Arenial- The Extraordinary Elf – Part 7 ~Lothlorien~

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Author’s Note HELP! I am stuck in my next chapter! I have no idea how to continue so I am asking you, my readers, for help. If you have any ideas, PLEASE post them in the comments area. THANK YOU! Recap Arenial was brought to Lord Randos’s palace where she found out that she was a Maia and that Randos wanted her to rule the Elves with him. Arenial also found that Legolas had been taken prisoner here. Arenial escaped with Legolas and Maddox but the Morquendi Elves found out and fired arrows at them. Maddox was hurt and is still not recovering.

Once the stopped for the night, Arenial lit a fire. She boiled some water and used it to clean Maddox’s wounds. But, there was something else at work in Maddox, the arrows had been poisoned! Arenial did her best to clean the wounds, but Maddox was, slowly, slipping from consciousness. She looked over the Legolas and found he had fallen asleep. She wondered if he could help. He had some healing experience.

She crept over to him and shook him gently, “Legolas, Legolas wake up.”

“What?” he asked groggily.

Legolas, I need you to do something for me. I know you’re weak and tired but, I need you to find something to help Maddox.”

He looked at Maddox, who moaned in his delirium. Arenial ran over to him and checked his forehead. It was sweaty and he was burning up with fever. Legolas, slowly, joined Arenial by Maddox’s side.

“There’s not much I can do, Arenial,” he said. Arenial looked up at him with, teary, pleading eyes. “But, I do know something that would possibly help. I’ll be back,” he said. Before he left, though, he took something to eat.

Arenial stopped hime before he left, “Here,” she said, “take my sword, I’ll feel better if I know you have something to protect yourself with,” she handed it to him.

“But, what about you, what if something attacks you?” he had worry in his eyes.

“Legolas, don’t worry, I have my daggers and my bow. I do know how to protect myself. I was taught by one of the best teachers I know.” She smiled, but it was soon gone as she heard Maddox moan again. “Go, please, I don’t want to lose him.”

“OK, Arenial.” and Legolas left.

Arenial walked back to Maddox and used a cloth th wipe the sweat off his forehead. Then she took his hand and, softly, kissed his forehead.

“Maddox, please don’t leave. You can’t, not after what we’ve been through. You can’t, please, don’t.” Tears were streaming down her face.

Maddox looked up at her, pain and fear showing in his eyes. He tried to speak, “A-Arenial.”

“Shhh, Madox, don’t speak, you’ll only waste your strength. Legolas, will be back soon with something to help. Please, stay with me. I don’t want to lose you.” She bent down and whispered in his ear. “Im melin le.” (I love you)

Maddox held her gaze, “Do you really?” he whispered.

“Yes, Maddox, I do.”

Maddox’s eyes rolled back in his head. He was loosing consciousness fast.

“Maddox, stay with me!” Arenial cried. But Maddox fell unconscious.

Legolas returned a few minutes later and found Arenial kneeling next to Maddox, holding his hand.

“Hoe is he?” Legolas asked her as he sat next to her.

“Unconscious and his fever grows every second.”

“I have brought, with me, Athelas. *It will help to slow the poison.”

Legolas put the Athelas into some boiling water. Then, using a cloth, applyed it to Maddox’s wounds. He stirred a little as the medicine enteres his body. Arenial found the scent very refreshing.

“What are we going to do?” Legolas asked, “We have to get him to a healer, and fast.”

Arenial thought for a mement, “We should bring him to Lothlorien. It’s closer to here than Mirkwood amd, I fear, Maddox won’t last long.”

“They won’t let him in because of his backround.”

“We have to try, Legolas. I know he’s a Morquendi, but there is no evil in him. When I first met him, I sensed some, but, now, it’s gone. I don’t want to lose him. He’s become one of my greatest friends.”

“Alright, I’m coming with you. Arenial, get some sleep, you look exhausted.”

“But, what about Maddox?”

“I’ll watch him, Arenial. Go to sleep.”

“OK.” Arenial lay down, next to the fire, and was asleep within seconds.

They started early the next morning. Maddox was set on Larien and Arenial sat behind him, to keep him from falling off, and Legolas walked beside.

“Look,” Legolas said as he pointed to a clearing, “This is where I was captured. We’ll be in Lothlorien tomorrow.”

They stayed there that night and Legolas put more of the Athelas into Maddox’s wounds. They continued on, early, the next day.

