Anime LotR – Chapter 3

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As she neared the well, Rei tripped over yet another root. Hearing the nazguls’ steeds coming closer, she began to whimper for her family.
“Honestly, Arwen,” came a voice. “Why toy with second-raters like them?”

Chapter 3: InuYasha Resurrected

Rei rubbed her eyes.

“You…you talk?” asked she.

“Of course I do, you stupid girl.” Rei got up and slowly approached him.

“Who are you and what do you want, doggie-boy? I don’t want any of that crud that I get from guys like you, just the entire–“

“Who do I look like, Arwen?!” snapped InuYasha. “You can’t have forgotten my name already.”

“Wait, wait, wait. My name’s not Arwen. It’s–“

“Feh. Don’t give me that rubbish. Do you think I wouldn’t know the stench of the woman who…” InuYasha sniffed Rei. “You’re not her,” said he.

“Get it now?! My name’s–“

“Shut up now and fight the nazgul!” commanded InuYasha. Rei looked behind her and saw the nazgul closing in on her and InuYasha. Rei screamed as the nazgul hurled ninja stars at them. One of the soaring weapons struck Rei’s side. It cut her deep, the blood staining her green polo shirt. From her wound fell a small gold band and a small bead. The Witch King stared at it from beneath his cloak.

“The Ring! You have the Ring!” He reached for it while InuYasha yelled, “No! It’s mine! And so is that little bead over there!” Rei got up, a determined fire burning in her soul.

“MARS PLANET POWER!” A flash of light blinded the nazgul and InuYasha. When it disappeared, Rei Hino had been replaced by Sailor Mars. InuYasha stared at her in awe.

“Since when can you do that?” he asked.

“Shut up, boy,” commanded to Witch King. “InuYasha who seeks the Ring of Power and the Shikon Jewel…I have heard of a hanyou by such a title.”

“Oh really? Too bad we hadn’t had the chance to meet very often. If we had, our meeting would have been very short,” said InuYasha, flexing his claws. Sailor Mars held her hands out in front of her.

“Aku Ryo Tai San!” From her hands sprouted thick flames that caught the other nazgul on fire, burning them to ashes. The Witch King drew his sword and attempted to stab her.

“Now!” shouted Legolas. He and several other Elves shot arrows attached to ropes at the nazgul, each hitting the fell-beasts squarely in the back. “Pull!” Legolas grabbed hold of a rope, and with the help of Aragorn, began to pull one of the nazgul off his steed and into the well. The other archers followed their example and soon every nazgul was being dragged on the ground. The head nazgul a.k.a. the Witch King drew his blade and sliced the ropes dragging him and his army of eight.

“Foul mortals,” he growled, “do you really believe that that you can destroy me? No mortal can!” The Witch King slipped the Ring on his finger, gasps of fear echoing each other.
“He put on the Ring!” cried Aragorn.

“Of course I did, fools,” said the Witch King. “Now you can’t see me at all!” He tore the ropes from the hands of the soldiers and hopped on his horse. The Witch King rode in circles around the tree, wrapping Rei and InuYasha with rope.

*This is it. I’m gonna…*


“Hey what, dog-boy,” replied Mars.

“This arrow, can you pull it out?”


“No! You mustn’t!” cried Gandalf. “The arrow confines him to the tree! It keeps the spell!”

“Then what do you want, old man?!” the hanyou snapped. “To die under the nazgul’s blade?!” InuYasha looked down at her. “Do you want to die here with me, girl?!”

*No…I don’t want to die here…especially with him!!* Sailor Mars reached for the arrow.

“Be free InuYasha!” she cried. Mars grasped the arrow and yanked it from InuYasha’s chest. As the tip left his flesh, the arrow dissolved and disappeared.

InuYasha smiled slyly.

“Ha ha ha HA!” Laughing, InuYasha broke free of his bonds and landed in front of the King. “I may not be able to see you,” said the half-demon, “but that doesn’t mean I can’t find you!”

“You are but a child, demon boy!” snapped the Witch King.

“Old enough for you, your highness!” InuYasha leaped into the air. “NAZGUL BEGONE!” He slashed the air, tearing the nazgul into pieces. The shreds of his black cloak became visible again as they floated to the ground. Sailor Mars morphed back into Rei Hino.

*I had no idea he was so powerful…* Rei gasped.

“It’s still moving?!” Several pieces of the King’s cloak slowly crept toward each other. Gandalf rushed to her side.

“Do you se a spot where the flesh glows, young one?” Rei nodded. “The Ring is there.” Rei picked up a hand and pulled the Ring off the King’s finger. The other nazgul took off in the direction of Mordor, their horses squealing from being ridden so hard.

Rei held the Ring in her palm. “So this Ring-thing-a-ma-bob gives power to creatures?” asked she.

“Right, which means there’s no point in a mortal keeping it,” replied InuYasha. “Hand over the Ring!”


“Let me make it simple. Give me the Ring, or die!”


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