Ariwen’s Visit to the Shire – Part 2

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Three of the Hobbits that were at the front of the crowd seemed very anxious for the party to meet them. Ariwen supposed these three must be Samwise Gamgee, Meriadoc Brandybuck, and Peregrin Took. Her father had told her and Eldarion tales about those 3 so many times. But where was Frodo? Then she remembered, he had went to the Grey Havens. Ariwen’s attention suddenly went to her Father, who had dismounted to meet the 3 hobbits. Indeed, he identified them as Sam, Merry, and Pippin.

“So, Merry, Pippin. Do you continue to make mischief in the Shire, or have you passed that oppurtunity on to your children?”, asked Aragorn.

“Our children now have that privilege”, answered Merry.

Ariwen noticed something about her Father…he was different when he was around the Hobbits. When he was with these 3, he was just Strider, a Ranger of the wilderness. Then it began to dawn on her. When these people had met him, thats who he was.It was the only part of him they knew well. All the other parts they had seen in him they knew little if not nothing of.

“If you wish to sleep in an actual bed after this long journey, then you may stay at Bag End, if you like”, said Sam, for he was the only one of the 3 with a few extra rooms to spare.

“I would very much enjoy it, my dear Sam. Now, shall we introduce the children?”, replied Aragorn. Without waiting for an answer, he montioned for Ariwen and Eldarion to come forward.

As Aragorn’s Heir, Eldarion was introduced first.

“Here is my heir, Eldarion.”

The Hobbits all bowed their heads in reverence to him.

“And Ariwen, my second child and only daughter”

“Milady”, and another short bow were given.

Once Sam, Merry, and Pippin’s children had all come forward and been introduced properly, Aragorn introduced the Hobbits to his Company and ordered that camp should be made. Arwen, who had come over to them 5 minutes ago, suggested that they move on to Bag End. They agreed and entered the Shire.

At first sight, Ariwen and Eldarion gasp at the simple but fair beauty of the Shire. Sam chuckled darkly, “You might not think the Shire so amazing when you get to know some of its inhabitants a little better”. A few of the children among the group blushed deeply. Sam led the way to Bag End. He opened the door,”Well, its not much, but very comfortable”.

“I’ll show you to your rooms”, said Rosie leading Aragorn and his family down a hall off the side of the family room.

Aragorn and Arwen’s room had been richly decorated, obviously Rosie and Sam wanted to make this seem as much like home as possible. Arwen and Aragorn looked awed.

“You didn’t have to do this”, said Aragorn softly, still in awe.

Rosie shrugged.”It was Sam’s idea.”

“There aren’t any breakables in the childrens rooms, are they?”, joked Arwen.

“I made sure of that”, laughed Rosie.

With that they departed and Rosie showed Ariwen and Eldarion to their rooms. When Rosie returned to the family room, Sam and the children were all still there. “Why aren’t the children in bed?!” demanded Rosie.

“They refused to go until you told them to”, answered Sam.

“Children, to bed”, said Rosie dangerously.

“Yes, Mother”, came a chorus of vioces as the children headed off to their own rooms.

“Well, Sam, its been a long day. We might as well be in bed, too”

“You’re right, Rosie, you’re right”, murmured Sam as they set off to their own rooms. “Its been a long day.”


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