They came to Lothlorien, just before dark, and Haldir (the real Haldir) greeted them.

“Ah, Prince Legolas, what brings you back to our fair land?”

“Haldir, March Warden od Lothlorien, I am here with the Lady Arenial and Maddox. We–”

Arenial cut him off, “Please, can you bring us to the Lady Galadriel? Maddox is very ill and need a healer.”

“Maddox,” Haldir said his name over, “Is he a Morquendi?”

“Yes, but–”

“I cannot let you pass then.” Haldir said.

“Please, Haldir, please let us through. He is not evil. I cannot sense any in him. Please, let us pass.”

“Let me handle this,” said Legolas to Arenial. He took Haldir aside and spoke to him quietly. “Haldir, you do not know whom you speak to. Arenial is one of the Maiar.”

Haldor’s eyes widened and he looked at Arenial, who was gently patting Larien’s neck. “If what you say is true, then I will let you pass, but, are you sure he is not evil?”

“Yes, I am sure. Thank you, Haldir. But, can I ask you one thing?”


“Tell no one about Arenial.”


Legolas walked beck to Arenial and told her they were allowed passage.

“Come, follow me.” said Haldir.

Haldir led them to the palace where the Lord Celebore and Lady Galadriel dwelt. “Here dwell Celeborn and Galadriel. It is their wish that you should speak with them.”

“Arenial, go with Haldir. He will take you to them. I will wait here with Maddox.” Legolas said. Arenial nodded and followed Haldir.

He lef her up many flights of stairs and on the way up, Arenial heard a voice in her head //Welcome to Lothlorien, Arenial: Weilder of Flame. I know you are a Maia but, do not worry, I will not tell anyone.//

Arenial was startled. How could anyone know she was a Maia when she had only, just, found out herself?

At last, Haldir brought her to a doorway at the top of the stairs. “They are in here, Lady.”

“Thank you.”

Haldir bowed and left. Arenial, nervously, entered the room. She walked to the center of the room and she saw Celeborn and Galadriel rise to greet her. Lord Celebore stood tall and proud, his face showing no emotion. The Lady Galadriel, however, had a welcoming smile on her face. She was clothed in white, which seemed to glimmer about her. Her long, golden, hair rippled over her shoulders.

“Creoso a’ Lothlorien, Arenial,” she said. (welcome to…)

Arenial bowed, “Elen sila lumenn omentielvo.” (A star shines on the hour of our meeting.)

“Now, tell me, Arenial, why do you wish to see me?” the Lady asked.

So, Arenial told her story and the Lord and Lady listened thoughtfully.

At last, after Celeborn and Galadriel, they came to a conclusion, “I will do as you ask, Arenial.” Galadriel said. “Idril!” she called over a servant, “bring Arenial to a spare room. Then find Prince Legolas and Maddox and bring the sick one to the healing room.”

“Yes, milady. Lady Arenial follow me.”

Before she left, Arenial thanked the Lady. Arenial followed Idril to a spare room and she put her pack on on the bed.


“Yes, Idril?”

“Before I go to find Prince Legolas, would you like a bath?”

“Yes, that would be wonderful. Thank you, Idril.”

“Very well, come with me.”

Idril led Arenial to a large room with a tub in the middle. The tub steaming water in it and there were many towels along he side.

“I will leave you now,” Idril said.

“Thank you, Idril.” Arenial said. Idril bowed and left.

Arenial stripped her dirty cloths off and sank into the water. It felt nice on her limbs and Arenial took this chance to relax. She found many soaps and shampoos along the edge and she scrubbed off all the grime on her body and in her hair.

After her bath, Arenial dried herself off and brushed her hair out until it shone. Then she slipped into a light blue dress and left. She wanted to find Maddox so she asked an Elf where the healing room was. She found the room and slipped in quietly. She found Maddox lying on a bed and the Lady sitting next to him.

“I have driven the poison from his system and have managed to break the fever. He will sleep now.”

“Thank you very much, Lady Galadriel.”

“Tell me, why do you care so much for him, that you brought him to me? He is, after all, your kidnapper.”

“I love him.” Arenial sais simply.

“I see. Well, I will leave you now. You can stay here with him if you want.” Arenial nadded and bowed as the Lady left.

* this is a line from the FOTR movie. Ya know, when Strider tells Sam to find some Athelas. I couldn’t resist.


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