Arenial- The Extraordinary Elf – Part 3 ~A Confession~

by May 4, 2003Stories

Arenial was silent for most of the journey, only speaking when she wanted to stop or tp ask Haldir (actually Maddox) where to go. He didn’t speak much either. Arenial was still wondering why Legolas was still in Lothlorien after he said he would be back in a few weeks.

Arenial looked up at the sky. It was clear blue and there were quite a few clouds in the sky.The Sun was high in the sky. Arenial guessed it was around noon.

“Haldir?”, Arenial said, breaking to silence.


“We should stop for a while, don’t you think?”

“Yes, that would be a good idea.”

So, as soon as they came to a clearing in the wood, they stopped and had a bit to eat. Then they lay down to reat. Maddox lay down on his back, putting his hands behind his head, and gazed at the clouds. Arenial joined him and, soon they were laughing, and having a great time, pointing out shapes in the clouds. Maddox had never felt so alive before and, for the first time, he felt happy. His life, before he met Arenial, was gloomy and dark and he was constantly depressed.

“That one looks like a horse running in the wind,” Arenial pointed to a cloud moving across the sky.

“Yes it does, doesn’t it?” Maddox agreed.

So, this became a tradition. Whenever they stopped for lunch. and there were clouds in the sky, they would point out what each cloud looked like. Maddox found himself liking this girl more everyday, and slowly, he turned from his evil ways. He found himself thinking about his purpose, the reason, why he was here and wished it wasn’t so.

“We should be heading west very soon,” Maddox thought to himself, “If we’ll be able to get to my master’s palace in a few days. Oh, why do I have to do this? Why can’t I just be a good Elf?”

A voice inside his head answered, “Because you’re evil and you always will be. No Dark Elf has ever turned from the Dark side and you’re not going to be the first.”

While Maddox struggled with his own thoughts, Arenial was being tortured by her’s. She loved Legolas, well, at least, she did. But, then, Haldir came into her life. He had handsom features and dark, almost black, hair. Did she love him? She wasn’t so sure. When she first met him, she sensed evil in him. But, as the days passed, she felt it slowly diminish.

Maddox glanced at Arenial, who was laying beside him. They were looking at the clouds again. Oh, how he wanted to kiss her, feel her warm lips on his. Just then, an eagle cry shook them from their thoughts and Maddox saw it land on a branck not far from them.

“Oh, Haldir, it’s beautiful.” Arenial exclamed.

“Not as beautiful as you” Maddox replied.

Arenial sat up, “What is that suposed to mean?”

Maddox sat up also, “Nothing, except…” His voice died away as he leaned forward and brushed his lips against hers. When he pulled back he saw tears come to Arenial’s eyes.

“Haldir, please don’t.”

“Why not?”, he asked as he leaned in for another kiss.

“Because,” Arenial’s voice became soft, “Because, I love Legolas.”


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