Artanis Nerwen, A tale of a she-elf – Chapter Two: ‘How she came to be Dawnnamira’

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Artanis walked out of the main hall. Merry and Pippin ran over to her. “Artanis, Is Frodo going to be alright?” Pippin asked, a look of concern upon his face. Artanis knelt, and looked him in the eyes. “Elrond says he’ll be fine.” Merry almost yelled for joy. Pippin hugged Artanis around her neck.

“Now, I must tell Sam.” Artanis said gently, looking at the forlorn halfling. She stood, and Merry nodded. Pippin and Merry both grabbed one of Artanis’ hands, and together they walked to Sam.

Artanis knelt in front of Sam, and looked him in the eyes. Sam turned away. “Little halfling, what’s wrong?” Artanis asked gently. “Master Frodo’s gonna die. That’s what,” Sam said, a tear running down his face. Artanis had a look of compassion on her face. This halfling was genuinely concerned for his master. She gently cupped Sam’s face in her hands.

“Frodo is not going to die,” She said resolutely. “Elrond has treated him, and Frodo will survive.” Sam looked at Artanis with disbelief. “You’re not serious,” He said sadly. “Master Frodo is gonna die.” “No he’s not Sam. When I think of Frodo, I sense a much longer life. He will not die now. In fact, he could outlive all of us.”

Sam looked at Artanis with a slight hint of hope showing on his face. “Can, Can I see him?” Sam asked, nervously. Artanis looked at him intently. “Could you handle it? He’s been in a great amount of pain.” Sam thought for a moment. “I could. I want to see Master Frodo.” Artanis nodded. “Come.” She said, holding out her hand. Sam stood up, and grasped it. Artanis looked at the halfling beside her, and smiled. “When I look at you, I sense a great loyalty. You are a faithful friend.” Sam beamed, Merry and Pippin looked at each other.

“When can we eat?” Pippin asked. Artanis turned to Pippin. “You may go to the kitchen, and tell them I said to feed you.” Pippin jumped up like a dog invited for a walk. “Thank you.” Merry said, then they ran off. Artanis looked at Sam. “Ready?” Sam nodded solemnly.

They walked into the main hall. Sam looked around in wonder, the light green floors, and the skylights in the ceiling. “What is this?” He asked. Artanis reflected for a moment. “This is our main building. Most of us live here.” Sam looked around, staring at the elves walking through the massive hall.

“Where’s Master Frodo?” “Patience isn’t one of your virtues, is it?” Sam looked at Artanis, shaking his head. She thought to herself. “Frodo is in the healing room, but he will be moved to a recovery room soon.” Sam nodded, as if he hadn’t heard a thing she had said.

“Come this way, Sam.” Sam looked at the stairway with uneasiness in his face. “Master Frodo is on the second floor?” He asked, glancing at the stairs. “Do you want me to carry you there?” Artanis asked. Sam shook his head, determined not to let this elf see his fear. “No, I can walk, Dawnnamira.” Artanis looked at him, surprise on her face.

“What did you say?” She asked. “You look like a Dawnnamira should. I think it fits you.” Artanis shook her head in amusement. “You may call me that, if you wish.” She said, Sam looked at her gratefully. “I’d like to, if I can.” Artanis smiled at him. “I just said you could.” Sam nodded, “I forgot, Dawnnamira.” Artanis thought for a moment. “Why don’t you call me ‘Dawn’? I think it sounds better.” Sam thought for a moment. “Dawn. Dawn. Yes, I think ‘Dawn’ fits you better.”

Artanis grinned, “Now, let’s go see Frodo.” Sam nodded, and charged up the stairs. Halfway up he tripped, and rolled down three stairs. “Careful Sam.” Sam nodded. “Maybe you could carry me up?” He asked bashfully. Artanis knelt, “Hop onto my back.” Sam did so. Artanis rearranged him a little, and then headed up the stairs.

They reached the healing room, Sam tapped Artanis’ shoulder. “Can you let me down now?” He asked. Artanis knelt, and he slid off her back. “There he is.” She said to Sam. “Dawn, it’s too tall for me. I can’t see over the top.” Artanis smiled, and pulled a chair over. “Here, climb on this.” Sam bowed awkwardly, and climbed into the chair.

He almost immediately gasped. “Sam, Are you okay?” Sam didn’t answer. Frodo had a smudge of blood on his face. Yet he seemed to be sleeping very peacefully. “How long will Master Frodo be asleep?” Sam asked quietly, as if he were afraid to wake Frodo up. “Elrond says anywhere from a few more minutes, to three days.” Sam looked disappointed.

“I’m ready to go now.” He said. Artanis picked him up off the chair. “Are you hungry Sam?” She asked, Sam looked at her in disbelief. He thought. “Yes. I am.” He told her. She held out her hand, and said. “Then come, let’s go get you something to eat.”


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