Aragorn and the Palantir – Part 2- Being the second and final part of the miniseries of Aragorn and the Palantir

by Jun 2, 2004Stories

So it befell that while King Theoden was making war strategies with other captains of the Rohirrim, Lord Aragorn, or Dunadan as he is called in the High tongue, was making a war of his own.
Aragorn awoke in alarm as Halbarad opened the door of his chamber. “A token, my lord, was given to me from the lady Arwen. She bids me give this to you, and now with great mirth I obey her command.” Halbarad decreed while handing Aragorn the object. “A message, my lord, she did also send you.” Aragorn received the object, and unfurled it seeing what lay therein. “The Lady Arwen said that, `Heavy will the hearts be of the men who see this sword or it’s master fall, so let it not happen.'”
” Once again Halbarad you have proved your worth to me, and your countrymen.” And they grabbed each other’s, and held each other in great comradeship. ” But now you must leave my chamber for I have a great and weary task ahead of me. I shall call for you again, my friend, ere we leave this gloomy place.”
“As you wish my lord. I’ll see to the Dunedain in your leave.” With those words Halbarad took his leave and left Aragorn alone in his chamber.

Aragorn’s sweaty palms gripped the cold glass ball as he muttered under his breath, “Noble Elendil, harken to my cry in this hour of need!” Aragorn’s vision shifted from the inside of his chamber to the blazing eye.
“Back again Longshanks? Isn’t the time drawing nigh for you to come rule the corpses that I leave in your country! Your precious White City is already burning. Denethor could have saved himself the trouble, and just handed me the keys to the city! I have moved the pawns and the war has begun … if you could call this rout a war! Tell me mighty Elfstone how you plan to hide that which is mine from me? You fool I see everything! Will you have Elrond possess it, for no doubt he is the strongest minstrel of your lot? Or will you try to send the ring West, to the Blessed Realm? If you choose the latter no doubt Halfelven forgot to learn you in lore. For do not you know that Melkor will return to lead our army, and then no one, not even the mighty Valar will be able to stand against it!”
It was after this speech that Aragorn spoke to the eye for the first time in their encounter.
“Long indeed has your arm grown Gorthaur, if you rank yourself an equal with your master! You cannot defeat me by words alone; I know that you are nothing more than a shadow! Cast down once was Buradur, and history always repeats itself. Too long have you hid in the shadow, and used thy words proud Gorthaur! For now the king comes, and your days of mastership of the realm are waning!”
It was then that Aragorn unsheathed his sword, and took off his cloak. It seemed that he grew taller, and fairer. He looked like one of the kings of old. When at last Aragorn spoke for the final time.
“Surely you recognize this blade? For it was your bane, and it has feasted upon you like you have feasted upon the minds of lower beings!” Then with one last cry of Elendil The Unblinking Eye Blinked. Ye, he new the sword, for Lo! It was Anduril, which once was Narsil. The blade seemed to gather sunlight to itself.
“You look upon Anduril, Flame of the West! As it once was your bane it will be in the days to come!” Then the eye shuddered as if stricken by fear, and it released the stone. Gorthaur had suffered his first defeat, now fear and doubt clouded his vision. And Lo! It turned out that Anduril did end up being the bane of Sauron. For stricken by fear and doubt the eye ordered his attack prematurely. Which led to the ultimate downfall of the Lord of the Rings.


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