Arenial- The Extraordinary Elf – Part 4 ~Reflections~

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(B) Author’s Note(B) To answer some questions of some of my readers, Maddox is just impersonating Haldir. Haldir does exist. And I have a question. I know that Elves go to the Halls of Mandos when they die, but do Dark Elves go there too? If any of you know the answer, I’d really like to know. Thanks a bunch! Anyway, on with my story.

Legolas leaned his aching, throbing head against the cold, stone wall of his prison cell. He looked arounf. He was in some sort dark dungeon. The only lights were a few torches along the walls. Legolas shiveres. The place was cold and musty. He would catch a cold for sure. He drew his knees up to his chest and tried to keep warm. He felt hot tears come to his eyes but he quikly wiped them away.

“Be strong, you’ll get through this” he told himself.

He wondered what he had done to deserve this. Legolas colsed his eyes and thought back to what had happened the passed few months.

~ Legolas awoke extra early so he could get a good start on his journey. He was excited for he was going to Lothlorien to visit one of his very good friends, Amrod. They hadn’t seen each other in over twohundred years and Legolas felt it was time for a visit. He planned for a surprise visit. Of course, though, he sent a messenger to tell the Lord and Lady of his arrival, but he told them not to tell Amrod.~

Legolas smiled. The thought of his friends always cheered him up.

~ Legolas had been so excited, that he forgot to tell Arenial he wsa leaving. But, it was too early to wake her up now; all of Mirkwood was probably still asleep, except for the guards. So, he wrote her a short note and stole away to her (I)talan(I)(living quaters) as quikly and as quietly as an Elf can move. He then placed the note beside her bed and was gone just as soon as he came.~

The sound of a key opening the lock on his cell door brought his back to reality. A guard came in and, practicaly, threw a bundle at him and placed a cup on the ground. Legolas opened the bundle. Inside was a scrap of bread. The glass contained water. This was what Legolas had been living on for the passed month and a half. He quikly ate it and returned to dream-land.

Arenial, her name resounded in his head. This time he let the tears fall. He loved her, though he had never been able to reveal his fellings to her. He wondered if she loved him back. Now he feared he would die, in this dreadful prison, and she would never know. How did he end up like this? Why was he here? His thoughts, reluctantly, turned to that faitful night.

~ Legolas was only a day out of Lothlorien. He had a wonderful visit with his old friend. Oh, how his friend’s face lit up, when he saw Legolas, and ran to embrace him. They lauged a lot, those few weeks, as they reminiced about old memories of their childhood.

He was sitting by his fire when, out of nowhere, an arrow landed on the ground next to him. Then, at least a douzen Elves came out of the woods. They all had dark, almost blak, hair. They charged at him swords drawn. Legolas was able to kill three with his bow but they surrounded. Legolas faught, dodging this way and that, delivering blow after blow, but there were too many. While he was concentrating on two Elves, another one came up behind him and stuck him in the head. Legolas fell unconcious.

He awoke two days later in the very cell he was in at the moment. His mind was full of questions. What happened? How did he get here? Why was he here? He was never answered any of those questions. Day after day, he sat on a hard bench, only being fed a scrap of bread and a small cup of water a day. He was extremely weak, so even if he wanted to get up, he couldn’t. He had been here for almost two months. Legolas was sure he would go insane. He hoped someone would find him. He wanted to see Arenial’s face again. He wanted to hear her voice. He promised himself that as soon as he was released, from this prison, that would be the first thing he’d do. He’d tell Arenial he loved her. Now the question was, how was he going to get out of here? He found that they, whoever ‘they’ were, had taken away his pack and his weapons. He sighed and fell into a sleep sleep.


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