Arenial- The Extraordinary Elf – Prologue

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Authors Note: This is my first story. I own all characters except for Legolas and others that appear later in the story. All comments are welcome. Enjoy!

A gentle breeze blew through the trees. I trustled her hair. Arenial sighed. She stood watching the stars as, one by one, the popped out onto the dark blue sky. Often she would stand here, as the Sunset, consumed by her thoughts.

Arenial was different. Sure she was as beautiful as the other Elf-maidens of Mirkwood but her real beauty came from her personality. She was kind and considerate towards everyone. She had piercing green eyes, most of the time. They changed their color to show emotions. For example, when she was angry her eyes were dark and when she was sad, her eyes were the lightest shade of blue imaginable. She also had long red hair, which was unusual for an Elf. But the most beautiful thing about her, besides her personality, was her melodic voice. She could sing sweeter than aany other bird on Middle Earth.

Yet, there was something strange about her, she could tell, but she couldn’t figure out what it was just yet. Sometimes she would accidentally set something on fire, but she didn’t know why. She let her mind wander and her thoughts came to Legolas.

Legolas was her best friend. He taught her how to use a bow and arrow and how to fight with a sword. She excelled at both. She remembered how they used to play hide and seek all the time when they were younger. He always won. The two were inseperable. She could tell him anything and if she wanted it kept a secret, he wouldn’t tell a soul.

But now he was gone. He said he would only be away for a few weeks, but it had almost been two months, and she was geting worried. Not to mention lonely. Sure she had other friends, but she loved being with Legolas. What is Legolas was dead? The thought of death scared her, ever since her mother dissapeared when she was very young. Something inside her told her that he was in trouble. She only had one choice, she would go find Legolas!


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