Arian, Youngest Daughter

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As was said before, Arian was no lady. She would rather be in the woods climbing a tree or practicing her aim with a bow, rather than reading a book or doing somthing that she should. That is where she was moments before a small group of hobbits, and a very ill ring-bearer arrived in Rivendell.
She came to the House of Elrond not long before Glorfindel arrived. He was on his horse, Asfaloth who also bore a hobbit. He was unconscious and seemed to be failing fast. Arian was first stunned by such a sight and stood for a moment. Glorfindel noticed her and anxiously called out, “Arian! Bring your father!” Being reminded of the urgency of the moment, she ran of to find him.
The first place she looked for her father was his study, and as she thought she would, she found him there, pouring over a book. Elrond looked up to see her hair disheveled and in it a twig or leaf her in there. He had no time to express his displeasure because Arian burst out, her voice strained with urgency,
“Father, Glrofindel is here! And … a wounded halfling!”
“A halfing?”
“Yes Father! You must hurry!” Elronds voice was calm and sober, while Arian’s full of breathless panic. He said simply,
“Lead me to them.” Arian nodded quickly and led him to the road where Glrofindel was waiting. Elrond helped him carry the wounded hobbit to a room and lie him on a bed. As Elrond examined the wound Glrofindel told of how the hobbit, called Frodo, was stabbed by a ringwraith and how he had found Frodo unconscious at the ford.
Arian listened to the story at the doorway, she had been quite forgotten and watched on anxiously to see if the how bad the wound was. Glorfindel had finished the tale and Elrond nodded in acknowledgement and asked him to leave him in peace. Glorfindel stepped out and shut the door. He turned around to look at Arian.
“Is there anything I can do?” Glorfindel sighed with fatigue and said wearily,
“I do not think there is anythin-” He stopped to see her expression and raised eyebrows, and sighed, “There are more coming. You may greet them and help them find rooms to rest, for they have been traveling a long while.” Satisfied that that was truely all she could do, Arian nodded and set off to meet them at the path.

Who she met there were more hobbits, three of them. She greeted them warmly with a smile and offered to give them food a warm bed to sleep in. But one hobbit would not move until he knew the condition of ‘Mr. Frodo.’ She assured him that he was under the care of Lord Elrond and would soon be as good as new. She turned to see the tall stranger who had accompanied the hobbits but tried to stay out of sight. Arian smiled and said in the language that he knew so well,
“You needn’t hide Estel, I know you are there.” He returned the smiled and answer teasingly,
“I simply wished to see if you had grown more observant since we last met.” She would have stuck her tongue out at him if the hobbits weren’t watching them so closely because they could not understand what they where saying. She noticed their bewildered stare and said,
“Forgive me, I have been rude to not introduce myself. I am Arian, let me show you to your rooms.

The hobbit who had been so worried about Frodo revealed himself as Sam, and the other two as Merry and Pippin. Sam was allowed to stay with Frodo as Elrond tryed for days to heal him. Gandalf, who had arrived a few days before, also stayed. Arian, was allow no such courtesy, and was told sharply several times to stay out of the way by a different person.
Everyone was very anxious for the two days until the third day when Elrond removed the shard buried in Frodo’s wound. But their worry remained until the day when Frofo finally woke up.


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