pointing to the lively young he-elf with his silver hair. The halflings felt a little safer with Quantacuilo, and they shook his hand. ‘Now, let’s get you to my room.’ Artanis said. ‘Very well Art, which one shall I carry?’ Quantacuilo asked.

‘Quantacuilo, you carry Pippin, while Quantamelmë carries Merry. I’ll take Sam.’ Quantacuilo and Quantamelmë nodded, and knelt. ‘Climb onto my back.’ They both said at the exact same time. Merry and Pippin laughed, then did so. Quantacuilo and Quantamelmë stood, while Artanis knelt. Sam hopped onto her back, and Artanis stood. ‘Come.’ She said. The three elves began walking up the stairs, at a moderate pace. When they reached the second floor, Artanis noticed a stretcher being carried to the third floor. ‘They’re moving Frodo.’ She said quietly to Sam.

She caught up with the stretcher. ‘Please, be careful while moving him, Lindir.’ She said to one of the elves carrying the stretcher.

The elf nodded, and Quantacuilo and Quantamelmë caught up with them. ‘Are they moving him?’ Quantamelmë asked. ‘No, they’re moving the treasury.’ Quantacuilo said, shaking his head, an annoyed look on his face. ‘It’s not like there’s something else we could do. This is the only way to the third floor.’ Artanis looked at him, an annoyed look in her brown eyes.

‘Both of you calm down. I need to supervise them moving him anyways. We’ll follow them.’ Artanis said quietly, moving up the stairs slowly. The elves carrying Frodo were holding him level, the top elves holding their side low, the back elves holding their end level with the front. That way Frodo wasn’t disturbed much.

‘How long will it take Dawn?’ Sam asked. Artanis turned her head to him, her eyes a light green. ‘Not much longer, Sam. We’re almost there.’ Sam looked at her, ‘Do your eyes always do that?’ He asked, Quantacuilo laughed. ‘Do what?’ Artanis asked. ‘Change colors like that.’ Sam supplied. Artanis smiled, her eyes changing to silver. ‘They always have, since I was born.’ Sam nodded, and Pippin nodded as well. ‘I was wondering about that.’ Pippin said quietly, Merry looked at him over Quantamelmë’s shoulder.

‘No you weren’t. You were busy wondering when we were going to eat.’ Pippin looked indignant. ‘How did you know that?’ Sam laughed, and then said. ‘That’s all you think about Pip. You’re almost as bad as Fatty.’ Pippin sighed loudly. ‘I get no respect.’ He threw up his hands, and almost fell off Quantacuilo’s back, causing Sam and Merry to laugh more. Quantamelmë and Artanis looked at each other, and Artanis spoke. ‘Here we are.’ The halflings hadn’t noticed that they had reached a doorway. It was a wood door, painted a dark green.

Artanis opened the door, revealing a medium-sized room. It was painted a medium green, and the bed was clothed in blue and brown. It was carpeted with a thick carpet, which was patterned in brown and green squares. The closet door was hidden behind a wall hanging depicting Cerin Amroth. The window opened to a beautiful view of waterfalls and the courtyard. There was a wood desk in one corner, covered with sketches and drawings, and a blue chair in another. There was an open door opposite the bed, which connected to where Frodo was still sleeping.

Artanis, Quantamelmë and Quantacuilo dropped the halflings onto Artanis’ bed, and Artanis went to check on Frodo, while the halflings fought over where they would sleep. Quantamelmë left the room, and Quantacuilo sat down.

Artanis walked into the recovery room to find Elrond bent over Frodo. She walked quietly to his side, and spoke. ‘I should have asked this earlier. Did you retrieve the splinter?’ Elrond shook his head, ‘No, and we’ll have to keep looking for it.’ Artanis sighed.

‘Why did you move him here then?’ Elrond shrugged his shoulders. ‘I thought it would be best.’ Artanis nodded, then turned back to her room. ‘Art.’ Elrond said. She turned back to him. ‘Yes?’ ‘Don’t worry, we’ll find it.’ She nodded, and left the room.

When she returned to her room, the halflings had agreed about sleeping spaces. They would all sleep on the floor, at the foot of Artanis’ bed. Artanis agreed. ‘That’s good. Now, I’ll show you Rivendell.’ Sam looked worried. ‘What about Master Frodo?’ Artanis knelt, ‘Elrond is with him now, he’ll take care of Frodo.’ Sam looked somewhat relieved. Merry and Pippin moved toward the door, while Sam walked with Artanis.

Quantacuilo stood, and walked behind them, watching Artanis carefully. They reached the stairs, and the halflings paused. ‘Do you want me to go get Quantamelmë?’ Artanis asked them. Sam shook his head. Merry shrugged his shoulders. ‘If we’re going to be here for a while, we might as well start doing it ourselves.’ Pippin said resolutely. ‘Very well.’ Artanis said, her eyes a dark gray.

Walking down the stairs was an eventful project, Merry fell down twice, Pippin once, and Sam didn’t fall down. When they reached the bottom, Merry dusted himself off, hitting Pippin in the process. ‘You did that on purpose.’ Pippin said angrily, while Merry tried to figure out what he had done. ‘I don’t know what you mean Pip.’ Pippin pushed Merry. ‘You hit me.’ ‘I did not, but I will now, Because you pushed me.’

Sam got in between them, and pushed them apart. ‘Both of you cut it out. Would you fight in front of them?’ Merry and Pippin shamefully hung their heads, while Artanis laughed along with Quantacuilo and Quantamelmë, who had joined them on the second floor.

‘Now, come.’ Artanis said to them, walking towards the main door. The halflings ran to catch up with her. ‘Where are we going?’ Merry asked. ‘Are we going to be back for supper?’ Pippin asked worriedly. ‘First question first. I’m going to take you along the main path, and show you around Rivendell. Second question. We will be back for supper.’ Artanis said, her eyes a bright, clear blue, her cloak lightly flapping in the brisk breeze. Quantacuilo turned back inside. ‘I’ll see you at supper.’ He called. Artanis waved over her shoulder. Quantamelmë waved as well.


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