Arien – Part Three

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A few hours after sunset, Arien felt as if she would like to do nothing more than sleep, but she remembered Lhach’s words and kept on. She heard the long, mournful cry of a wolf and shuddered. She had no desire to meet with another wolf. Although, it would make a nice story to tell her brother, Legolas. An orc horn was blowing in the distance, calling the others to battle. Arein stiffend, then relaxed. They were far away. She peered into the distance with her elf-eyes, but could see nothing for the trees and dark.

Some time later, Arien felt hunger pangs in her belly and ate a lembas bread. As she rode along with her horse, Celebang, Arien began to grow bored; so she started to sing. The song was an old one that told of Luthien Tinuevel. During her song, the darkness about her seemed to lift a tiny bit.

Arien came to the end of her song and the darkness settled heavily about her shoulders once more. It was almost like a blanket, heavy and smothering, although instead of warmth and comfort, Arien felt only cold; a frozen hand squeezing the world.

Arien was frightened by her dark thoughts, so she lifted her head to the sky to try and spot a reasurring star. She was disapointed. The only thing she spotted was a thick layer of clouds.

She turned her eyes to the road and wondered how her brother ws faring. She wished she had one of the lost seeing stones. If in fact she did posses one and had looked upon it, all she would have seen would have been the sleeping form of Legolas. He had just reached Imladris and told Elrond Halfelven the message. Then he had fallen onto his sleeping couch and into the relms of sleep. But Arien knew nothing of this. “He’s probably talking to Lord Elrond right now, laughing and joking like old friends,” she muttered. Instantly she felt ashamed. Legolas only sees the Lord Elrond every few hundred years, she knew that. She was only getting jelous of her brother again, and for no good reason this time. She had gotten what she wanted, hadn’t she? She was going to the Golden Wood, and what more could a two-hundred year old ask for? Companionship. To see more of her older brother. To make him laugh and have the favor returned. She had only a few friends, but she prefered this. In fact, she could list all her good friends on one hand. Legolas, Nimloth, and Tatharwen. Sure, she knew more elves than that, But only three were her friends. She relized that she also longed to be respected and prasied, to be told she was special.

Arien didn’t enjoy being the youngest in many situations. The only ones who seemed to think she was capable of anything was Lhach and Legolas.

When she was just five years old, truely young, she had announced to her father that she wanted to learn to handle a bow, horse, and sword. She had just come back from waching her brother practice all of these. Instead of telling Legolas like she should have, for he would have started her that very day, she had told her father, who thought her to young. As it went, when Legolas had found out her desires, he had tried to teach Arien to ride, but Thranduil had stopped these lessons as soon as her had discovered they existed. It was Lhach who had convinced her father to let her learn the arts. Arien remembered Lhach saying,” Anyone who is an elf, the orcs hate and would kill, weather or not she can defend herself. There is no harm in learning. Indeed, if she did start to learn these things now, in another five years she could wander alone with a bow and daggar.” The king had consented to this argument ad Lhach had turned and winked at her. He remembered what it was like to be young. His father had made him wait untill he was twenty to start learning these things, and Lhach still remembered the other elven-children showing off their skills. He couldn’t learn in secret, for his father had many spies. Other elves ahd wondered if he himself was not half-orc, for he was taken for fifty years by orcs, then relased. It ws during these days that Lhach had learned of politics, which was why he was now an adivsior.

Arien woke with a start. She hadn’t been asleep, really, but had fallen ino the sort of trance that travelers sometimes get into. She had felt lke she was falling into a deep well of memories and desires. A lone bird chirped. Then, as if that was the signal, the whole forest came into harmony to welcome the new day.

to be continued


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