Arian, Youngest Daughter: – Chapter Two

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“Arian, are you alright?” Gandalf approached her with a face full of concern. Arian smiled to herself, she loved Gandalf, he had always treated her like a grandaughter and seemed to always approve of and appreciate her when her father did not. Arian had just been thinking about the Ring of Power and the threat it had caused to Rivendell. She had heard her father and Gandalf arguing about it, she understood that the ring would have to leave and someone would have to take it.
She had probably looked really worried, she feared that someone she knew would have to take it. What if they got hurt, or worse? But she would not let Gandalf see her so upset, it would make her feel like a child.
“Of course I am all right Gandalf.” She smiled and asked, “How is Frodo?” Gandalf seemed relieved that Arian was all right and gladly answered,
“He is walking about and having a wonderful time here, as am I.”
“I am glad to here it.” Arian hesitated before asking the question she was really worried about. “What are we going to do about the Ring?” Gandalf frowned with worry and answered,
“I do not know. We are holding a council tomorrow to discuss it’s fate.” Arian nodded and thought about this for a while. This council would obviously contain the most important figures of middle earth, representing their kind and home land. Arian wondered if she would be important enough to be allowed to attend. Her father would certainly not want her to go. But she had an interest, and it was her fate too. Maybe Gandalf could convince Elrond to let her go, he had done similar things in the past. She turn to ask him but just as she opened her mouth Gandalf interupted and said, “I have already seen to it that you are allowed to go.” He smiled, he knew her so well! Arian gave him a breif hug and ran off to tell her sister of this exciting news.

* * *

The next day at the council Arian sat near her father, among the other elves of Rivendell invited to go. She surveyed those who had come. To her left was Gandalf, then Frodo. Beyond them, curving in a semi-circle were the elves of Mirkwood, she had many friends froms there and noticed Legolas, he had often annoyed her as a child, but they were still friends and it was nice to know that he was here. Legolas saw her and gave Arian a brief smile, she smiled back, it had been a while since she saw him. Sitting next to a very uncomfortable elf, was a equally uncomfortable dwarf. He seemed old, and Arian had never seen him before, but she assumed that it was Gloin, she had heard of him in one of the many tales that Bilbo told. Next to him, she guessed, was his son, at the moment Arian could not quite remember his name. Beyond the son of Gloin was a man with light brown hair and a very shorp look. Despite his travel stained clothes he looked regal and important. From the designs and colors he wore, Arian could see that he was from Gondor. Then, at the very end was Aragorn, her very own Estel. She laughed to herself as she thought that he was looking and great deal cleaner. Elrond stood up and greeted everyone for being here.
“I am sorry to tell you that a great evil has come to us here in Rivendell.” He turned to Frodo, “Frodo, the Ring.” Frodo stood and unstseadily walked to the center of the room, were he placed the Ring on a high stone table. When he sat back down everyone began to murmer. Even Arian could not catch what anyone was saying, but she did hear someone breath,
“It is a gift.” She glanced over to were the man of Gondor sat. He stood, and said in a tone so that everyone could hear. “A gift to the foes of Mordor! We should use it, to fight against Sauron.” Arian had opened her mouth to tell this man not to be to full of himself and that it’s not as simple as that. But Aragorn answered for her, and in a bit more respectful manner.
“You cannot wield it. Only Sauron can, it has no other master.” Aragorn had stayed in his seat, he did not need to stand to convey everyone’s attention. The man of Gondor turned, he seemed very annoyed,
“And what does a ranger know of these matters?” He hissed at Aragorn. At this Legolas stood up and said,
“This is no mere ranger, this is Aragorn son of Arathorn,” Arian rolled her eyes, did he just have to butt in? “And you owe him your allegiance.” At this the man of Gondor turned to Aragorn again and said,
“Gondor has no king.” He sat down down, “Gondor needs no king.” Well, she had to hand it to Legolas, at least he shut up the obnoxious man of Gondor.

Elrond continued,
“The Ring must be destroyed, is cannot stay in Rivendell.” Of course, Arian had known that all along. Her eyes quickly went to the son of Gloin, who stood and said,
“Well, what are we waiting for?” He raised his ax, and before anyone could stop him, brought it down on the ring. The dwarf fell back, as if pushed by a great force, the blade of the ax shattered to pieces around an unharmed Ring.
“The Ring cannot be destroyed by any craft we here posses.” Were the corners of his mouth twitching? Was the great lord Elrond amused by the dwarf’s failed attempt? Arian quickly banished the idea, for as long as she had lived, she had seen little of what her father was amused by. He continued, “The only place the Ring can be destroyed is where it was forged, in the fires of Mount Doom.” A great murmer arose on how it would get there. The son of Gloin lost his temper and rose yelling,
“I will be dead before I see the Ring in the hands of an elf!” At that Arian lost temper and lept to her feet, as had many of the Mirkwood elves. How dare he say such things! Who was a dwarf to decide who would take the Ring and who would not!?! Gandalf had also stood, it seemed like everyone had stood, all yelling and arguing, Legolas stood with his arms outstretched, trying to keep his companions from getting to the dwarves. Above all the din, a burly voice, could be heard, “Nobody trusts and elf!” Arian could not even hear herself. She heard one small voice, that was not heard by others at first, then it repeated itself,
“I will take it!” Everyone had fell silent and turned to Frodo he spoke quietly now, “I will take the Ring to Mordor.” Everyone was completely silent now, over the days Arian had become quite fond of the young hobbit, this was exactly as she had feared. “Though I do not know the way.” His voice was timid and small, how could he go on this perilous journey and come back alive? Gandalf smiled and said,
“I will help you bear this burden, Frodo Baggins. As long as it is yours to bear.” He walked behind Frodo and put his hand on his shoulder. Arian’s mind was working rapidly. Gandalf too? She could not bear to lose him. Aragorn stepped forward,
“If by my life or death I can serve you. You have my sword.” Aragorn as well? He had been like a younger and older brother to her for so long. The son of Gloin stepped forward,
“And my axe!” Then Legolas,
“And my bow.” That tears it! As much as it scared her, Arian could not let all those she cared about go off and maybe never come back while she sits at home and knits! Her father would definately not like this… but before she had second thoughts, Arian stepped forward and said,
“I too am going, and I will be as much help as I possibly could be.” Frodo smiled at her, but it hardly mattered, because it was smothered by a dozen other frowns. She avoided looking at Elrond. The man of Gondor was also to come. Merry, Pippin, and Sam would come as well. Arain stole a glance at her father, but quickly looked away, there would be some fight tonight, that was for sure. No one would what her to go, she was too precious, too fragile. The very thought made her want to gag. Those who were on the Fellowship would care too much about her to want her to go. Her father would never allow it. Well, she thought defiantly, he could forrbid until he is blue in the face, but I am still going.

Author’s Note:
I cannot remember exactly what Elrond and everyone else said, it’s been ages since I’ve seen the movie, and I can’t remember what they said in the book, so there are just the vitals, bear with me.


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