Arian, Youngest Daughter : Intro – NOT a mushy romance, just a parellel to Tolkien’s with a girl who does somthing cool.

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Arian was the youngest daughter and child of Elrond. And, she knew that she would never be as good as a child as her brother or sister. But it is true that she never went completly out of her way for her father’s approval. She knew that she would never be as quiet and respectable or beautiful as Arwen. She also knew that she would match Elladan’s skill with a bow, or Elrohir’s with a sword. She loved her siblings, yes, but she always knew that in whatever way Elrond had a need of them for something, one of his children could provide it for him, there was no room left for any talent that Arian possesed.
But, then again, Arian herself was not a model child. On the contrary, she was to outspoken, could not hold her tongue to save her live. She laughed too loudly and too often, she spoke, not just spoken to, as a proper Lady should, but whenever a thought came to mind. She did not enjoy obeying what anyone told her, and would only be silent, or leave, or apolagize, or do whatever was asked if her father gave her that look that said quite plainly, “Why are you not as a good child of mine should be?”
As I said, she knew that she would never match Arwen’s beauty. This is probably true, but Arian was not ugly. She was very beautiful, just in a way that differed from her elder sister. She was tall and fair, and had the family dark hair. But unlike the family grey, her eyes were a bright a vibrant green. Arwen’s beauty was that of reverence and grace. Arian’s was lively, with a smile about her, and her eyes were always laughing.
Although her skill at arms could not match her brothers’ she was not without it. It must also be taken into acount that she was not a boy. But she was fast, and accurate with a bow and deadly with a sword. She was the best in Rivendell, with, of course, the exception of her brothers. With them she would always be second best, and that is all she saw.

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